I'm not sure who I'm addressing here ... palerose or Howard Shore? Nevertheless ... my own take on your situation:

First off, even though it takes me (on average) less than 100 hours to remove a man's beard, I will never do extensive work, say, clear the face in only one week; or multiple hours in one day.

For this reason, I only take body cases, not beard cases, if they are coming from a distant city. The body can withstand "marathon" sessions ... but from what I do the face will usually react with long-term marks,(NOT permanent ... long-term). Others will disagree with me, but this is my own experience.

Your only remedy for "red marks" is to find an excellent "cover make-up." What you are seeing is angiogenesis (blood vessels regrowing) and there is no treatment that can, or should, interfere with this normal healthy skin response.

If your physician has given you "pills," he's assuming you have some sort of infection. These antibiotics are powerful and designed specifically for skin infections. Such medications as Keflex (or Zithromax)are good ones ... (Still, I don't think that's what is going on. But DO finish the pills, just in case!)

Over the years, I have seen negative results from being too aggressive on the face (beard). This is especially true if local anesthetic is being used ... with "no pain," the operator seems to go "balls-to-the-wind" and thus creates (temporary) problems.

I'm always thinking of one factor: the finished product. And, that should be a lifetime of perfect skin. Frankly, there is no client that can push me into doing more than I know is safe. (A few weeks ago I dismissed a client that would not follow safety instructions and pushed me ... in this case too far).

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