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#125020 - 10/30/17 05:41 PM How I recovered from Induced lazer hair growth
Kay1234 Offline

Registered: 10/20/17
Posts: 4
I had lazer treatment in 2012-2013 where I was treating my upper lip and sparse hair amongst peach fuzz. After I stopped my 5th lazer session using yag lazer, 8 weeks later I noticed extremely dark corse hair growing in all the areas the lazer treated. Apparently my upper lip was non responsive! I spent weeks trying to find out why this occurred and to so many top lazer salon owners and even drs this was something unbelievable! They all blamed my hormones for my new almost beard!!!! I had drs check my hormones and blood and it all came out normal.

I then completed lots of research and hair tell was my saviour. I learnt about electrolysis and found two 'good' electrolysis practitioners and I can say in 2017, I only have a couple of sparse hair left. My face is like it was before lazer. The first electrolysis practitioner I used completed blend and I was seeing excelling results until she left her job! The second electrolysis practitioner I committed to for one year and a half was using galvanic and I saw NO results with her! I then took the plunge and went to a new practitioner who did flash and over the year I am pretty much cleared.

The purpose of this message is to give everyone a virtual hug who are experiencing what I am and to remind them that there is a solution! I don't have any fancy information to give you but I just want to offer emotional support and advice where I can to people like myself.

I walked around with this beard for weeks, I hid under sun hats after my electrolysis treatments, I had scabs and blotches, I had some hair free sections on my face and others full of hair during the initial treatments, I had people laugh at me that lazer could induce such things, I cried myself to sleep for many nights! I've spent almost thousands but every penny has been worth it! & I hope this post has helped any lost soul that has been through lazer induced hair growth anywhere on the body or face!

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#125027 - 11/01/17 06:38 AM Re: How I recovered from Induced lazer hair growth [Re: Kay1234]
Stephgold Offline

Registered: 09/12/17
Posts: 40
Loc: New Mexico
Omg. Thank you so much. I’m going through this now and I’d love to connect. Mine is allllll over my cheeks chin and upper lip. It’s horribke and I hope there is an end for me. How many years did it take you? 4? Sigh. I’m scared. I’m scared of my skin getting damaged. I’ve cried many nights to sleep and I hide from the world too. frown

#125276 - 11/26/17 05:04 AM Re: How I recovered from Induced lazer hair growth [Re: Kay1234]
Brownfuzz Offline

Registered: 10/29/17
Posts: 4
Helllloooo! Thank you for this! I’m only just starting and fourth treatment I’m on super coarse neck hairs with dark (IV) skin!

Hyperpigmentation and all, I just wanted to say thank you for the encouragement and glad you got great results in the end.

I too had laser induced hair growth AND between starting laser I was diagnosed with PCOS!

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#125282 - 11/27/17 06:55 PM Re: How I recovered from Induced lazer hair growth [Re: Kay1234]
Izraaaa Offline

Registered: 01/15/16
Posts: 34
Hello would like to add to Kay's thread that I went through a very similar situation. I also underwent laser hair removal in 2014 grew a full on beard after 10 sessions, I remember looking in the mirror thinking eh where has all this hair come from I'm sure I didn't have this prior to laser, the laser lady was putting all the blame on my hormones and that they were out of whack!

I remember it was such a horrible time I was in my last year of uni, it effected me so much that I stopped attending my lectures, socially isolated myself, always wore my hair down and scarf round my neck whatever the weather, distanced myself from my loved ones. It was so embarrassing I couldn't even speak to anyone about this issue because I didn't want to come across as self obsessed.

After a good couple of months of digging I found the solution electrolysis, I would say it's taken a good 18 months my skin is back to how it was thank the lord, you have to be very patient because at the start you feel like you're not making any progress but you will eventually will if you stick to your routine, iv been to a total of three electrolgists one which I highly recommend mairi hawkes she was a good 6 hour drive all the way up in Oban but so worth it wish she lived near by i currently was going to a lady near by me not as good Mairi but all she does is spend 10 mins zapping the finest of finest hairs as I have become obsessed with having no hair and that means peach fuzz

So there is solution don't give up xxxxx


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