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#124983 - 10/25/17 01:18 AM Re: Thermolysis on thick facial hair (+Photos) [Re: Kate Blue]
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Originally Posted By Kate Blue
There are research that strongly support the theory that, in some individuals, given time, Estradiol alone can reduce Testosterone and DHT levels to feminine range. I've already noticed some positive changes regarding feminization (no random erections, slight breast development) so I know that it is doing something. That being said, if my T/DHT levels are far from feminine range after say 6-8 months of theraphy I will consider trying Spironolactone.

My own Estradiol levels actually increased while i was fading out CPA. Actually Estradiol alone should completely suffice, if the dosis is large enough to suppress the LH level (which simply indicates the body that there is simply enough "sexual hormone" and there is no need to produce more; LH reacts both on Estradiol and Testosterone and controls the production).

Originally Posted By "Iluv2zap"
I'm going to say that with flash, it may take more than 100 hours, but it looks like your electrologist is doing things right so I could be wrong.

Thank you! You gave me some hope.

Originally Posted By "Iluv2zap"
The next issue I'd like to address is the issue of the sizzling sound, or "snap" that we have come to know as high frequency blowout.

Originally Posted By "Iluv2zap"
It's not ideal, but it's also not the end of the world if it's only occasional, every follicle means adjustments should be made. The solution is to adjust energy levels, adjust depth of insertion, and presto chango the issue will be resolved.I'm betting you hear it more frequently on areas like the upper lip than on the chin, and if that is the case it's most likely a depth issue.

Well, I've asked my electrologist about possible issues with insertions or energy levels but she started explaining that these are both OK (she gave me some justification). She attributes the sizzling to excessive moisture/oil in the follicle.

If I were to put a figure on it, I would say quiet sizzling (or "snap") happens every 4th hair treated and is more common on the second or third zap in the same follicle. Occasionally, a louder pop or sizzle can be heard but this happens only 5 or 6 times a session (that is, per 2 hours).

As for the place, it happens everywhere on the face but I've noticed that the thicker the hair is, the more noticeable the sound (e.g. I don't hear this a lot on the upper cheeks where the hairs are finer but I hear it frequently under the jaw line and on the sides where the hairs are the thickest).

Originally Posted By "Iluv2zap"
If yours would be willing to pass on contacts for yours ( with her permission) it would help us to build a list of skilled electrologists.

I'll try to ask her about that.

Again, thank you very much for your response.
Kate. [/quote]
Beate Ritzert

Elektroepilation Dr. Beate Ritzert

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#124986 - 10/25/17 08:18 AM Re: Thermolysis on thick facial hair (+Photos) [Re: Kate Blue]
Kate Blue Offline

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Thank you all for the comments. smile

#125094 - 11/09/17 12:58 AM Re: Thermolysis on thick facial hair (+Photos) [Re: Kate Blue]
Kate Blue Offline

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OK, I'm back again with one more question.

Is that how hyperpigmentation looks like? (places marked with red arrows) PHOTO HERE
It is even more noticeable when you look at it from a distance - SMALLER PHOTO HERE
These areas have no visible hair on the surface but still have grey'ish / blue'ish tint.

I know you have already told me before not to worry too much about any darker areas but I'm curious if this is just a pigmentation issue or something else?
I've read some horror stories about people ending up with permament beard shadow from elecrolysis and it scared me a bit (don't know what to think about it).

As always, every response would be greatly appreciated.

#125097 - 11/09/17 05:41 AM Re: Thermolysis on thick facial hair (+Photos) [Re: Kate Blue]
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I have those spots too! How do we get rid of those????

#125099 - 11/09/17 09:48 AM Re: Thermolysis on thick facial hair (+Photos) [Re: Kate Blue]
Iluv2zap Offline
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it's a bit hard to tell ( or maybeI'm tired this morning) but yes those look like hyperpigmentation.

hyperpigmentation is a symptom/part of the healing process of the skin. When the inflamation that causes it is no longer taling place, the hyperpigmentation starts to fade. Often within a month or two, 90 percet of the time within 12 or so months ( severe cases) and always within 18 months.
watch the "healing skin " series shown here:
for more information. If you get a mosquito bite, or waxed, or lasered, or anything which causes inflamation to the skin like a scab or cut, then all of these can cause hyperpigmentation. In some extremely severe cases, such as is the case with deep surgical scars, hyperpigmentation can be more long lasting, but with an electrolysis treatment there is not enough inflamation for it to be long lasting at all.

So , nothing to worry about, will definitely fade away with no trace. Definitely not causing "permanent shadow" or any other manifestation.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

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