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#125164 - 11/12/17 10:06 PM Re: Thermolysis on Coarse Hairs - Bad? [Re: Iluv2zap]
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Originally Posted By Iluv2zap
About the only time there is any real advantage to using blend over thermolysis is on heavily distorted follicles where it is not possible to access the papillae with the probe, in that case the liquid lye is able to get where the thermolysis energy isnt. But these hairs represent a miniscule percentage of the follicles we treat.

So tweezing/yanking/tugging only MILDLY distorts follicles, and typically doesn't cause HEAVILY distorted follicles, since you say that heavily distorted follicles are only a minority of the follicles you treat?

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#125168 - 11/12/17 10:32 PM Re: Thermolysis on Coarse Hairs - Bad? [Re: AnxiousBee]
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actually I didnt say that at all. I said that heavily distorted hairs ( such that treating them with thermolysis becomes impractical or imossible) represent only a small portion of the total hairs we treat. There's a "putting on a sock" theory that is being currently debated by some of the senior electrologists that goes along these lines, Inserting a strait needle into a curved follicle, will cause the follicle to distort to the needle, much like your foot going into a ( non strait) sock will cause the sock to take on the shape of your foot. It's not actually all that far off the mark as to how accurate insertions go . Now is there a possibility that a follicle can become over time so badly distorted that it would not tke on the shae of the inserted probe? Absolutely. But they would be a tiny fraction of the follicles in any given case, and not common to all cases ( only pluckers or those who have had surgery etc). So a tiny fraction of the follicles treated in a minority of cases.

Is it pick on Seana Night? Cause I so rarely get a night off.

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Seana Richmond
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#125173 - 11/12/17 11:35 PM Re: Thermolysis on Coarse Hairs - Bad? [Re: AnxiousBee]
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I had thought that distorted follicles were the norm because of a post by dfahey I read a while ago, but now thanks to your response Seana, I now think that yanking only causes SLIGHT distortion and not HEAVY distortion. Thank you for clearing that up for me.

"I leap for joy when I get an occasional virgin hair client, but I don't see many like that and many will not let hair grow for 3-4 months or longer in my locale and beyond."

But maybe Dee's definition of "virgin" includes "never been shaved" as well as methods that detach the hair root from the papilla? I think we need a new word to differentiate between "never been yanked, as well as never been shaved nor cut with nail scissors" and "never been yanked but has been shaved or cut with nail scissors". I think Adrien's definition of "virgin" includes not having shaved:

"In this case, An area that you never shaved/waxed/tweezed (or you didn't touch it during at least 6 mouths) is called a "virgin area"."

"Is it pick on Seana Night? Cause I so rarely get a night off."

Oh Seana! smile I just wanted to ask all the questions that had been lingering on my mind, some for years, before I would forget them. It's good that I got them all out of my system. It is only seeming like I pick on you, because you're the one who posts the most. At least lately. So you are usually the last person to have replied to a post. Also, I know that of the hundreds (thousands?) of people who post here, you are one of the few who would most likely know the answer to almost any question, so I'm glad to get your reassurance on my suspicions and uncertainties.

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