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#125194 - 11/14/17 09:48 PM Afraid of Laser Hair Stimulation
Asher123 Online

Registered: 11/09/17
Posts: 1
Hey all!

I am new to this forum and looking for a bit of guidance.

A little background. I had pretty bad hormonal acne around 18 which was around the time that I noticed my 'baby hairs' in certain places (ie. chin and sideburns) get a little too long for my liking. I had the brilliant idea to pluck them and have since then had a problem with dark coarse hairs. I am now 21 and sick and tired of nair-ing and plucking which has given me hyperpigmentation and bumps so I turned to find a place that offers electrolysis. I chose electrolysis because I had heard of laser causing hair stimulation in people of my ethnicity and skin type and hyperpigmentation, and I just didn't want to risk it.

However, I had my consultation today with a very pleasant lady and she said that I should actually consider laser. She told me that it would work much better for me and would be more cost-effective. During our conversation, she also told me that laser can cause laser hair stimulation and explained how she prevents this in her patients. I felt comfortable with her and bought a package deal of 6 sessions for the sideburns, chin and upper lip (of which I actually don't have much of a problem, but she said I might as well get rid of it while I'm at it). My only concern is that she pointed out that my upper cheeks have unnoticeable hair, but she wants to work through the lower half of my cheeks because the hairs there are a bit darker. I honestly don't find any problem there nor do I notice hairs, but I'm not sure if I should just go along with it or not.

So, it looks like I now have myself headed down the route of laser and I keep reading about laser hair stimulation and the last thing I want is to end up with a bigger problem than what I started with. Any help on this issue, whether I should be worried or not, etc. is greatly appreciated! I have never done any sort of hair removal of this length so I am a bit anxious.

I have attached pictures, so hopefully, you all can see them and get an idea of what I'm working with! It's so hard to upload these, they make me cringe frown

23634063_10210267342587029_981769071_o.jpg (49 downloads)
23635532_10210267353387299_274410165_n.jpg (40 downloads)
23634698_10210267353307297_1010276207_n.jpg (31 downloads)

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#125195 - 11/14/17 11:52 PM Re: Afraid of Laser Hair Stimulation [Re: Asher123]
Iluv2zap Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 11/19/14
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I would not do laser with that skin tone. Paradoxal laser Hair stimulation is most definitely a thing you should be worried about.The few course hairs from plucking will dwindle quickly with electrolysis.
Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

#125199 - 11/15/17 11:56 PM Re: Afraid of Laser Hair Stimulation [Re: Asher123]
geri Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 11/26/05
Posts: 77
Loc: London,UK
From my experience, there is a real risk for you to get stimulated hair growth. Minimising the risk strategies are to keep to the patches with coarse hair and to cool the skin well after treatment with laser, but the trouble is that after a treatment or two, all hair will appear fine and it would be difficult to say where were the original patches. That's how people end up with their whole faces lasered followed by stimulated growth. So, it's up to you to make sure you don't let your tech treating anything she shouldn't. But, frankly, you haven't got that much hair that laser is the more cost-effective way. I would have gone straight with electrolysis. I only ever consider laser first on full male beard.
Geri Panayotova

#125200 - 11/16/17 12:21 PM Re: Afraid of Laser Hair Stimulation [Re: Asher123]
dfahey Offline

Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 10/27/03
Posts: 9606
Loc: Columbus, Ohio
I am in total agreement with you, Geri. Great advice!
Dee Fahey, R.N., C.T.
Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Nursing license and Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis license

British Institute & Association of Electrolysis

#125207 - Yesterday at 07:26 AM Re: Afraid of Laser Hair Stimulation [Re: Asher123]
purple potato Offline

Registered: 09/29/17
Posts: 16
Hey I’m not an expert but trust me these people are right. Don’t let her do areas that don’t need it and don’t bother you. Your hair is so less. Laser will probably stimulate hairs in areas there are none. THat happened to me and now I’m doing electrolysis. Try to look for an Electrologist instead. If you’re in the Uk go to the BIAE website to find a professional. Good luck and take care smile.


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