Super Hair Removal, also known as SHR, is one of the newest forms of permanent laser hair removal, is provided in a quick and pain free experience.
The SHR system represents a huge step forward for the hair removal procedures through Phototherapy (light technology). The treatments with SHR tend to be more enjoyable than those with conventional methods and the treated skin is better protected. The SHR hair removal can be safely used on all skin types, even dark ones.

The SHR system is a revolutionary focus that consists on the bombardment of the skin with huge amounts of energy (joules). The system shoots multiple light pulses at low levels, in doing so, the hair follicle heats up gently allowing enough heat to be applied. The patients will only feel a warm feeling and a slight tingle with most of them describing it as a warm massage. While using a SHR system, the handpiece must always be moving and never focused on a single spot. [url=][/url]