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#125615 - 01/05/18 04:37 PM Why am I still so red from electrolysis?
purple potato Offline

Registered: 09/29/17
Posts: 35
I had my electrolysis session this Wednesday 3/1/18 and today is 5/1/18. Usually by the day after all redness is gone. But this time it is not. This time my right side felt like it was more difficult to do and I felt tugging. The right side was treated more which is why it’s more red. Also is it normal to feel a burning sensation after electrolysis is performed in that area? This time my right side felt like it was on fire! After she stopped. Is that normal? Here is my right cheek:

Does everything look ok or have I been (god forbid) burned? And what shall i use for the redness?

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#125616 - 01/05/18 08:15 PM Re: Why am I still so red from electrolysis? [Re: purple potato]
beate_r Offline

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Loc: Hattersheim, Germany
Your photos can hardly be looked at due to nasty overlays.
Beate Ritzert

Elektroepilation Dr. Beate Ritzert

#125618 - 01/05/18 10:46 PM Re: Why am I still so red from electrolysis? [Re: purple potato]
Iluv2zap Offline
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Photobucket is just the crap of picturehosts lately isnt it? So much spam code running it bogs down your system . We have to find a way to host images locally here on hairtell reliably.

Purple potato I can sense some real anxiety about this process from your posts.I think it would be wise to step back at this point and not persue electrolysis until you've come to terms with that anxiety. There's nothing wrong with your treatment. But the fact you are expressing such strong fears such as "being burned" and worrying over every little aspect of the treatment, is good enough reason to not do it.If you cannot put that anxiety and fear aside ,you arent going to make it through the 18 month process to completion.

Your electrologist is highly trained. She is not going to burn you. She is in the position to know best that the right amount of energy is used to get the right release of the hair and more importantly kill the follicle.It's very normal for the skin to feel warm afterwards, and normal for there to be inflamation and redness as well. That redness can remain after a week in some cases ( and yes that is still normal) .
With faith in your electrologist and faith in the process, you will be able to sit back comfortable that the process will result in a perfect result, but if you are experiencing this much anxiety over every little detail, I dont see you being able to finish the treatment process. Might it be better to take a break until you can put your mind at ease?

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

#125621 - 01/06/18 08:42 AM Re: Why am I still so red from electrolysis? [Re: purple potato]
Josefa M. Reina Offline

Major Contributor

Registered: 05/15/17
Posts: 74
@Purple potato, you should take a look at this thread:
Practically, it includes pictures of all the temporary side effects that can arise as a result of an electrolysis treatment. The search, selection, and upload of these images has required a lot of time, and has been done with the purpose of reassuring consumers who, like you, feel restless and worried.

Regarding your question, "why am I still so red from electrolysis?", well, maybe because you are undergoing a treatment indicated to kill thousands of small appendages of the skin, called hair follicles.
The ideal would be to be able to achieve it by gently caressing the area, but this is unfortunately not possible. To achieve this, we have to produce a small micro-burn inside each follicle.
As expected, the body reacts to any tiny aggression by reddening and inflaming the skin. Have you ever been bitten by a mosquito? not everyone reacts the same, but to a greater or lesser extent, there is always a reaction that usually lasts several days.

For your photos, I sense that you are very young. Your problem of excess facial hair is still only in its initial phase. With this what I intend to let you know is that, until the laser is not a really effective alternative for female facial hair, you have two unique options: Or you abandon and learn to live with this problem, or change your attitude accepting all the inconveniences derived from a treatment by electrolysis.

#125622 - 01/06/18 10:29 AM Re: Why am I still so red from electrolysis? [Re: purple potato]
Michael Bono Offline

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Registered: 01/11/11
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Loc: Santa Barbara, CA USA
Brilliant post Josefa ... as always.

A few months ago I took care of one of Dr. Chapple's face-lift patients (full face). He's a Hollywood set designer.

After a few days post surgery he started to "freak" because he had a "big affair" to attend on Saturday (5-days after surgery). Thing is, we DID explain all the post-surgery normal "boo boos," but somehow it didn't register.

Dr. Chapple is much less explicit than I am when talking about plastic surgery. However, if I'm going to care for one of this patients, I tell them they will look like they were in a car crash and will be "messed up" for a couple weeks. And, the bruising can last a couple months.

I'm having (right) eye surgery on Monday and, although the physician has not been too specific, I understand what lies ahead. All medical procedures have risks and all have post-op "boo boos." Overall, the "boo boos" are just signs of normal healing.

Additionally (and being realistic) I have finished-up all my clients to a point where they can quit or find someone else. Why? IF this surgery does not go well, I'll be looking for another profession.


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