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#125760 - 02/10/18 02:49 PM New member & tons of questions to ask!!
Tay Offline

Registered: 02/03/18
Posts: 3
Hello everyone,

I found this site accidentally and somehow I felt glad to found it because I feel absolutely lost with all this "idiopathic hirsutism" world...

Okay, so here's my personal story + background :

I'm 24 years old, female.
I started with laser at 14 years old when I was diagnosed with idiopathic hirsutism.
I've done linea alba - it took me two years, from 14 to 16. Absolutely worth it I have it all clear since 8 years ago
Thighs - 1.5 years doing it , I have another two appoinments for this year, the hair is few on this area now
Areolas - I have done more than 15 sessions but the hair still there, so I gave up on it.
Face (chin, upper lip, neck, cheeks) - since I was 16 until today, with no success story frown

And that's why I am here, my face's hair freaks me out. I have decided to start with electrolysis but I have no idea what to expect from it , so my questions are these :

1- I think I had like an hair stimulation (if that is possible) on this area, will electrolysis help?
2- How much can cost a session?
3- How much time will I need to wait until seeing an improvement?
4- Do they grow back (the hair I mean ) ?
5- Is it true that after you 'kill' one hair-follicle ,you don't need to redone the area?

Thanks for your time <3

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#125762 - 02/10/18 06:43 PM Re: New member & tons of questions to ask!! [Re: Tay]
The Dowager Offline

Registered: 04/23/16
Posts: 21
Hello Tay,
Have you had blood work ordered by an endocrinologist or dermatologist?
There are prescription drugs such as Spironolactone and Propecia that
will limit new hair from growing due to idiopathic hirsutism.

Prices vary in different parts of the country.
Yes, it is possible that a treated hair may grow back, however, if the follicle
has been destroyed, it won't produce another hair.

Don't worry about how many months it will take; just start as soon as possible.
In six or twelve or eighteen months from now, you will be happy that you began

#125771 - 02/12/18 11:00 AM Re: New member & tons of questions to ask!! [Re: Tay]
Tay Offline

Registered: 02/03/18
Posts: 3
Thank you for your reply!

I did 10 years ago and I am planning to make it again in March, just in case. I guess at 14 and now at 24 my hormones or other things could have changed as well!

As a first option I refuse the idea of taking prescription drugs , honestly I don't know what to expect from them. Are they mandatory for avoiding idiopathic hirsutism?

Also, I just made an appointment for a previous diagnosis prior to start the electro but the sessions will start in April I guess. Another dumb question, is it possible to get electrolysis in summer or it works like laser hair??

#125775 - 02/12/18 01:52 PM Re: New member & tons of questions to ask!! [Re: Tay]
Iluv2zap Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 11/19/14
Posts: 1330
You can get electrolysis anytime, winter/summer doesnt matter. I do recommend that you protect the skin from UV rays ( direct sunlight) regardless .

Propecia,Androcur, Spironolactone and Finestride are prescribed in cases where there is an excess of dihydratestosterone in the bloodstream. They are drugs classified as antiandrogens, and their job is to either reduce to reduce or eleiminate dihydratestosterone in the bloodstream, or block the receptors so it cannot bind.
Dihydratestosterone can be higher for a number of reasons, some of which include imbalances of the thyroid which balances the endocrine system resulting in things like Cushings Disease, or in some cases by Ovarian Cysts causing Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) .When a blood test does result in high levels of DHT usually an ultrasound of the ovaries is used to confirm if there are in fact ovarian cysts.
PCOS is often related to diet, and often related to type II diebetes. For this reason a dietary approach to correcting the issue is essential to correcting the issue longterm. The doctorss can prescribe an antiandrogen however to reduce the symptoms related to the hight DHT levels and the resulting symptoms (Mostly Hirsutism, but other things are effected as well such as period frequency and intensity, cramping and other not so nice symptoms)

It's important to note here, that doctors are extremely hesitant to diagnose PCOS. The in general recieve inadequate training in medical school on the delicate balance of the endocrine system and so are very hesitant to diagnose as a result.

The drugs if prescribed are not prescribed lightly and SHOULD be taken.

The will not do anything to get rid of the hairyou have growing now. They will stop more hair from growing . In the meantime, electrolysis is the best way to address the existing hair.

I will say that I like most of the electrologists here have many clients with PCOS. Without FAil they get past in and on with their lives. They can be amoungst the most motivated to rid themselves of this issue.

Seana Richmond
Certified Electrologist.
Electrolysis By Seana

#125783 - 02/13/18 08:56 AM Re: New member & tons of questions to ask!! [Re: Tay]
The Dowager Offline

Registered: 04/23/16
Posts: 21
Well said, Seana!

Tay, Look up the threads written by GH101 as
she had many of the same questions that you have.

You my also want to look up the threads written by MamaBear as she
discussed dietary changes.

#126199 - 04/09/18 02:41 PM Re: New member & tons of questions to ask!! [Re: Tay]
Tay Offline

Registered: 02/03/18
Posts: 3
Thank you all!
Dowager I read the threads by GH101 as you suggested but I have a question : how many inch(es) should have the hair for making electro???

Thank you!!!

#126200 - 04/10/18 09:13 AM Re: New member & tons of questions to ask!! [Re: Tay]
The Dowager Offline

Registered: 04/23/16
Posts: 21
If I understand your question correctly, the hair can be any length.
Have you seen the doctor yet? I hope you reconsider taking oral meds.
They won't harm you; they will be beneficial to you.
I wish Spironolactone existed when I was 24!


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