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#126388 - 04/24/18 11:03 PM Re: Does this look right? Clean N Easy Deluxe aftermat [Re: Michael Bono]
zapmyface Offline
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Ok back to taking my meds lol

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#126389 - 04/24/18 11:28 PM Re: Does this look right? Clean N Easy Deluxe aftermat [Re: 1876Eeyore]
fenix Offline
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Michael sometimes you like your Emu oil and sometimes you don't believe anything helps the skin.

But to quote you from 2011
"We "discovered" a copper polypeptide product that has real science behind it for wound-healing (lots of information on the web). These are commonly used after hair transplant. The one we are using is "iS:" "innovative skin care" product "super serum." This has the right copper peptide formula, the right vitamin-C and safe skin lighteners. It's working great.

I'm not a big fan of applying skin lotions unless needed. This one is fulfilling my greatest expectations. My patient's skin will be perfect. But we need to use it throughout the entire procedure. Thank you Dr.C! "
I guess some lotions and potions do still work on skin or this week nothing helps? smile

P.S. tee tree oil or moisturizing skin will not super speed healing process on cellular level, but as you state yourself, "lubricating" factor does assist in shedding and minimizing the scabs. Most people just don't want to walk around with visible scabs for weeks, so Emu oil can help.

#126390 - 04/25/18 12:43 AM Re: Does this look right? Clean N Easy Deluxe aftermat [Re: Michael Bono]
Iluv2zap Offline
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Originally Posted By Michael Bono
Sometimes I think, were it not for women's make-up, hair and beauty products (not to mention clothing and jewelry), we would have a financial depression.

And then they could spend more money on hair removal instead. This is awesome financial planning Michael....
Seana Richmond
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#126391 - 04/25/18 08:43 AM Re: Does this look right? Clean N Easy Deluxe aftermat [Re: 1876Eeyore]
Michael Bono Offline

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Yes! Various "products." Sometimes they do nice things and other times cause negative skin reactions.

There's a difference in, say, how a dermatologist or plastic surgeon looks at skin and an esthetician. I know the physicians I've worked with want to see "big results" that can be objectively documented. Estheticians (and the public) seem to be happy with subjective results.

Decades ago, I bought a ton of equipment from Germany for my esthetician to use (Deutsche Nemectron). A woman would come in for a treatment and she always thought her skin looked "fantastic" afterward. I never saw anything except irritated skin (from the treatments).

If "it" makes you happy and doesn't cause harm ... well, that's just fine and dandy.

BTW, remember Retin-A. So far that's the only topical I know of that can thicken and improve the dermis ... but not popular because of all the side effects. (Nasty to use, and don't get it on your "petutti.")

#126392 - 04/25/18 01:11 PM Re: Does this look right? Clean N Easy Deluxe aftermat [Re: 1876Eeyore]
zapmyface Offline
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Registered: 02/18/18
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I like the term ''subjective results''. I know I'm annoying with this but for everyone reading who's using a cream, please do a simple test for yourself (ok, and for me too): take an area you want, slather your cream on half, take a picture, rinse and repeat for a few days and see for yourself!

Results: No more subjectivity! If it works, you'll know for a fact that it does and you'll have the privilege to finally shut me up (lol), and if it doesn't, I just saved you hundreds of dollars!

#126394 - 04/25/18 01:47 PM Re: Does this look right? Clean N Easy Deluxe aftermat [Re: fenix]
1876Eeyore Offline

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Thanks for sharing your photo. How long did it take for it to heal? If the same thing happened to you after professional treatment, I think I'll keep using my Clean N Easy. Maybe this is typical for electrolysis on legs? I might wait till after summer to do more on my legs if it takes a long time to heal.

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