I should clarify I'm happy with both my electrologists and intend to continue seeing both of them. Any skin reactions, even ones that appear aggressive, are still temporary, so I'm content. They're both leading me to the same end point, which is permanent hair removal.

The discussion I was hoping to start was how machines, settings, needles, and all the other variables work to influence a different result. At the end of the day, it all comes back to the operator making decisions about each variable for each client.

On top of that, I'm doing as much research as possible, learning new things constantly from picking my electrologists' brains, reading and watching videos. Sometimes, new information I come across will contradict old information. It's difficult to judge which information takes precedence then, especially when training in my country is very poor, and any good opportunities are few and far between.

My main concern is being well equipped with good information before I spend a lot of money (for me) on a second-hand machine, learning resources, ongoing costs of learning and informal training.

So I hope my communication isn't being received as nitpicking client worries or shouting back, I'm honestly just curious to see what professionals and DIYers here think.

Thank you again for your thoughts.

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