Elizabeth's Electrolysis

Elizabeth Drapela, CPE

625 County Line Road

Acme, PA 15610

(724) 593-2503


Monday thru Friday; 8AM - 5PM: Some Evenings & Saturdays

Description of Practice:

Three methods offered for permanent hair removal - Galvanic, Thermolysis and
The Blend. Only sterile instruments used with each client, a pre-packaged, sterile
filament is used. Private and Confidential service offered. Treatment for women,
men and teens offered. Unwanted hair, ingrown hairs in beards treated and ear
hair removal are some of the areas. JUST ASK!

Located 15 minutes from Mt. Pleasant, off route 31 - 6 minutes from Donegal
- 15 minutes from Seven Springs on County Line Road.

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