Absolutely Electrolysis Salon & Permanent Makeup
Debbie Beller RN, CPE Licensed Electrologist
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

* Permanent Hair Removal by a Registered Nurse, Certified Professional Electrologist
* Treating Women, Men, and Teens since 1993
* Highest Sterilization Standards
* Physician recommended
* Licensed per 2006 requirements
* Electrology Association of Illinois Membership Chairman since 2000
* Topical Anesthetics routinely used
* LMX Topical Anesthetic available for purchase (when applied one hour prior to treatment time, will provide excellent anesthesia)
* Tend Skin products available
* Complimentary Consultation
* Comfortable, Relaxing Setting-May bring in own music for longer appointments
*TG/TS Friendly
* Day, Evening and Saturday hours available

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