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#2240 - 03/06/04 08:42 AM Re: question about treatment
DIY'er Offline
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I think your categorizations are appropriate.

Unfortunately, categorizing doesn't help the patient very much. If the patient gets an area cleared and new hair grows back, how could anyone tell whether it was regrowth, "undergrowth", or new growth? The only way to be sure is to stop the treatments and wait. The patient is presented with some agonizing choices: continue painful and expensive treatments, going on faith, or let the hair grow for a year?

One test that works: If the patient has an area with just a few hairs, ideally similar to the hairs the patient will need epilated, those hairs can be epilated for a trivial cost, and the patient can verify which if any hairs are actually growing back. Our test was on two or three hairs near the navel. Now, every time we start to lose the faith, we look back at the navel, where no more hairs are growing.

- Eric

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#2241 - 03/05/04 11:31 PM Re: question about treatment
hairsgone Offline

Registered: 05/17/03
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How do you know that there are only a few hairs in that test area? Wouldn't thee be dormant hairs that will cycle in? Therefore, would you need to continue to treat the area for 12 or so months? Sorry to have so many questions, but I want to get this straight.

#2242 - 03/05/04 11:46 PM Re: question about treatment
njbug Offline

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i think DIY has a good idea.
unless for some reason the dormant hair that appeared was in the exact same area as the one that had been removed, i think you'd know the difference.
i'm just saying this from my personal experience with places where i have a few stray seemingly-out of place hairs like around the naval and the one crazy one behind my knee...after all the time i've spent tweezing and shaving and using stupid creams from drugstores to try to get these hairs to die...i'm so familiar with them i think i'd know. in a hair dense area, i wouldnt pretend to have a clue about whether a hair was new or old..but with these weird annoying out-of-place sort of hairs i think i could tell.

#2243 - 03/06/04 02:39 AM Re: question about treatment
DIY'er Offline
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Registered: 12/16/02
Posts: 411

You're asking good questions!

You're right that if you were to epilate a hair at beginning of telogen you might have a long wait, as much as four months, to see whether the follicles regrow. If you epilate in anagen, you have a good chance of seeing the hair regrow soon if it wasn't properly treated.

These particular hairs were an ideal marker because there never were more than one or two there. The time a hair spends dormant, with no hair in the follicle, depends entirely on the amount of abrasion the hair receives. If no abrasion, the hair will remain until pushed out by a new anagen hair. In this case, at the navel, there was little abrasion, and since no more than one or two hairs were ever observed, I conclude there were two live follicles.

Since we caught them in anagen, and I haven't seen regrowth over four months, I feel confident they have been epilated properly. Note that these hairs should have about a six month cycle, so I won't be certain until several months from now.

Under any event, the fewer hairs you're dealing with, the easier it will be to ensure that their treatment is successful.

They're sneaky little bastards, that's for sure.

- Eric

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