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#23647 - 06/02/05 07:06 PM salons are sexist against males
PeopleOfTheRed Offline

Registered: 06/02/05
Posts: 1
I live in Pittsburgh, PA and am trying to find a salon that will give me a full body wax, including Brazilian. Most will not even do it for a male, even though they will for females, or they are going to charge me twice as much per section as a woman would pay for her whole body. This is frustrating me because when I lived in NY I got this done all the time and no one batted an eye, buy now I am looked at like I am some sick pervert. If anyone knows someone in the greater Pittsburgh, PA area that can treat me like a real coustomer I would be vary happy. Thank you.

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#23648 - 06/03/05 12:03 AM Re: salons are sexist against males
Andrea Offline founder
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 03/22/02
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Loc: Los Angeles
Sorry you are having problems! Unfortunately, a lot of hair removal places have had problems with guys who get off sexually on the procedure, which creeps many of them out.

If it's not threatening to you, I always recommend checking out the local gay newspaper. Usually they will have several ads for hair removal services catering to men. They won't bat an eye, just like in NYC!
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#54035 - 07/19/08 07:35 PM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: PeopleOfTheRed]
pghchub Offline

Registered: 07/19/08
Posts: 2
Loc: Pittsburgh, PA
I have to agree. It took me a long time to find a place that performed a male Brazilian. When my girl asked her salon basically the response was they don't do men because they've had bad experiences with guys wanting more than just the wax.

After a long search I found one place i am happy with, it's not real close but they do a nice job. I a also found a new place that is much closer.

not sure if you're still looking, but i could share the salon locations with you if you like.

#60159 - 02/24/09 01:05 AM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: pghchub]
Sugar Guru Offline

Registered: 02/24/09
Posts: 11
I am not sure where youa re located but I have been performing hand paste body sugaring for many years and have a network of professionals that I have trained to do so in their own areas. Let me know and perhaps I can help find you someone nearby that is confident and comfortable with males. Or go to and call the 1-888# and they can also help you find a place.

#65198 - 08/23/09 12:50 AM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: Sugar Guru]
thenali Offline

Registered: 08/20/09
Posts: 10
Same with my area too (Halifax, Nova Scotia). I'm a girl, but at one of my waxing sessions, my waxer (?) was telling me about a time when a guy came in for a boyzillian and she just said "eeww, no way am I doing that!"

I can see some waxers (again ?) being uncomfortable with it. Then again, why are you in the profession if you are uncomfortable with it?

Anyways, sorry to hear that, best of luck finding someone in your area!

#75470 - 06/14/10 02:57 PM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: thenali]
AzFrNick Offline

Registered: 07/28/06
Posts: 4
There are waxers who advertise on Craig's List and Backpage who will do male braz, usually for a few more bucks.

My waxer has a ton of male clients because she is one of the few in the Phoenix area who will do male braz.

Yes, they have an erection (which helps, as you know), some drip pre-cum, some (very rarely) even ejaculate.

When asked for more, she just has her own good answer.

Waxers charge more because waxing males is more complex and there is usually more to wax off. The scrotum is also a lot more challenging, as accidents have happened when the wrong wax was used.

Every large metropolitan area has one or several waxers who do wax males and make a nice buck doing it, just look around. I would be surprised you do not find one, and yes, you may have to see a male waxer.

I personally don't let a man, except for a doctor of course, touch me down there smile

#75476 - 06/14/10 04:32 PM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: AzFrNick]

Just get laser and call it a day :P

#75479 - 06/14/10 05:04 PM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: ]
James W. Walker VII Offline

Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 06/03/02
Posts: 8055
Loc: Buffalo NY, & Traveling the US...
As Andrea knows, one of the major factors for me getting into this industry was the fact that when a male voice called a hair removal business in my area, they most often heard, "I don't treat men! <CLICK>"

It can be hard.

Men just have to look harder to find services, and frequently have to travel to get the best they can get. When I was just a hair club client, I had to travel 75 miles each way to get my hair removal done.
Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. --- Tom Landry
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#75984 - 06/26/10 03:36 AM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: AzFrNick]
tex Offline
Top 20 Contributor

Registered: 05/24/05
Posts: 258
Loc: North Texas (DFW), USA
Originally Posted By: AzFrNick
When asked for more, she just has her own good answer.
- I gotta ask what her ANSWER is! Afterall, I won't EVER hear it...

Anyway, just so our readers know - we have several excellent waxers in DFW who will do a full body wax for us guys. Every bit of skin made smooth as you were born. Price is not super cheap, but these are the places that wax professionally (not Nail Salons), so they have a higher cost structure. However, the men are not so much more (maybe 10%) over the ladies.

So, in North Texas, there is no reason NOT to have the hair under control regardless of where that fur is growing...
Enjoy bein' a smoothie! Completed 2 years of LHR and started electrolysis in 2007 for face, neck, underarms, and male Brazilian on Type I/II skin.

#103541 - 12/25/12 07:40 PM Re: salons are sexist against males [Re: tex]
cb1 Offline

Registered: 12/20/12
Posts: 13
Loc: London, UK
Yes, I have come across some ignorance and prejudice when searching for a suitable salon.

A salon that refuses to cater for both women and men is not a salon that employs professional staff, in my opinion.

I know of/use quite a few places here in London/South East (UK) that offer regular waxing services, but no intimate waxing.
I used the referral from the salon manager to get an appointment at a place that did.

I have never had a treatment done by a male or at a salon for gay men, I don't feel comfortable with the idea of it. I think it's a job that is much better suited to the female temperament.
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