We have added RSS Feed functionality to the HairTell forum, for our tech-savvy users. If you don't know what RSS is, it's sort of a text-only digest of posts that you can subscribe to and read via a simplified little interface. Someone might like to use an RSS reader to subscribe to their favorite news feeds and make their own daily "Reader's Digest" of top stories from feeds like the New York Times, car ads from Craigslist and posts from the DIY Electrolysis forum, for example.

Some of the better browsers have a great RSS reader function already built in, like FireFox and Safari. If your browser has an RSS reader built in, you will see an RSS icon in the URL bar (where the page's address is located) that you can click on to subscribe. Then it adds a bookmark which will display all the topics from that feed whenever you want to see them, in a simplified format.

I'm a FireFox girl, but I have to admit that Safari's built in reader is the best I've ever seen. Let's hope Internet Explorer will catch up soon.

This feature may be too technical for many readers, but it's the wave of the future in information dissemination and we always strive to provide the best possible resource. Enjoy!