I understand. In the end, everyone needs to make their own decisions and decide what their goal is and if there is a way to achieve it (and how much they're willing to spend on it). People like RC2001 has had results on his back and seems happy with it, although it's around 80-90% removal or so. Also, I don't know if most clinics necessarily know what their patients' results are like post-treatments unless patients come in to complain or get more areas done or unless they actually care enough to find out. My doctor for example has no idea at this point what the results are like after the last time he saw me and since I don't think I'm going back for now, he won't unless he decides to call me and find out (not something I think he will do being a busy dermatologist and probably not caring enough). I'm with you on the fact that we should see more clinical trials, especially those not done by laser companies, but noone's doing them, leaving us to gather hypotheses based on experiences. Here's another idea for your research: Have you tried asking the moderators in Kitty's forum who actually perform laser treatments for a while now and regularly contribute to the forum if they have any personal data on their patients? Maybe they have the kind of thing you're looking for. Would be interesting to find out.

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