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#36006 - 09/17/06 05:12 PM back hair removal
gladiator Offline

Registered: 09/17/06
Posts: 1
I am looking to get hair permanently remove back hair. I'm so tired of shaving or waxing every few weeks, only to see hair grow back so quickly. Additionally, it's extremely time consuming & looks weird when it's growing back. I don't have massive amounts of hair, but it's mostly on my shoulders & upper back (right & left side). I want to get it permanently removed!

I hear that different treatment method are more or less successful based on the petients skin complexion. Well, I'm tanned-skinned (puerto rican) and back hairs are black. Can anyone please share their experiences & recommendations. I live in NYC.

thanks in advance for your help & advice.

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#36007 - 09/17/06 05:27 PM Re: back hair removal
James W. Walker VII Offline

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If you are able to get to Metropolitan avenue near Shae Stadium on a regular basis, Arlene Batz can help you with inexpensive student work done at the electrolysis schoool. If you want pro work and can pay more than the student work rate, there are quite a few good people near you, including Arlene, at her professional office. Since you have pigment in your skin, and the hair you want removed is in isolated areas on the back, I would stay away from LASER if I were you. Of course, I am sure the next poster will tell you of a great LASER place to take your chances with.
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#36008 - 10/09/06 11:56 PM Re: back hair removal
LAgirl Offline

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Registered: 12/22/04
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James, noone will tell him to do laser because 1. he doesn't have a lot of hair 2. he has dark skin 3. that area is hard to treat with laser even on ideal candidates

therefore, gladiator, i would follow James's advice in your case and see an electrologist. you should take care of your problem with consistent treatments over a coarse of a year or so.

#36009 - 12/27/06 10:03 PM Re: back hair removal
lostforever Offline

Registered: 12/27/06
Posts: 1

i m new here by the way!
to the point, i think that what you should do ( assuming that your gonna go for the electrolysis thing) is research a lot! you need to make sure that who ever is gonna do it for you is good , safe, and not a rip off. coz there s about like 65% of my friends that go through the same thing and say that they re hair didnt stop growing less thicker or that more hair began to grow!!!

oh yeah here s a question for ya:
whats shud u do to hair that grows because of your hormones, my daughter is having some problems and i think it wud help to get some advice on that.

i know that this means starting a new topic but wat the heck! you dont have to answer!!!

#44109 - 07/26/07 08:46 PM Re: back hair removal [Re: lostforever]
LAgirl Offline

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Registered: 12/22/04
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Loc: New York, NY
electrologists are not in the business to rip people off. and removing hair permanently takes committment. did your friends commit to weekly or monthly appointments for a year before giving up. Also, more hair doesn't grow after electrolysis. It's not physically possible. It would help you a lot to educate yourself first on hair growth, causes and hair cycles. there is a lot of useful info on these forums to get you a start. That way you will be able to help your daughter better. You need to learn the facts and forget about the old wives' tales you are hearing.

#44113 - 07/27/07 02:06 AM Re: back hair removal [Re: LAgirl]
dfahey Offline

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Loc: Columbus, Ohio
That was good, lagirl! Thanks for taking that one.
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