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#38541 - 01/21/07 05:01 PM Re: What happens if you've had all hair removed and then decide to jui [Re: Chuck]
James W. Walker VII Offline

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Often the things that cause hair growth are far removed from visible growth, as far as time between initiation, and fruition.
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#38577 - 01/23/07 05:24 AM Re: What happens if you've had all hair removed an [Re: James W. Walker VII]
Chuck Offline
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 Originally Posted By: James W. Walker VII, CPE
Often the things that cause hair growth are far removed from visible growth, as far as time between initiation, and fruition.

Care to elaborate. I am not as educated as you, and I have no idea what means \:D What does fruition mean?? HMM?
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#38581 - 01/23/07 02:35 PM Re: What happens if you've had all hair removed an [Re: henrys]
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 Originally Posted By: henrys
Hi James,
thanks for your tips!
I am not planning to juice.But the problem is that even at my age (25) my T levels are already very low. My libido is low, too. And my strength is also low. I think sooner or later I will be forced to get TRT. Low Testosterone in men is also linked to various diseases. This means I'm not even doing myself a favor by refusing to get TRT. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/default/frown.gif" alt="" />
Sooner or later I will have to get it but what scares me is that I'm already very hairy with my low T levels. My upper body is not so hairy even though I am getting new hair on the arms,shoulders and back. But my lower body looks like bigfoot which totally annoys me. I'm scared that getting TRT might trigger even more hair growth making my upper body become as hairy as my lower body. This would suck big time!
This and also the fear of becoming bald are the main reasons why I haven't tried TRT yet.

As far as I know, body hair growth is largely genetic; in other words, you could take two men, both the same testosterone level, and have one be extremely hairy and the other very smooth. That being said, your testosterone can't be TOO low or you would have lost body hair. For us transgendered people, the loss of our testosterone radically reduces our body hair (what I have left of mine now is very sparse and light, and I used to be very hairy.) Adding testosterone supplements, in order to GET BACK TO NORMAL LEVELS, shouldn't make you any hairier. If you take too much, though, for some kind of body-building reason it's anybody's guess what might occur.

#83089 - 02/17/11 05:41 PM Re: What happens if you've had all hair removed and then decide to jui [Re: henrys]
timct Offline

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DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical person and am not giving medical advice or qualified to do so. The following is only my own experience, what I found out in my research, my thoughts. I can't verify it's truthfulness or accuracy.

Henrys, I also am a hairy guy and have had low end of normal testosterone levels for decades. At age 50 today, the levels are definitely lower than normal, so I am taking testosterone replacement (Androgel). I do not see anything increase in growth of hair. More on that later.

You need to find out from a good doctor whether you need to take a testosterone replacement or not. The doctor should be knowledgeable and in no way uncomfortable about treating and discussing low T and related issues. Like you said, low T is unhealthy, a medical issue. If you are feeling effects already (if they are from low T), you do not want to wait, let alone years, until you are worse off, ill, or terribly depressed, or feel no energy or motivation to enjoy anything. Your health is more important than anything. If you take testosterone replacement, make sure your doctor monitors you and how you feel while you are taking this treatment. This will further lessen the chances of any side effects from taking more than you need. At worst, you could feel healthier and happier and have more hair and some baldness - and the hair and baldness are cosmetic issues that can be treated also. I am also concerned about side effect of all things I take. Personally, I think the side effects you have read or heard may be real but overrated, and not likely to happen to you.

Andropause (unlike the more rapid onset of menopause in women) comes on gradually over years for men. It's not a concern only for guys who are 50. Low T is becoming more common to the point where 20 percent of men over 50 are taking testosterone replacement. I think this is because of the gradual release of the social stigma of men talking about it or even admitting to themselves that they might have such ailments, particularly coming from possible hormonal changes and deficiencies.

Clinical studies of Angrogel (testosterone replacement) show less than 1 percent of people taking it show any of the following: hair growth, or change in color of hair, this or that. If you need it, you would be taking it only to maintain normal levels that your body needs to be healthy. Remember that testosterone is an abused drug. That is, some people take it who do not medically need it and should not be taking it. They erroneously think it is a youth potion or want to get bigger working out or who knows what. So by taking it they are overdosing and getting more testosterone than they need. The hairy, aggressive, other side effects are more likely from this abuse than for people who need it. I am sure my doctor agrees and will ask him.

Big issue if doing laser treatment and taking a testosterone replacement. I have been doing laser hair removal and am in the last part of it. Since taking a testosterone replacement, the laser hair removal company will not do any more treatments on me! They said it is counterproductive to removing hair and that testosterone will make my hair grow and my voice lower. I think this is total BS. The company I go to is known for being overly cautious to avoid legal issues. They even discourage numbing cremes which when used properly are totally safe. So I have to go and see if I can work this out with them.

Good luck and I am behind you, henrys!

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