As many of you may know, I have been providing free information to consumers on several topics for over ten years. What started off as a hobby has become very time-consuming, though.

As some of you also know, "hair removal activist" is not what is on my business card. Since I started this and other sites, I have asked people for donations if they felt the sites had helped them. Unfortunately, that has never covered the costs of the sites, let alone the time it takes to update them (like purchasing and installing our fancy new forum software).

Over the summer, I started testing out Google ads, and I feel they are a great fit. Google ads allow me to filter products and services that do not meet this site's standards for quality, reliability, and ethical marketing, so I have filtered about 200 sites from advertising here. If a questionable hair removal product or service slips through and you see it, please let me know.

This is the best option to keep all the information free for all consumers, and it compensates me for some of the time I spend on this and other activist projects. This month we will reach 14,000 registered users here, a tiny fraction of the hundreds of thousands of people who have visited this site.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed as always!
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