I live in London and have found it almost impossible to find a recommended electrologist here (I posted here a while ago), and to treat the hair on my lip I will need to go often, at least to begin with. So I have compromised. I will use vaniqa in my upper lip and go to Parkside (one of the few places that I found despite that fact it's a long journey, far from convenient) to treat hair on my neck/chin (which is a BIT more manageable). I do appreciate Vaniqa is expensive (and not permanent), but see it as a cost for looking OK, much like Mac lipstick. If the treatment on my chin and neck goes well, than I will consider cutting stopping the Vaniqa for the lip, and continuing treatment there. The supplier I use is Tara Skincare in California. I also pay a lot for shipping. I don't care. For those of us with very dark, thick, fast growing hair, please don't underestimate the difficulties of starting electrolysis there if there isn't a good electrologist nearby, the case in London.