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#52008 - 05/16/08 09:27 AM One Touch electrolysis : need tips !!
flahflah Offline

Registered: 05/12/08
Posts: 8
Hi everyone,

I recently got that One Touch Deluxe Home Electrolysis kit and there are 2 questions I wanted to ask that are not even mentionned in the instruction guide...

First of all, and I know this sounds dumb, but since I have to make sure that no current is sent BEFORE I'm 100% sure that the needle is placed correctly, how am I supposed to moist my fingers without moving?

I mean, I hold the stylet with my right hand, I'm being very carefull not to touch the metal band on the stylet (which is already an unatural way to hold it), I position and hold the needle in place, but then, I have to reach the water with my other hand and touch the metal band with that same hand, without moving, shaking, of pressing too much on the stylet. I think in most cases I'm "forced" to move the stylet a little and the current is not sent properly.

So how do you guys manage to complete the operation without moving the stylet?

Second question :

At this point I have only done the "zone test", but during that session I have already experienced a lot of problems. The major one being that, when pulling out the hair with the tweezer, there's still resistence. Maybe it's because of the problem I just mentioned above (I'm not sending the current in the right place), but it could also be because the power is not high enough, or, I should leave it for more than 15 seconds...

So, when the hair still resists, do you usually increase the intensity or leave it there for a little longer? Which of these 2 alternatives, is least risky for my skin that's already scared because of that test?

I hope someone used to DIY electrolysis will be able to help me!

Thanks everyone


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#52010 - 05/16/08 11:30 AM Re: One Touch electrolysis : need tips !! [Re: flahflah]
James W. Walker VII Offline

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First of all, this is why we don't really recommend the One Touch. Without modifying it to work with a wet sponge that you can step on, or touch with an elbow, it is just not easy to work with.

It is probably best to leave it in longer, instead of increasing the power.

Of course, a much better option is to use the buddy system, and have a buddy do the insertions while holding the hair with the tweezers/forceps and wait until the hair pops out via progressive epilation.
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#52013 - 05/16/08 12:22 PM Re: One Touch electrolysis : need tips !! [Re: James W. Walker VII]
flahflah Offline

Registered: 05/12/08
Posts: 8
Ah I'm so glad to hear that it's not just me thinking that the moisturizing part of the process is almost impossible!

Ok I just read the following text which I believe explains the modification that you were are about :

"The biggest advance that can be made to the device is to build in a separate switch, preferably one that is momentary and foot operated. Attaching a wire to the touch pad on the unit (and taping over the band on the stylus to insulate it), and attaching the other end of the wire to a section of sponge ($1 for two) soaked in salt water, one can simply step on the sponge with a bare foot to work as a switch after the needle has been placed completely in the follicle (which also removes the salt water problems on the stylus itself)."

But, about that text I was wondering :

- About the wire... Will I have to open the stylus to take out one of the wires there, or is he talking about an independant wire? And if it's an independant wire, what kind of wire exactly is supposed to be used ?

- When the author writes " Attaching a wire to the touch pad on the unit" does he mean the litle rectangular band on the plastic box ?

Thanks a lot for your help!


#52014 - 05/16/08 05:02 PM Re: One Touch electrolysis : need tips !! [Re: flahflah]
mongoose Offline

Registered: 02/15/08
Posts: 2
I used a One Touch for a short time before I built a better device using a professional probe and needles. At first, I did, just take a flexible wire and stripped one end about 1 1/2 inches and wrapped it around the band on the stylus and taped with electrical tape. I stripped the other end and put it under a wet sponge. The batteries don't last very long and you will need to adjust the control as the battery starts to lose power.

#52015 - 05/16/08 05:56 PM Re: One Touch electrolysis : need tips !! [Re: mongoose]
Marthajoy Offline
HairTell Pro
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Registered: 05/27/06
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Someone has done a nice webpage that may be of some help for improvements and information.
Martha Montgomery, CCE
Puget Sound Electrology

#52071 - 05/18/08 08:59 PM Re: One Touch electrolysis : need tips !! [Re: Marthajoy]
flahflah Offline

Registered: 05/12/08
Posts: 8
I think a found a solution. But before I try it, I'd like to know if it would work or if it'd be stupid...

If I touch the water, but instead of touching the metal band on the stylus with my fingers, I touch the other metal band (the one on the plastic case), will it work?

Oh and thanks Martha for the tip but I had already read this page smile But thanks anyway!

#52134 - 05/20/08 05:26 AM Re: One Touch electrolysis : need tips !! [Re: flahflah]
flahflah Offline

Registered: 05/12/08
Posts: 8
I just reread the instruction booklet, and they dont mention the use of that metal band (which they call a "touchplate") in the electrolysis process...
We're supposed to use it only to test if the device is working. So I know there's current in there. But will touching this plate with moist fingers while the stylet is in place work? Can this "touchplate" replace the "touchband" on the stylet?

Am I about to do something stupid?


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