In the Bono book, he lists ten steps for the blend, the last one being turn off the HF and give an additional 2 seconds of DC. My question is, how necessary is the 2 additional seconds of DC only at the end? My epilator only came with a single footswitch that controls both currents concurrently in manual mode and I can't control them separately. Instantron does make a dual footswitch, but I am not sure if it is worth the extra money ($70). My electrologist said she learned blend using both currents on and off at the same time, and she practiced blend for many many years successfully doing it this way. I have skipped the 2 seconds of DC and the hairs epilate nicely in about 1/4 the time of galvanic.

Also in the book, he instructs one how to figure out how many units of lye a hair is by using 0.1mA DC only and how many seconds it takes for the hair to "release nicely" is how many units the hair is. He then notes that the hair released nicely but that hair should not be considered "treated". My question is, why would a hair that releases properly, especially an anagen hair with a bulb and root sheath, not be considered treated? Is 0.1mA too weak to kill any hair regardless of the treatment time? But say, 0.4mA can kill a hair in an appropriate time?
Treatment details: genetic male heavy facial/body hair no hrt, type III skin
Pro Electro: 126.00 hours Apilus Platinum picoflash + synchro
DIY/Co-DIY Electro: 823.25/75.50 hours Apilus SM-500 microflash + blend