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#5933 - 05/03/02 06:16 PM Jennifer Maxx (WARNING!)
Andrea Offline founder
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Jennifer Maxx has been the main pusher of photoepilators, under the brand ThermaLight. The method has largely fallen by the wayside with the advent of lasers, which do two things better than photoepilators:

1. Lasers target many hairs at once (unlike a photoepilator).

2. Lasers can actually work as claimed (unlike a photoepilator).

Unfortunately, there are still a few salons out there offering this quack device, so be careful! These are not lasers (even though they imply they work the same), and they have not been proven to work.

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#5934 - 05/05/02 02:11 AM Re: Jennifer Maxx (WARNING!)
Andrea Offline founder
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Registered: 03/22/02
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Loc: Los Angeles
Eric asked the following about Jennifer Maxx's photoepilator:
Is there evidence that lasers work better than the Jen Maxx system ? Why is Jen Maxx a scam ? I am not doubting they are, but what is the evidence ? Thanks, Eric
Lasers have published data that prove they work. Jennifer Maxx doesn't. The amount of energy used by these devices isn't sufficient for the permanent destruction of hair in comparison to laser.

You can read about devices like Jennifer Maxx's here:

Hairfacts: Photoepilators (WARNING!)

Photoepilator promotional and lawsuit materials

Below are some customer comments I've received:

i used this treatment- dont have time to send you the info you asked for just yet but it DIDNT HAVE the results they promised. Are there any lawsuits filed against them that you know of?

I was treated by the owner of Jennifer Max, a woman I liked very much. She told me that her thermalight method was FDA approved (true??) and more effective than electrolysis (definitely false for me, at least). She also said that when women used her method in conjunction with Vaniqa, the combination led to quick, permanent hair removal. I don't know if this is true--I never tried it. I began to suspect the treatments were not working months before I gave up. I kept going because I liked her and I guess I didn't want to believe she was cheating me--also because I had had electrolysis before and didn't like the pain or the way my face looked blotchy for days after treatment.

6/2/01 (from Erin's site )
MOTHER OF GAWD i forgot to tell y'all!.... i went on saturday to this place called Jennifer Maxx and had this Thermolight thing done - i thought it was going to be like a laser thing..because waxing is evil on the bikini line...but jeezuz!! ACK! OW!... all it turned out to be was a big russian lady with a penlight that was attached to a pair of tweezers.. and she !@(*#!@$^ TWEEZED my bikini area... $110 for an hour... whadda waste!! yeowch!!!... i was praying to gawd that it'd be over soon and i vowed to never go there again... jeez... too much info i know. but...

So there ya have it! Hope this clears things up!

#5935 - 05/13/05 06:32 PM Re: Jennifer Maxx (WARNING!)
Finogior Offline
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I was one of the first users of the photoepilator many, many years ago. We refunded everyone that had treatment and stopped using the machine.

About 5 years ago a new one came out and we tried again on our own bodies. Needless to say everything grew back. Hey, they are great money makers but they are just rip-offs!

It's all on our site: It will help you find an honest electrologist near you!


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