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#71316 - 03/18/10 10:42 AM My contribution to epilator-users everywhere!
Z3R0 Offline

Registered: 01/09/10
Posts: 4
I've made a remarkable discovery!

(Btw I have light skin with thick black hair)

A couple of months ago, i purchased a Braun 7781 Wet and Dry epilator. I used it on my chest, stomach, arms and legs in the comfort of a hot shower - my reasoning for the purchase of the Wet and dry epilator is as follows: Waxing works well (except for the frequency of hair growth and inconvenience plus cost of doing so), the reason it works well is so simple! The heat of the wax when applied to the skin causes the pores to expand (much like when you perspire after/during a work-out)and allows for the hairs to slip out more easily.

In the case of the contrary (eg. when ice is used over the skin prior to epilating to 'numb' the area) the pores are tight, gripping the lower end of the hair follicle AND the root which results in hair-breakage rather than removal (which is the equivalent of shaving - can you say 'thicker re-growth'?)

Anyways, back to my story, when epilating in the heat of the shower i planned to not only to open my pores, but also confuse myself as to whether the pain experienced was as a result of the hot water on my body or the pain of epilation - this was pretty helpful.

However, in the weeks that followed i found that the hairs were breaking, perhaps attributable to the fact that the hot water on the skin had to be consistent while epilating, but the wetness caused by this was affecting the epilator's ability to grip the hairs! I realised i needed the heat without the moisture... The solution?

A hair drier!!!! I now switch the hair drier on at the high-heat setting and direct it on the area i plan to epilate on, due to the heat produced on the area, my pores open right up and i epilate the given body part - the hairs just slip out, i swear there is less pain (and whatever pain there is, my mind attributes to the heat of the hair drier) and i only have to go over the area once - no nonsense about epilating against then with the direction of the growth, etc... Why? Because there is no moisture to hinder the tweezers' ability to grab and pull the hairs - coz its a hair 'drier' lol

I am absolutely confident that the hairs are not simply breaking beneath the surface, because THEY ARE GROWING BACK FINER WITH JUST ONE SESSION WITH THE HAIR DRIER!

Please spread the word! I've tried shaving, threading, waxing,etc Using this method i know epilating is gonna result in all my body hair disappearing for good! All the best! And please share your stories here smile

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#71471 - 03/21/10 01:11 AM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: Z3R0]
C O'Connell Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 05/17/09
Posts: 740
Loc: Sydney,Australia
Your discovery should help lots of people here, who use epilaters, but your body hair will not dissapear for good. I think you are aware that epilation is temporary, but your final comment could be misleading, for less well informed users of the forum. A great tip though.
Christine O' Connell, D.R.E., F.I.E. ,M.B.I.A.E. (UK)

#71478 - 03/21/10 07:24 AM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: C O'Connell]
Z3R0 Offline

Registered: 01/09/10
Posts: 4
Hey O'Conell, as far as i know, when you wax or epilate for a few years (*and catch the hair by the root without breakage) the area's hair-growth becomes sparser and eventually becomes unnoticeable (if not hair-free)...

Perhaps not proven fact, but given what i've heard and seen, its what im aiming towards nonetheless smile

#71485 - 03/21/10 03:40 PM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: Z3R0]
James W. Walker VII Offline

Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 06/03/02
Posts: 8055
Loc: Buffalo NY, & Traveling the US...
Other than eyebrows and legs, the result you describe would not occur. If you are plucking your eyebrows or legs, enjoy what ever success you achieve. If you are hoping this will work on your face, or body, you are in for a disappointment.
Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. --- Tom Landry
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#71701 - 03/27/10 01:22 AM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: James W. Walker VII]
VickieCNY Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 03/30/08
Posts: 679
This phenomenon is something that I never quite understood. Is there a difference between male and female leg hair, such that repeated tearing of the hair out by the root can result in diminished growth, as opposed to the opposite? I plucked my legs hairs for many many years (I wasn't patient enough to let them get long enough for a rotary epilator to work on them), and it did not slow or stop their growth. In fact, under my scope the hairs I plucked don't look thicker or thinner compared to didn't repeatedly pluck (roughly same area of the body), but some look badly distorted and were difficult to zap (lots of corkscrews, lots of J shaped and some U shaped)

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#71717 - 03/27/10 11:16 AM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: VickieCNY]
Z3R0 Offline

Registered: 01/09/10
Posts: 4
The distorted growth you mentioned is a result of the hair shafts being in-grown at some stage along the growth to the surface (especially those U-shaped ones u described).

I find that plucking doesn't result in the actual root of the hair being taken out, but the breaking of the shaft at a point just short of the root (but below the surface of the skin). If the pores which the hairs are growing out of are expanded (via heat or stretching) there is a greater chance of the hair being pulled out from the root and not just breaking (which is the equivalent of cutting/shaving it).

Here is how i understand it: the body reacts perfectly to what you do to it. And as a result of poor understanding of hair removal techniques in particular, the outcome isn't necessarily what we want. For instance, when we shave, think of it as telling your body that you want more, thicker, stronger hair in that region (a bit like the technique of pruning a tree to increase foliage) - the root of the hair (like the root system of the tree) strengthens both on and below the surface (remember, that which can be seen on the surface of a tree - branches,etc- is a mirror image of what is below the surface - the tap root system,etc). This is why beards appears thicker and courser after continual shaving - since the roots of these hairs beneath the surface have become thicker and stronger over the years (try plucking a hair from the beard of a middle-aged man, IF you manage to pull a single hair out, he'll immediately bleed-out from that pore since the skin would have to rupture in order to allow the hair root, which has over time become thicker than the pore, to be removed).

So if you do not want a tree (or even grass for that matter) in your garden the logical thing to do would be to pull it out the ground, and not just trim what can be seen on the surface. By the same principle your body will eventually stop providing the necessary nutrients to repair/ create hair.

This process however can span over a long time (via epilating, waxing,etc) or a shorter time horizon (via IPL, laser, etc) depending on the approach taken. Why? Because of the sheer effectiveness (and intensity) of the approach - with waxing, epilating, plucking, etc alot of the hairs we think we are pulling out from the root are actually breaking, causing the roots to strengthen, it will now take a few more removals of those roots in the future to firstly reverse the strengthening of the roots and will then eventually result in the non-existence of hair in that region all together. Whereas with laser or electrolysis for instance, the effect (and intensity) of the treatment is invoked all the way down the shaft, right to the root, which is why results can often be seen within a few weeks/months.

So VickieCNY, if you prefer to pluck your hairs, make sure your pores are spread open sufficiently to allow the ease of passage for the hair you are removing - heat the skin and try to stretch the area you are plucking to avoid ingrown hairs...

All the Best smile

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#71720 - 03/27/10 03:32 PM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: Z3R0]

While I'm sure repeated waxing and so on will do as you mention and damage some of the hairs like on the legs, I don't think one can really use it as a practical way to permanent remove hair. I'm sure there's lots of women out there who have waxed their legs for 20+ years and continue to do so. Yes maybe there's not as much hair but you can't honestly compare the process being over a long time compared to shorter time with laser or electrolysis though. Your tree analogy to me seems more like one going into a forest and just cutting down trees with a chainsaw trying to aim it low to get the roots. Eventually over years maybe you'll get lucky and prevent some trees from coming back but they still will. Where as laser and electrolysis is like going into the forest, digging up around the tree, lighting the root on fire until it burns away to nothing, then watch as it falls out and never comes back smile

#76739 - 07/18/10 05:25 PM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: ]
Crio Offline

Registered: 07/18/10
Posts: 1
Great tip Z3RO! I am one of those people that pulling hair does stop it from growing or reduces the hair down to almost microscopic size. The people that keep claiming pulling hair will not stop it from growing need to accept the fact that everybody is different. Aside from peoples genetic differences, one of the things that may have helped me achieve this is the use of water spiked with apple cider vinegar as an after wash. 250ml vinegar, 2 liters filtered water. The stinging/burning sensation caused by vinegar water may have an effect similar to laser treatment by chemically cauterizing the root.

Edited by Crio (07/18/10 05:44 PM)

#76908 - 07/20/10 07:32 PM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: Z3R0]
My Epil Offline

Registered: 07/18/10
Posts: 25
Loc: USA
Good story, but body hair is really not like trees and grass. I hope this doesn't sound rude, but I feel compelled to correct you on a few points. Hope you don't mind.

1. "For instance, when we shave, think of it as telling your body that you want more, thicker, stronger hair in that region"

--False. If this were true, how come aging men just don't shave their heads to get more dense growth? Hair is part of the human organism, controlled by genetics and hormones... This is not true in the tree-dirt comparison.

2. "This is why beards appears thicker and courser after continual shaving - since the roots of these hairs beneath the surface have become thicker and stronger over the years ."

No, that is not why. It's called puberty. It's simply coincidence that most people start shaving around puberty. Puberty was going to cause hair to become more coarse regardless of your shaving habits.

At any rate, great discovery of the hair drier! I'm glad you are having success with an epilator. smile

#81806 - 01/12/11 08:58 PM Re: My contribution to epilator-users everywhere! [Re: My Epil]
yashrg Offline

Registered: 01/12/11
Posts: 7
I should try the hair dryer trick next time.

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