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#92811 - 10/17/11 05:25 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post ***** [Re: Ennovi]
belladonna Offline

Registered: 03/07/06
Posts: 12
1. Area(s) treated: UNDERARMS AND BIKINI
2. How long it's been since last treatment: 2 WEEKS
3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s): DARK SKIN AND VERY COARSE DARK HAIR
4. Device used and settings (if known): LASER SHEER DIODE
5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): 95%
6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!): LASER NURSE - LYNDA CHRISTINE. 251 5TH AVE @ 28TH, NYC FLATIRON DISTRICT
7. Finishing with electrolysis? NO

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#94166 - 12/05/11 03:35 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: belladonna]
Smoothie:) Offline

Registered: 06/20/10
Posts: 32
Loc: UK

Originally Posted By: Smoothie:) - 19/12/2010
It has now been six months (to the day) since I had my final of 6 treatments so I hope this qualifies. Since my last post here I have noticed little change. As some people have LHR and then experience regrowth, I have been worried that I may also get the same happen to me but now after 6 months I only need to shave once every 2 weeks. I am very pleased with that and I keep being surprised by how soft and smooth my skin in the treated areas feels. I love it.

When I shave my legs now I can feel the softer 'stubble' on my thighs after about 3 days and then my legs feel smooth and soft for about another week and a half. I am finding that they need to be shaved again around the 2 week point which is when I can start to see the now fine downy hairs getting longer - I really do have to look hard (or bright light needs to catch them just right). I occasionally get one or two coarser dark hairs come through but have been zapping them with the 'one-touch' which seems to get rid of them. The lower part of my legs (knees down) seem to be almost totally hair free and the thighs area is where I seem to get the downy hairs come through.

My bikini area is slightly different as it has much softer skin with hardly any visible pores (I have quite large pores on my legs). It remains mostly hair free and I run the razor over this area roughly once a week to catch the odd hair that comes through but once again they are very fine and downy. I shave this area more as it is really quick to do in the shower. I used to get lots of ingrown hairs here but hardly ever get any now.

Am I pleased? You bet I am. I have been so worried that hair would come back but it has not (much to my relief). People mention touch-ups but I don't understand whether that is because hair slowly and surely starts to come back or whether it is to get rid of the odd stragglers (those I have already zapped). I really hope as the 6 months has now passed that the hairs are dead and gone and that I will not experience any major regrowth other than the fine downy hair which comes through now. When I started my course of treatments I realised that as a male I was not going to completely get rid of the hair and that I would be happy with shaving once every 2 weeks which I am. I hope this helps anyone contemplating LHR or even needing a little encouragement during treatment.

Originally Posted By: Smoothie:) - 07/01/2011
Well, it's now been just over a year since I completed my course of 6 LHR treatments. I have experienced no further hair growth other than the odd straggler which pops up now and then which I zap with the 'one-touch'. There really isn't much change since my post of 19/12/2010 above. I am still very pleased with the results and hope this update is of use and encouragement to anyone who may read it.

Just a quick update. It's now 18 months since I completed my course of 6 LHR treatments. There has been no change since my previous 2 posts. I shave my legs roughly every 1 - 2 weeks in the shower or bath which is so quick now compared to before I had the treatments. I very rarely get any ingrown hairs unlike before the treatments. The previously mentioned 'stragglers' are becoming less and less too. I remain very happy with the results.
49/M/UK, Fitzpatrick Skin type: III
Laser(Apogee Elite - Alexandrite):
Full Legs; done in 6 treatments (3rd treatment Soprano Diode used).
Bikini; done in 6.
Feet; done in 6 (3rd treatment Soprano Diode used).
Face; 5 of 7 treatments (YAG used)

#94493 - 12/14/11 05:32 AM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: parttimejob]
parttimejob Offline

Registered: 08/16/10
Posts: 3
Hi all,

It is now over a year later and I am still hair-free! I ended up getting just one treatment more from my original Group-On 6 treatment package. I didn't even end up needing to use all 6 sessions.

Mostly these days I forget that I ever had a facial hair problem. I kept meaning to come back on here to post an update and I finally remembered to tonight.

I have no idea if it is still being used, but I can't recommend GentleLASE enough!

#94839 - 01/01/12 06:23 AM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: parttimejob]
emilily Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 03/20/10
Posts: 367
Loc: Sydney, Australia
1. Area(s) treated: UNDERARMS AND BIKINI
2. How long it's been since last treatment: A long time... 10 months.
3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s): Skin type 2 or 3, very pale, no tan. Hair - black, coarse.
4. Device used and settings (if known): Alexandrite GentleLase. 18mm spot size, 16/18j.
5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): 100% of pubic type hair, BUT what is left is fine and dark. Fine covering. In terms of actual % of hair lost overall, I would say 60-70%.
6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!): Silk Laser Clinic - King William Road, Hyde Park.
7. Finishing with electrolysis? No. I think I still have a laser appointment left but I have been too busy to make time for going. I've also felt very comfortable with the amount/type of hair left in these areas anyway. smile Hope this helps everyone.
5 sessions on underarms, brazilian starting 07/05/10 (GentleLASE)
4 laser sessions on tummy starting 07/05/10
70 minutes of electrolysis in 2010 (Blend)

Current (Apilus Platinum):
Chin, lip, sides: Starting 30/08/13 1420 minutes
Tummy: 1 hr 21/09, 1 hr 30/09/13, 1.5 13/01, 1.5 08/04, .5hr 26/06, 1 hr 17/11/14,.25 hr 09/03/15, .25 31/07/2015
Chest/underarm: 2 hr 12/10, 1 hr 21/10, 1.5 hours 12/12/13, 1.5hours 11/02, 1.5 08/05, .5hr 26/6, 1hr 05/08, 1hr 17/11/14, .75hr 09/03/15, .5hr 13/07/15

Most recent: 45mins 08/10/2015, 30mins 02/16, 1hr 24/06/16, 1hr 11/10/16, 45 mins 18/09/2017

#107102 - 05/23/13 12:23 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: Ennovi]
Deedra Offline

Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 08/02/18
Posts: 9711
Loc: United States
This poster had success with his back hair, so far. I've included his first post and most recent posts, but you can follow his posts in between by using the search feature. I know this is not post six months after laser, but will update if Keith comes back down the road.


#102899 - Sat Dec 01 2012 07:06 PM Back Hair removal

Registered: Mon Nov 26 2012
Posts: 19
Decided to have laser done on back and upper back trap area. Went through first treatment with gentleLase 18 spot 18J made me grit teeth but skin tolerated fine. I am fitzpatrick 3 with course black hair and am older in 40's. I don't have alot of hope with this as I don't see many stories regarding back hair removal success if any but I decided I have to try something. I'm only 3 days later and already feel stubble coming in the treatment areas.From what I have researched this laser is the best for black course hair and if it doesnt work I will not get results from any other laser. Since my skin handled the 18J settings ok should I ask the Tech to bump to 20J for next treatment? Also would like to hear from men who have had any success at all with back hair removal


#107100 - Yesterday at 11:53 PM Re: Back Hair removal [Re: LAgirl]

Registered: Mon Nov 26 2012
Posts: 19
Finished my 4th treatment and have had very good results. Only regret I have with laser is that I didn't do this years ago. Wish I took before photos and after but I didn't.

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Edit Reason: Added info
Dee Fahey RN CT LLC

Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis and the State Nursing Board of Ohio

#107118 - 05/23/13 11:45 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: ]

Six months from the start of treatment... ummm I look forward to congratulating Keithc71, but in my opinion, classify this case as a success is premature.

#107305 - 06/01/13 04:33 AM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: Ennovi]
Amira Offline

Registered: 02/22/11
Posts: 3
I joined this forum right around the time I started laser hair treatment for extreme facial hair, so it has been over two years! It has been over one year since the last time I had a treatment.

I am a woman with PCOS and so I was concerned about hair regrowth. I have had some minor hair regrowth and will probably go back for a touch-up in a month or so, but my facial hair was SO BAD before and is so minor now that I can hardly believe it. I wish I had gotten laser hair removal years ago.

To give you some sense of the improvement, before I had laser treatments I had to shave daily if I didn't want a visible beard. Even daily, I would end up with a noticeable 5 o'clock shadow. My face felt like sandpaper all of the time.

Now, though I do have some hair regrowth, I can shave with a crappy electric razor (no nicks!) about once a week, and most of the hair I'm shaving is unnoticeable light peach fuzz. My face feels soft and smooth.

1. Area(s) treated: face including neck, chin, cheeks, upper lip
2. How long it's been since last treatment: 1 year
3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s)- skin type II and coarse black facial hair
4. Device used and settings (if known): Light Shear laser. I don't remember the settings, but it was high enough that it hurt!
5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): 90%
6. Name and location of clinic: Christina Clinic in Roseville, Minnesota ( Minneapolis / St. Paul area). I would *highly* recommend them. My technician was very experienced and they did a fantastic job.
7. Finishing with electrolysis? Maybe some day, but I don't feel it is necessary right now.

#107827 - 07/09/13 09:39 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: Amira]
LAgirl Offline

Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 12/22/04
Posts: 9994
Loc: New York, NY
Reposting from Cosmetic Enhancements Forum (poster wits'end):

This is long overdue, but I started large-scale LHR back in 2008 and didn't end up posting my final results. I was back very recently for some facial treatment but aside from that I hadn't been back in over 2 years. I am a very slim, healthy 26 year old with regular periods. I have been tested for hormone problems and did not have abnormal levels, though that doesn't mean I don't have a sensitivity to androgens. My ovaries look polycystic but my doctor says I do not have the syndrome.

1. Area(s) treated: full leg, bikini, abdomen, underarms, nipples, neck/chin/jawline
2. How long it's been since last treatment: over 2 years for the mostpart. As mentioned, I was back this week as I'm getting growth on my neck and jawline but it's new pattern and possibly hormonal.
3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s) very fair skin, coarse dark hair
4. Device used and settings (if known) Alexandrite (I think). Not sure of settings.
5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s) 95%
6. Name and location of clinic (great recommendation!) Laserase Scotland (Aberdeen Clinic at Albyn Medical Practise). I see Dr Robertson. They travel between their Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh clinics
7. Finishing with electrolysis? No, don't see the need in those areas that I've finished laser on.

My clinic comes highly recommended. It was expensive and took longer than initially expected but it has entirely turned my life around. I pretty much no longer shave my legs, bikini and underarms. I do it maybe once a week and it's basically just quickly running the razor over and stray hairs. I used to be plagues with thick, dark, widespread hair that was near impossible to deal with. I can honestly say it has transformed so many aspects of my life and I could not be more delighted.

As mentioned above, I have started to get more facial hair as I'm getting older. It's mainly along my jawline and all down the front of my neck. The NHS has been near useless on this front, and I'm opting to go back for laser on this area (and my upper lip while I'm at it, but the hair is pretty fine here). It's much simpler as the appointment today only took around 10 minutes.

Dr Robertson is a lovely, chatty woman who very much put me at ease. Initally, I was going for 1.5 hour sessions due to the number of areas being treated, and there was never a dull moment for the entire duration. My underarms were quick to cease growing hair, as was my bikini. Legs took longer, and face is ongoing.

I didn't photograph every region, but this gives you some idea. The before pictures were taken pre-treatment, c. 2007. The after ones I took today, 2 years after having had my last treatment on these areas. The 'after' pictures are fairly indicative of what I look like having done little to no shaving. Warning: there is an 'ick' factor to the before images. Honestly, I haven't looked at them in years and it made me feel sick - I don't recognise myself!

#107833 - 07/09/13 11:59 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: LAgirl]
Danika Offline
Top 10 Contributor

Registered: 01/06/12
Posts: 476
Thanks for your post. I also am appreciating the results i have gotten from LHR. It didn't work entirely or at all in areas but it truly has made a noticeable difference for which i am grateful.
My question for you relates to your leg hair. Though dark it does look soft and fine. We are told repeatedly on this sight that this type of hair will not work! Did it work for you? On your knees too? Can you Please elaborate on this area! Thank you.
Female- Light skin, brown/blonde hair.
LASER- over 1+yr. Pleasantly surprised with results. No future sessions. Need to live with/in sun.
ELECTROLYSIS- Scammed by the one in my town. Whenever possible, while traveling out of town,I try to get electrolysis on face. Very Challenging overall due to lack of professionals available .Many treatments done on only a tiny area of my face yet there still seems to be alot of hair growing there. Seems an impossible dream at this point frown

#108931 - 09/10/13 05:37 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: LAgirl]
parttimejob Offline

Registered: 08/16/10
Posts: 3
3 years later and I get maybe 2 or 3 strays a week. This is compared to 50-100 hairs I used to get a day.

I am back on the forum now because I want to get laser next on my thighs. The place I went to that used GentleLase is now out of business. Looks like I have a research project in front of me to find a new place and probably a new laser.

Just thought I'd give a quick update.

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