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#114524 - 07/23/14 09:02 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post ***** [Re: LAgirl]
laurenramona Offline

Registered: 07/22/14
Posts: 1
Hello, I am new to this forum but have been undergoing laser treatments for over a year now with one specialist in NYC. My story is below:

1. Area(s) treated: full brazilian, underarms and inner thigh
2. How long it's been since last treatment: 5 weeks
3. Your skin and hair type on that area(s): Type II, dark coarse hair on bikini and inner thighs and underarms
4. Device used and settings (if known):not sure
5. Estimated % of reduction in the area(s): 90% reduction in all areas, 100% reduction on bikini line.
6. Name and location of clinic: LASER NURSE, Address: 251 5th Ave, New York, NY 10016
Phone:(917) 656-2106
7. Finishing with electrolysis? no

I have been getting waxed since I was in college. I have extremely dense hair follicles and since I began waxing, I had developed extremely painful ingrown hairs in my bikini area. I tried every waxing salon for awhile, not realizing that it was the waxing that was aggravating my ingrowns. When I say I had bad ingrowns, I am not kidding. Every waxing specialist would take one look at me and say, "wow, that's bad." They would all give me their own remedies of exfoliating, and selling me their magic cream, not believing me when I told them I already did it all! Nothing helped. I felt hopeless and truly humiliated whenever I had to wear a bikini.
I did a little research on laser hair removal and thought I'd give it a try. I got a free consultation at Completely Bare in NYC and their prices were absurdly unaffordable. Then, I found Lynda. I met with her and she took a look at my bikini area and said the same thing that the waxers said, "wow, that's bad." She was honest in telling me it would take a few sessions over the course of several months, but eventually, I should see good results with the laser treatment. Her prices were astoundingly affordable and it was worth it to me to try it. She was exactly correct, it took until the third treatment to begin to really see results. I decided to get my entire area lasered to prevent any further ingrown hairs. Slowly but surely, I began to see truly incredible results. Now, I have so little hair on my bikini line and what hair I do have is extremely fine. What's even better is that the scars have healed. I have no more ingrown hairs anywhere. I do go back every few months for a touch up (and I've begun to have other areas done now) but I am so amazed and grateful for what Lynda did for me. It's pretty brutal to go through your life dreading every moment you have to put on a bathing suit. Now, I can wear it confidently without constantly pulling down my bikini bottoms.
I also genuinely appreciate Lynda 's generosity in offering affordable prices. I hope her business continues to grow and other people can benefit from this experience as I did.

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#115799 - 10/11/14 07:03 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: laurenramona]
BLee Offline

Registered: 09/24/05
Posts: 13
I haven't posted here since 2006! I read this place for a long time, then fell away. I came back today to read about a home system that sounded promising (but is not, unfortunately).

I began in 2005 (Oct) with upper lip and chin. I had whatever the full package is (6? treatments?) Not sure of how many as I didn't keep notes on all of it.

Due to the lateness of the tech one day, I got a free underarm treatment. The results were so impressive that I signed up for the full package. That was in 2006-7.

I've had small bits done on the face, once or twice around the bikini area and around the bellybutton (twice).

Finally in April of 2010, I did the legs, followed by once more in March of 2013 just before I left Florida for good. I had touch-ups all around too.

I have very fair skin and very dark brown hair (well, I'm middle-aged, but lots of my hair is still dark).

The tech used the Alexandrite Gentlelase, set at 14 (I know...but it's what she used). Pain level for me is extremely high (I have fibromyalgia that doesn't help in that matter) so I used lidocaine ahead of the procedures after the first time.

This was through my gynecologist's office. I had two different techs (not sure why they got rid of the first one) and both were very good and I got my money's worth.

Results: For me, skin laser treatment, for the most part, was excellent, with one exception:

Upper lip. 99% hair gone. No issues there. Perfect results.

Underarms. I'd say 95% gone and what remains (about 5 hairs) is very light and thin and I just do two swipes of the razor when they return - like once a month or every other month. You can't even see them when they come back. Superb results.

Chin: The only area with which I'm unhappy. I still have all kinds of stray hairs which I now pluck. There are about 7 or 8 on my face too. Note that I'm a post-menopausal woman (had it hit very early when I was only 44. I'm 56 now).

Legs: In spite of only having 2 treatments due to cost and then running out of time (I ran in to get treatment #2 right before we moved out-of-state) I had super results. I'd say I had 75% hair reduction and what came back instead of being black and thick is light brown and thin. I can go a rather long time without shaving what's left and what is there is very light and hard for others to see. smile

So for me, for the most part, laser was awesome. I wish the legs were a bit cheaper to do. I hadn't thought of doing more, but after reading up here, perhaps I will but I have to find someone (I moved up to NC). If you've light skin and dark hair, GO FOR IT.

My mom didn't have success with electrolysis and for me, the pain factor would probably rule that out. The laser itself wasn't like a "rubber band snapping" it was like someone set that rubber band on fire THEN snapped it on my leg! *grin*

Ideally, before my hair turns white. I wouldn't mind 1-2 more times on the legs and a really good touch-up on the neck and chin. But other than the neck and chin, I'm 100% satisfied with laser and grateful I could afford a bit of it (it's expensive) and that I still had dark hair to target. My mom, who still has to deal with her upper lip, is jealous. I had my youngest, who has the same upper lip issue) go several times to get her upper lip zapped.

That's my story. I can't believe I joined this forum 9 years ago. Time flies.

#118142 - 05/11/15 04:21 PM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: butterfly4444]
MayBelle Offline

Registered: 09/19/14
Posts: 21
Did the laser work for the thin hairs? I have thin hairs with pigment

#122780 - 10/01/16 01:36 AM Re: Post Success Stories! --- More than 6 months post [Re: meowmeow]
ExSydneyGorilla Offline

Registered: 09/24/07
Posts: 11
Loc: Sydney, Australia
Here is my success story after a decade! Success after 10 Years!

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