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#77615 - 08/06/10 03:47 AM Re: Second and third appointments [Re: emilily]
MagicalPrincessKitty Offline
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If it took four different times to kill every hair at the appropriate settings then she's got messed up insertions. Some tough hairs with curved follicles may take more than one treatment, but if all or most hairs take four separate treatments then it would take 4 years to finish instead of one! That's no good! I'd just find a better electrologist if you are 100% sure that's what is happening.

I have no idea the modality she used on you either (One Touch is a galvanic machine, slower and older technique; many electrologists use blend or thermolysis these days which are faster but should be equally effective if the insertions and settings are good). Galvanic seems to be a lot more forgiving for a crappy insertion since the lye fills the whole follicle anyway. But thermolysis is actually pretty easy too if you don't insert too shallowly.
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#77625 - 08/06/10 02:44 PM Re: Second and third appointments [Re: MagicalPrincessKitty]
dfahey Offline

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If most hairs need more than one or two insertions, then the energy and timing should be adjusted AFTER one is sure that their insertions are being done correctly. In an area, especially when I an working toward a first, full clearance, I find that I need to adjust my settings frequently because I am dealing with very coarse, coarse, medium and accelerated fine hairs that are either in anagen, catagen or telogen phases of growth. It's all mixed up, so energy and timing and sometimes modalities need to be changed in just that one session alone. That's why I personally don't like to talk during a treatment. There is much to think about and besides, movement, either on my part or the part of the client, can make me miss the target. Proper insertions, proper insertions, proper insertions are what we strive for, so if there is talking on your part or her part, maybe you should go into sleep mode while she goes into her "kill the hairs" mode.
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#77631 - 08/06/10 06:59 PM Re: Second and third appointments [Re: dfahey]
LAgirl Offline

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Once again, you can't tell anything from 4 professional electrolysis treatments. How far apart were your treatments spaced? If you went for 4 treatments within say 2 months, you only treated hairs in ONE hair cycle. So what you saw in month 3 was NEW hair from the next hair cycle come in.

There are various types of electrolysis. Galvanic is slowest and takes about 1 min per hair. Blend is a bit faster at 2-3 hairs per minute. Thermolysis is even faster. Microflash and Picoflash are the fastest types of thermolysis which often treat 10 hairs per minute given a good electrologist.

Each hair should only be treated once if the insertion is good and the amount of delivered heat is correct. Is this is not happening, either or both need to be adjusted accordingly. Also, some deeper curlier hairs may require blend instead of thermolysis.

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