I can not remember the not shown cases in these images. Although I guess this is an old post. Probably, these cases are part of a time when I only worked with local clients. Therefore, the chosen strategy did not depend so much on my preferences, as on the personal circumstances of each client. The cases of legs (usually in women) were carried out in the course of 6/7 months, from the end of November to the end of May / June. With an average of one hour per week if it was lower leg, or two hours if it was full legs.

The strategy was to stop using temporary systems since the beginning of September, in order to have a considerable growth and thus be able to start the sessions in mid / late November. The first clearance used to take about 3 months of weekly sessions. Then, during the following months we returned to work in the areas where we started, following a chronological order in order to allow time for the remaining hair to appear on the scene. The goal was that 90/95% of the hairs of the legs had disappeared for the following summer, and so the client could enjoy our beaches without the hassle of having to use any type of depilatory.

The difference in doing marathon sessions is that what would take several months of weekly sessions can be carried out in several days of intensive work and 3 trips to the place. However, the number of hours and the completion date are similar.