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#80735 - 12/04/10 04:59 AM Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis?
audrey32 Offline
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I have read many articles regarding electrolysis and how effective it is. I know that there are many types of electrolysis treatments(ex; galvanic method, blend, thermolysis).(When ever I have time, I do research on electrolysis)I've also read that once the hair is treated for a while, the hair is gone for good. I think I'm having a hard time taking this in. How can the hair NEVER come back? Ok, suppose 10 years after the treatment with hair being permanently removed by electrolysis; I know new hairs will grow but what about the ones that were treated? Will they continuously stay damaged? Are they "dead", or do they have any "CHANCE" of growing back somehow??? What if some one has hormonal problems, then what? Will the hair follicle that has been treated "permanently", cause re-growth, due to hormonal imbalances in the individual? How well does electrolysis work on females with PCOS and other hormonal problems? (such as some female's hair follicles are very sensitive to testosterone) I am NOT at all being cynical regarding electrolysis. Actually, I am seriously considering having electrolysis done by a good professional in the near future due to the "Permanency" involved!

I apologize for the cluster of questions I put at once, but I'm very curious, and I want answers!! Anything would really be helpful!


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#80736 - 12/04/10 09:55 AM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: audrey32]
VickieCNY Offline
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Electrolysis is permanent, as long as it is performed competently. Many folks here can attest to that fact, and it is the only form of hair removal legally recognized to be "permanent".

Sometimes a given hair will require more than one treatment to completely kill, depending on various factors. The damage is cumulative and eventually the hair will be completely destroyed.

If a hair is completely destroyed, it is like cutting off a finger or losing an eye. The structures required to grow a hair are destroyed and expelled and there is no way for them to regrow.

You are born with number of potential hairs, but most do not grow hair but are dormant; the hair you see are from active follicles. Hormones and other factors can cause those dormant follicles to start growing hair. The hairs that have been successfully killed cannot come back, but you can have new hair you never had before if dormant follicles are stimulated.
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#80737 - 12/04/10 09:56 AM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: audrey32]
James W. Walker VII Offline

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Dear Audrey32:

Be at peace, the reason this site exists is to give people a place to ask their questions and get answers. On some questions, they get many different answers, and perhaps an argument breaks out, but at least one is getting the question viewed from many sides.

What you need to understand in order to comprehend the answer to your question on permanency of electrolysis is that electrolysis is a spot specific treatment that causes the interior of the follicle to heal in such a way that a callous of skin walls off the interior of the follicle, thus closing off access to the follicular blood supply, and also eliminates the germative growth cells that start the hairs. There is literally no way a hair can grow back in that follicle. While sweat and sebum will still flow from that follicle, hair won't ever grow again.

The reason why women with hormonal imbalances can grow new hairs is that the body has a minimum of 1,000 follicles per square inch, and while the visilbe hairs treated by electrolysis at any one time would tend to be between 5 and 100 hairs per square inch on a woman, this leaves the rest of the 1,000 follicles for the body to recruit to grow hairs in the future if the correct conditions exist to make that happen. This is why a person can either spend a lifetime having short electrolysis appointments on a steady schedule, or have no need for treatments for years, and then have to do a fresh course of treatments decades later.

In the case of an ongoing situation where the body is recruiting new follicles to grow terminal hair in previously non-hair growing follicles, the process of recruitment tends to be only a small number of hairs at a time, say, adding an additional 3 hairs per square inch every 3 months. Now if it takes 3 months to add 3 hairs, it would take over 83 years before every possible hair would have been recruited, shown itself, and been treated with electrolysis. This is why we stress that while we can remove hair permanently, one must address the reason for the hair being there in the first place, as one could spend a lifetime of having 15 minute appointments every 3 - 4 weeks if the cause of the hair growth is not resolved.

That is why we say that hair removal is like playing the carnival game "Whack-A-Mole". We try to hit the hairs when they come up, but if we miss them, we have to wait until they come out again, on what ever schedule they are working on, and if that hair only comes out for 12 weeks, once a year, that is all the opportunity we are going to get. Furthermore, we don't know how many hairs are in the grid, nor how many new active slots are being created in the grid as we play.

Do you now see why electrolysis practitioners don't attempt to answer this question on the phone.
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#80740 - 12/04/10 10:20 AM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: audrey32]

1.-The hair is like your fingernail, if you destroy the whole matrix, the nail will never return. If the array is partially damaged, the nail will grow low, ie less surface. This is the treatment of surgeons use the toe nail grows under the skin.

2.-The process is irreversible unless the DNA in our cells is like the tail of lizards. wink

3.-Follicles are replaced by scar tissue, this is like when kids get hit in the eyebrow or head, and a bald spot remains for the rest of his life.

4.-The electrolysis is equally effective in women with PCOS than in women with racial or familial hirsutism, hair follicles treated correctly = deleted. But many follicles remain intact (untreated) because they produce a hair invisible to the eye of the electrologist and these follicles are susceptible to changes in size. Hormones or time, transform these tiny follicles that produce hairs very fine, in large follicles that produce hairs thick.

#80745 - 12/04/10 01:13 PM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: ]

Audrey, maybe these pictures make you understand?

All (men and women) are born with 5 million follicles. As James says, the baby at birth has 1000 follicles per square centimeter. As we grow our skin expands, but the number of follicles is the same as at birth. Thus the density per square centimeter decreases. The number of follicle does not change during our lifetime. But resized. Notes:

The first image shows a bit of our skin before our hair development. We call PEACH FUZZ.

The second picture shows the beginning of hair development in a particular area such as upper lip, chin, underarms, etc. Note that only 1 of each 3 hairs has become visible.

The third image shows the progress over time. 2 out of 3 are now visible.

The fourth image shows the completed development. 3 out of 3 are visible to the electrologist, so if we kill the hair follicle when development is complete....

...and the results of treatment will be them.

The problem is that if we wait long enough, you suffer the torment that causes excess hair. So the best thing is to kill the primary, then the secondary and tertiary lastly. The process is slow because our hair will take longer to become visible hairs.

#80749 - 12/04/10 02:03 PM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: ]
Barbara_CPE Offline

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Registered: 10/19/05
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Loc: Kansas
All.....very well said!

Depilecionelectr - is it Josefa? - your pictures are absolutely fabulous! Are you the artist?
Barbara Greathouse, CPE
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#80750 - 12/04/10 05:16 PM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: Barbara_CPE]
LAgirl Offline

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If the hair was treated properly, it will be gone forever from that one zap as the follicle was damaged and can't produce any more hair.

The only way you would see hair in years after you finished your treatments and were hairfree for a good while, is if your body activates NEW follicles to produce hairs. This can happen with hormonal changes, medication, etc.

#80753 - 12/04/10 05:26 PM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: Barbara_CPE]

Originally Posted By: Barbara_CPE
All.....very well said!

Depilecionelectr - is it Josefa? - your pictures are absolutely fabulous! Are you the artist?

Oh thank you very much for the compliment, Barbara. Your words have two meanings for me, considering that my command of English remains zero. Sometimes I think my ear is deaf to the English sounds, although I do everything possible to understand.

Yes, I am Josefa, the same whom she refuses to look away our profession in my country. And I fight, oh yes, how I fight!!! with all the forces that millions of Spanish consumers give me, because they need the Electrolysis. Unfortunately only attract consumers desperate to get rid of the hair.

Oh you would not call "artist" the author of these drawings, if this can be called art, perhaps naive art? blush

Again thank you very much, dear Barbara.

#80754 - 12/04/10 05:41 PM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: ]
Johnson Offline
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A buddy of mine had it done 10 years ago on his unibrows. To this day not a single hair is growing on the area. So i'm convinced.

#80755 - 12/04/10 07:23 PM Re: Eaxctly how permanent is electrolysis? [Re: ]
audrey32 Offline
Major Contributor

Registered: 12/02/10
Posts: 92
Loc: NY
Wow, that was a lot of information guys! Thanks to all! Thank you James for that long explanation, it made good sense to me. I do comprehend this a lot better now. Thank you Josefa for the picture demonstration, it really did help. I think I really needed some confirmation from all you special people! This information is valuable and once again James, you explained many things, I didn't really understand before. Thanks for going in depth with this!
In taking revenge a man is but even with his enemies; but in passing it over, he is superior
-Frances Bacon

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