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#39570 - 02/24/07 12:40 AM spearmint tea may help treat excess body hair.
roma18 Offline
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#39579 - 02/24/07 02:42 AM Re: spearmint tea may help treat excess body hair. [Re: roma18]
dfahey Offline

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Twenty-one women is not a good sampling.

Be it known that, spearmint tea will do nothing for the hairs that are overstimulated now. Those hairs can only be permanently effected by electrolysis, for sure, and LASER in certain situations. The medical condition needs to be addressed with diet and/or exercise and medication, if deemed necessary by a physician.
Dee Fahey, R.N., C.T.
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#39580 - 02/24/07 05:10 AM Re: spearmint tea may help treat excess body hair. [Re: dfahey]
Marthajoy Offline
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I agree not only does 21 women not make for a very good sample size, but the duration of 5 days is way to short. When hair takes about 6 weeks to grow even when tweezed, a 5 day test is not near long enough. What was the test not carried out longer. I suspect that like fad diets, the body adjusts to changes in food intake and a longer test would have not given them the results that they wanted to publish.
Anyway, it would be good to have a valid long term test conducted.
Martha Montgomery, CCE
Puget Sound Electrology

#39607 - 02/25/07 07:15 PM Re: spearmint tea may help treat excess body hair. [Re: Marthajoy]
James W. Walker VII Offline

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This is the type of thing that my friends and I like to describe as "Re-Bunking"

It is the opposite of De-Bunking. Just as someone tells the truth; Electrolysis is the most reliable permanentl hair removal method, when done correctly, and for the proper duration of time, and LASER has shown some effectiveness for many people as well, although not for as much hair, and is much less predictable, but you can't eat yourself out of the hair you have already grown... then someone RE-BUNKS everyone's understanding by whipping out some "study" that concludes something else and it somehow gets a splash in the papers.

Look at it this way, how many important things did not make the news, while we were force fed Anna Nicole and Britney this past month?
Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. --- Tom Landry
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#61460 - 04/15/09 01:51 AM Re: spearmint tea may help treat excess body hair. [Re: James W. Walker VII]
ladykk Offline

Registered: 04/15/09
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I read a report on this where the sample was much larger, it helps to reduce tesostertone- i had my blood tests and i dont have high testosterone so my hair isnt due to this. Maybe women with pcos might find it more benneficient.

#81817 - 01/13/11 04:26 AM Re: spearmint tea may help treat excess body hair. [Re: ]
reddhottdd Offline

Registered: 01/13/11
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Well I suffer from PCOS and have for MANY years. I recently just heard about this spearmint tea for unwanted hair and I am going to give it a try. I'm so tired of the prescribed medications. I already drink tea everyday so trying this method isn't going to hurt.


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