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#87163 - 05/09/11 08:00 PM Re: Upper Lip Electrolysis question [Re: MsPetite]
issywissy Offline
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Registered: 02/17/11
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Loc: London,UK
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#87169 - 05/09/11 10:21 PM Re: Upper Lip Electrolysis question [Re: MsPetite]
ms2001 Offline

Registered: 03/04/11
Posts: 24
Same here! I started out going to Saturday appointments but switched to weekdays because it was ruining my Friday nights!

I hit my six week mark last week and mentioned to my person that it seemed like this hair was never going to stop growing and she said, "hang in there...around six weeks is the point where everyone gets impatient!" LOL. At least I am following the pattern.

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#87170 - 05/09/11 10:57 PM Re: Upper Lip Electrolysis question [Re: ms2001]
MsPetite Offline

Registered: 03/19/11
Posts: 39
Loc: Philadelphia, PA
Nice to know I am not alone in feelign so impatient. I get it done on Saturday but that means Friday I have to let it grow in and I won't go out that night. THen Saturday when I get it done it isn't too bad but by Sunday I have the little red marks and I don't want to use makeup so soon. So that pretty much takes up the whole weekend! I am hoping it gets easier soon. I really don't want to spend my summer weekends in the house,LOL.

#87172 - 05/09/11 11:51 PM Re: Upper Lip Electrolysis question [Re: MsPetite]
dfahey Offline

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Registered: 10/27/03
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Loc: Columbus, Ohio
Many who have upper lip work do not suffer from red dots, scabs or anything else. They don't have to stay in all weekend. They are pretty much good to go. Having such temporary side effects is not a flag raiser either, but is is an annoyance. As the hairs become less dense and smaller, healing time should get better. I am a fan of the high tech epilators just for this reason. Side effects are few if any.
Dee Fahey, R.N., C.T.
Licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio for Nursing license and Cosmetic Therapy/Electrolysis license

British Institute & Association of Electrolysis

Do not give up, the beginning is always the hardest.

#87191 - 05/10/11 11:49 AM Re: Upper Lip Electrolysis question [Re: dfahey]
Caith721 Offline

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Registered: 11/26/10
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Loc: Charlotte, NC, US
I've been having treatment from 8 to 10 am once each week, and go in to work at the office before noon. Since I've switched from having maintenance on my upper lip every week to every other week, redness and swelling there are almost completely non-existent. Weekly maintenance of the same area wasn't allowing quite enough time for my skin to recover as well as I preferred.

Here's a picture of what it looked like two weeks ago, one day prior to treatment. These hairs are all new growth after having had approximately four months of weekly electrolysis.

Here's a picture of the same area, two days after treatment.

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#87226 - 05/10/11 08:28 PM Re: Upper Lip Electrolysis question [Re: dfahey]
MsPetite Offline

Registered: 03/19/11
Posts: 39
Loc: Philadelphia, PA
Hi Dee, I noticed that after this last session the red dots were less than previous treatments. My electrologist said the same thing as you, as the hairs become less dense it will get easier and the after treatment will be much less. It is an annoyance to be sure but to get rid of the hairs for good it will be worth it.

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