I've had experience with two different electrologists in the Arlington area. The first is Alternative Health Associates, located in Old Town Alexandria. They offer a variety of services in addition to electrolysis (laser hair removal, massage, and a bunch more I can't recall).

The other is Laser Electrolysis Center, located in S. Arlington just off Columbia Pike. The owner, Rhonda Schueller, does most of the work herself. She offers both laser and electrolysis.

I've had positive experiences with both places. AHA is significantly more expensive than LEC, most likely because their overhead is higher (Old Town is an expensive area).

If you are a woman, then either place will do. On the other hand, if you are man, LEC may be the better choice, because AHA will generally not perform electrolysis on male intimate zones, although they do make exceptions. I don't know the situation for female intimate zones - I'm a man and never asked. Rhonda, by comparison, is less uptight and will perform electrolysis anywhere. She also has extensive experience with transsexuals, so if this is your situation, you might want to go to her.

Both places have highly experienced staff (more than 15 years doing electrolysis).