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#84439 - 03/15/11 03:47 AM Re: Should I do it??? * [Re: Michael Bono]
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I have got to agree. I'm yawning.
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#84449 - 03/15/11 03:16 PM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: Michael Bono]
36tinklebells Offline
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Hey Jhair, thanks for sharing your process with us. I am also gonna treat my cheeks. How painful is it? And how much time does your technician spend in total on your face? Thanks in advance. Also good that blend method does not keep your skin red/swollen for long.

#84483 - 03/15/11 08:46 PM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: 36tinklebells]
LAgirl Offline

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I only see some temporary effects. Just make sure you're not treating skin that hasn't healed yet and you'll be fine. It will all resolve. Use good aftercare too, if you're not already. Tea tree oil at night and witch hazel during the day.

#84494 - 03/15/11 10:55 PM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: Jhair]

Originally Posted By: Jhair

My only concern and you can't really see it in these pictures, is skin discoloration in my treated areas? my neck and cheeks are discolored and is very sensitive even two weeks after treatment? also i have a lot of hyper pigmentation marks on my cheeks which worries me. I don't know if now cause its starting to warm up i go to the beach every once in awhile is now making these dark spots more noticeable or this is a sign of scarring? depilacionelectr please let me know what you thinks could be the cause of this? and if being out in the sun a few days (4 to 5) after my treatments is a bad idea.


Exposure to the sun are contraindicated during the healing process in any type of injury.
You should avoid it for a few months. The solar beams will fix the hyperpigmentations post inflammatory and you will need almost one year in order that it disappear completely.
A sunscreen prevent sunburn, but also stimulates melanin. Have not you seen how young children are browned evenly, even though "Mom" apply sunscreen every few minutes?
Bathing in the sea is very good for the skin, but you must avoid the sun, until all red or brown spots disappear. The sun does not benefit your tendency to acne, either.

As for hypopigmentation, as the skin to regenerate everything will become uniform. I promise you.

By the way, Jhair, your transfer to the South has produced improvements in your skin. South blessed!

#84497 - 03/15/11 11:09 PM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: skotya]

Originally Posted By: skotya
Originally Posted By: depilacionelectr
Using face technique in Blend recommended by Michael in his book, these lines might have been avoided.
Picoflash also would have been more sweet with the skin.

Hi depilacionelectr,

I am looking to have my hair on the upper cheeks area treated. Is it usual to have this kind of post treatment like what the OP had ?

There's a lady that uses both diathermy & blend methods and thought I would have a treatment with her but I am really scared of having scars specially in this area you know what I mean, so I need some kind of assurance. How would I know that the electrologist wouldn't scar my face ? She said it usually leaves scabbing after treatment I didn't ask her about scarring it was through the phone I am gonna see her over the weekend.

I have come across many people complaining about electrolysis leaving scars specially in sensitive areas like upper cheeks and eyebrows.

Please someone reply smile

I assure you there is nothing more delicate than the upper lip of a 13 year old girl.
If there is no trace on the skin of this child, why it will be different for you?

If I do not forget (if so, please remind me in a few days) I will post pictures of a case like Jhair.

#84512 - 03/16/11 02:36 AM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: Jhair]
Michael Bono Offline

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There were two schools in the Phoenix area and both were excellent. You didn't ask for my input, but what the heck here it is.

Actually, you can't "speed the healing process" very much. The "little post treatment redness for a couple days" is accurate. If there is no problem just leave the area alone! Forget about it and go to the movies. Soap and water, shower normally. And "keep your cotton-pickin' hands" off the area! (Said in jest.)

Here's the point. It took millions of years for our skin to evolve into the amazing protective organ we live in. Electrolysis is a tiny burn and the skin totally knows what to do with a burn! Just let it do it's "thing."

#91930 - 09/17/11 08:51 PM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: Michael Bono]
Jhair Offline
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Haven't been on here in awhile due to my job and being a college student.just wanted to give everyone a quick status update and I actually have a few concerns as well.

So im still doing the upper cheeks and neck with microflash/blend electrolysis. I have roughly 23 treatment sessions under my belt and its is coming up to the one year mark of treatment. I am concerned though cause i am still going every 2 weeks due to the cause of regrowth of hair. I mean the hair is a lot finer and i don't think i have as much "haven't missed any treatments to let all hair fully grow out to see" but i still feel this is not right due to the fact that i still have to go every 2 weeks and my treatment time is still roughly 1-2 hours with a week of scabby skin smirk

I really don't know if i should keep on keeping on and how much more my skin is going to take of bi-weekly full clearance treatments. I am supposed to be seeing the electrolysis master wink , James sometime this month for clearance on my chest though and i am going to let him take a look and at my skin and hair density. so hopefully he can guide me in the right direction smile

As of right now though I just need some advice.

#91932 - 09/17/11 10:34 PM Re: Should I do it??? [Re: Jhair]
stoppit&tidyup Offline
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I would have left the area alone for at least two months and have James clear that as well.

It sounds to me like the follicles you've had treated were not killed so they are still producing hairs, albeit finer. For me, this was the issue having electrolysis with someone less than expert - the true regrowth is too high.
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