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#98167 - 04/26/12 01:15 AM 6 months pregnant and wanting to do testing
cursed Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 5
I have had very bad facial hair problems since I was 14(im 32 now. I have done 12 laser treatments when I was 25, then moved on to electrolysis weekly 30 minute sessions for 7 years and its still not gone(still going weekly). I never got around to figuring out the cause of the hair, I did some testing years ago they said I had higher testosterone levels but I never followed through with figuring out deeper cause. I am normal weight for my height regular periods everything normal except hair and alot of it. I am afraid of what is going to happen when I deliver baby regarding to hair growth and worried if baby is a girl I dont want to pass this down to her so my question is can I ask doctor for testing for anything to figure out the root cause of my problems when pregnant or do I have to wait until after birth for hormones to change back? Id really like to get some answers from doctor now hopefully theres some testing I can do? thanks for any input!!

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#98179 - 04/26/12 03:48 PM Re: 6 months pregnant and wanting to do testing [Re: cursed]
chummahage Offline

Registered: 03/16/12
Posts: 27
Hi, I am the same as you. Normal weight but so much hair. I delivered a beautiful baby girl and I worry the same. But I have made some headway in terms of how I am dealing with this issue. From what I have learnt so far working with a Ayurvedic ( Indian natural healing) is that the liver gets congested which makes the body alter hormones production increased testosterone/cortisol and reduced progesterone/ types of estrogen and if you also have a skin profile iwhich is super sensitive to testosterone then you will have so much of hair. Ther are two steps of tacklling this issue.
1) kill the hair you have
2) prevent new hair from getting hormonally stimulated.

For the first one you should do electrolysis that is the only way to remove hormonally activated hair laser will make even vellus hair activated. My advice no matter what you do NO laser. If you have been going for 7 years and dont see any improvement the electrologist is taking you for a ride. Look in these forums and understand good techinique try other electrologists in your area. You can also Do it yourself , people here dont recommend that option it is very hard to do too but if that is the only option it can be done. I have seen amazing improvement in my existing hair with electrolysis.

The next step is to prevent new hairs from getting activated for this I strongly recommend liver cleansing herbs that will take the excess hormone out and balance it. there are a lot of herbs for this my personal favourite have been saw palmetto , alpha lipoic acid, vitex,dandelion, shatavari. If you want lifestyle choices instead of herbs then eat a lot of green leafy vegetables like 50% of your diet should be greens for 2 months and then maintain this going further to about 30%. Eat less of hot and sour foods they tend to increase male hormone production. Balancing the hormones will also make the hairs less darker and less visible over time. This has happened to me for body hair. But hair on the face those damn terminals cannot be unstimulated they need to be killed.

Dont loose heart if you find the solution that works for you , your baby god forbid any girl should face this is armed with enough knowledge that they can prevent this from happeneing in the first place. I feed my daughter a lot of veggies and fruits and leave out the junk try to be mainly organic.

Even if you dont beleive advice on liver cleansing try the diet. I can assure you nothing bad can happen eating fruits and veggies.

#99070 - 05/31/12 12:21 AM Re: 6 months pregnant and wanting to do testing [Re: chummahage]
cursed Offline

Registered: 04/17/12
Posts: 5
I havnt had a computer for a long time to respond but this advice is so great thanks so much. I have been looking into this but wasnt sure the herbs to take and the connection to the liver is so good to know. I am going to start this once I give birth. I found out its a boy so i am glad about that. As well I found out yesterday I have gestational diabetes....hmmmmm PCOS maybe? Do you know (or does anyone happen to know) the link between this and the hair problem could be as well? I am going to see a specialist this Monday and would be nice to go armed with some info.
Thanks so so much for your help, much appreciated.

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