Some of the ads that get served on this site are for No! No! from Radiancy.

While their rotary epilators are acceptable for temporary hair removal, some of their products make claims which have not been replicated in large-scale clinical trials. This is true of all devices with a light-based component, which they call LHE or light-heat-energy.

They often make claims that this sort of device "slows down" hair growth. I have not seen sufficient evidence to support these claims in large-scale double-blind clinical studies.

Home use light-based hair removal must be of lower intensity than professional devices to minimize risks to skin. Many devices have been cleared for home use in the last few years by the FDA. For some consumers, these are acceptable options for the results they want. For those seeking permanent hair removal, home use devices of these sorts will not meet the needs of consumers seeking permanent hair removal, especially on androgen-driven hair.
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