How to apply numbing cream?

Posted by: MelB77

How to apply numbing cream? - 12/21/17 08:18 AM

Can someone advise the best way to apply numbing cream, I've been using it for my daughter but it doesn't seem too affective and numbing wears off quickly.

I know to use glad wrap but is there a technique and how long should it be applied for?

Any advice would be appreciated
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/21/17 10:26 AM

I'm going to step out of my usual "following the rules" thinking and actually take the time to respond to this, even though in some places ( even my own country) it could be considered illegal to do so.

I'm going to preface this by saying,neither I nor any electrologist here are NOT medical doctors and cannot prescribe you anything nor advise you on medical aspects of your treatment. This is one key reason I dont retail lidocaine products from my practise, though I can tell people where they can buy it over the counter.And a lot of this depends greatly on where you are located and the local laws. Laws for europe, will be different from the US, and different again in canada.In some places we can get in trouble for giving this advice, in others, its perfectly alright.

Topical Anesthetics are created using several drugs usually of the "caine" family, example, lidocaine, prillocaine, and quite a few otheres. they have different effects and lasting times, and strengths. Depending where you are, in some places you can buy lidocaine or EMLA over the counter, in others you need a prescription from a medical doctor, and in others you can buy some, but the stronger stuff you need a prescription. Since we as electrologists are not trained medical personnel ( with the possible exception of Dee who isalso a registered nurse, NURSE practitioners can prescribe in canada, I'm not so sure about OHIO) .

So the first thing you need to know, is these are drugs. Lie any drug, they can be abused, and misused. There has been one recorded case of a death occurring from licocaine toxicity in a case of significant misuse of the product. A person getting laser bathed their body in EMLA from naval to toes including the privates with mucas membranes which spped absorbtion. They had never used the product before and reacted badly to it, and died ont he way to the laser clinic. You've been warned.Though I feel strongly this was a case of misuse and abuse of the product, the recommendation from the FDA for lidocaine containing products is that you do not cover an area larger than an a4 sheet of paper, do not use it on areas with mucas membranes. In the case of an adverse reaction medical advice should be sought without delay.

Be that as it may, here are my general tips and tricks for topical anesthetics . In my practice I usually recommend one of 2 products, Xylecaine (usually can be purchased over the counter for about $15 a 30 gram tube at most walmarts) which is 5 % lidocaine, or EMLA, which is 2.5 % lidocaine and 2.5% prillocaine. for around $75 at shoppers drug mart in canada.In some parts of the US, the percentage you can buy over the counter varies from our standards.It is also possible to get a prescription for a stronger anesthetic from your doctor.

The use of occlusion ( plastic wrap over the lidocaine covered area to keep it from coming off on clothing etcetera) is recommended and will help with absorbtion. I tend to recommend Glad "press-n-seal" whch has a mild adhesive which sticks to uncovered areas helping to keep it all contained.

For clients who use lidocaine, I tend to recommend they leave it on the area up to 2 hours before the proceedure.I leave it on the skin in areas I am not working on yet and clean off only the area I am working directly on.

Some clients feel lidocaine is enough to take the edge off and make the treatment tolerable. It's never going to completely numb the area. Injected lidocaine monitored by an MD can do this, but no topical product can.
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/21/17 03:14 PM

Thanks Seana, I appreciate your advice and am careful not to cover too big an area and I do worry about its toxicity but I don't think my daughter could manage it without something to take the edge off.

I might try applying it earlier 2-3 hrs before and see how that works. Do you recommend reapplying if using 2hrs before in case it wears off?
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/23/17 11:25 AM

Which area is being treated? and how long, before treatment, are you applying the numbing cream at the moment?
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/23/17 03:28 PM

The area is face, neck and stomach. I’m applying 2 hrs before and using plastic wrap.
Posted by: Lily-May

Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/23/17 05:29 PM

I think you may be applying it for too long and so it's wearing off by the time she gets to her treatment.

I apply mine an hour before and cover with cling film which is usually more than enough for me to get through an 1 hour - 1hour 30 minutes of electrolysis. Also, on larger areas, ask the electrologist to uncover only part of the cling film and then treat that area before moving on and uncovering the next part. Try that and see how she gets on.

Also, check what needle the electrologist she is using. The electrologist I'm using now uses insulated needles on me (I'm Asian so fairly dark skin) and the difference in the pain I feel is remarkable.
Posted by: C O'Connell

Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/25/17 06:46 PM

This takes practise and persistence to get right and varies from person to person. I sometimes recommend having shorter appointments until people have discovered their best way. It definitely helps to rub a little cream thoroughly on the area to begin with, and a little while later begin to apply thicker amounts. Then cover with plastic wrap. Any movement will compromise the effectiveness. I have one client who applies the emla when she arrives at my clinic and stands in my waiting area for two hours, in order to get the best numbing possible.
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/25/17 10:39 PM

Christine! Just the person I was hoping to run into!
If you have any recommendations for a good electrologist somewhere near townsville, please message me back. I ave a client I'm only part way into treatment, who will be attending school there come february and could really use some talented help!
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/26/17 12:08 AM

Townsville? Something about Townsville ...

Well, for some reason people in Sydney sometimes get a funny little smile on their face when you say, "Townsville."

I haven't a clue; but they do.
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/26/17 03:38 AM

I don't know of any electrologists in Townsville, I had a lady from there who used to travel to Sydney for her treatments. This was a few years ago and the situation may have changed. Hopefully...
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/26/17 03:43 AM

I googled and there were five places all offering both electrolysis and laser, rarely a good sign in this part of the world. She may be able to travel to Cairns, a bigger city a couple of hours away.
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Re: How to apply numbing cream? - 12/26/17 04:40 AM

Thanks Lily-May I will ask about the insulated needles, that might help.

Christine I’ve tried your suggestion to rub a bit on first before applying a thicker layer and it definitely makes a difference! I’m doing it a few times 3 or 4 before applying the final thicker coat and plastic wrap. Her tolerance is still only about 45mins but makes it more comfortable. Thanks