Electrolysis on penile shaft

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Electrolysis on penile shaft - 12/28/17 04:33 PM


I know there have been previous threads on this topic, but a lot of the replies had to do with DIY electrolysis or getting an erection (but I have other questions I'd love to get answered). Also, there might be new opinions/insights since the last topic was introduced.

1) is it safe? getting this done is very important to me from an aesthetics point of view, but the last thing I'd want is to cause scarring or damage "down there" just for appearance and convenience.

2) would you recommend one of the modalities (thermolysis, galvanic, blend) over the other for this area? One of the practitioners i've found who is comfortable working on this area does pure thermolysis. While I have read susan laird's website on how galvanic alone is the only safe method, most other electrolysis I have asked have said thermolysis is safe. I don't know what to believe here...

3) do you all know any good electrologists in San Francisco who are willing to work on this area? It seems hard to find someone who is comfortable doing this.

4) would laser hair removal be appropriate as well? I'm leaning towards electrolysis, since it has been around longer, is more precise, and the area I'm treating is smaller. But I want to be thorough.

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Re: Electrolysis on penile shaft - 12/28/17 05:34 PM

I'm not an expert. I'm a client. I would do laser first and then clean up with electrolysis. I have had both done. Electrolysis is a slow but sure way to go. I just think you want to kill as many hairs with laser as possible to speed the process up. I have had scarring or damage either. but if I did, who would see it anyway. its not your face. I started with a male Brazilian and now have no hair from my belt line to mid thigh. I love the feeling!
I'm in florida and I've had more than three techs work on me. I can't believe you would have any problem finding someone to do your work in San fran! good luck!
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Re: Electrolysis on penile shaft - 12/28/17 07:49 PM

I have done electrolysis for 40-years ... some say I'm an expert.

I have done about 50 clients in this area. Susan Laird, although I refer patients to her, is "full of it" on this obnoxious modality crap. Thermolysis is fine, and so is blend. Susan has thrown a "curve ball" to the entire profession.

The average time for this area should be, roughly, no more than 5 - 6 hours total. I do NOT recommend "doing laser first" unless you want to work on this area for years.

You have virtually no chance of scars forming and zero chance of loss of function.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Electrolysis on penile shaft - 12/28/17 10:54 PM

I do electrolysis on the male genitals with thermolysis all the time. There is no risk and it comes out wonderfully. I did try some blend there on myself a while back, and will say I fond it extremely slow and uncomfortable. I prefer themolysis alone for this area but can work in any modality.
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Re: Electrolysis on penile shaft - 12/29/17 12:14 PM

Penis shaft hair is easy to get. You can see some hair structures, from tip to bulb, under the translucent skin, so perfect insertions are assured. If all hair was like shaft hair, it would be so much easier to do electrolysis.

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Re: Electrolysis on penile shaft - 12/29/17 03:36 PM

I'm having electolysis done on that areas for 1 year, 8 months now. It is very safe to do and will not cause any physical harm to genitals.
My first year was with professional electrolysis with thermolysis and then switched to DIY with single needle galvanic for 8 months now.

When I had professional treatments with thermolysis there was bruising and black and blue marks from some sessions. But all that was temporary. Also the pain from thermolysis is up there and you will need to use numbing creams. My biggest issue was poor kill rate and progress.
Doing DIY every 2-3 weeks in galvanic, I have seen major progress in past 8 months!

I don't want to get into modality wars but in my experience accurate insertions are very difficult on scrotal area because it's not a flat surface. There is more chance for thermolysis to miss the target. I believe blend or galvanic provides better coverage of the target area. ( I can't prove any of this.)

It's hard to find electrologists who want to work on male genitals so you will be stuck with limited options. You can try searching transgender forums for recommendations.