Buying from eBay (WARNING!)

Posted by: Andrea

Buying from eBay (WARNING!) - 04/18/05 10:46 PM

I have had it with eBay. I just went over there, and I would estimate that 75% of the products up for auction are scams. They have shown no interest in cleaning up this consumer category, so...

All consumers are urged to avoid buying any hair removal products from eBay unless you have done careful research.

Some of our readers have started a great thread called legitimate electrolysis machines on eBay . If you aren't sure, ask here, but know that the majority of eBay auctions feature products with no published proof they can work as claimed.

Below is a partial list of products to avoid. These are just the ones I found looking on one day on eBay:

American Hair Removal
Bare and Beautiful
Bold and Beautiful
DMD "laser" series
Emjoi Beauty Forever
Epil-Stop & Spray
Ever So Smooth and Painless
Finally Gone
Guaranty Hair Removal
Hair No More
Hammond and Weis
IGIA Ultra
Liquid Laser
One Touch Painless Tweeze
Super Phaser Gold
Transdermal electrolysis

If you aren't sure about a product or don't see it here, use the search feature or post a question. This is not a full list of products to avoid, since they change names all the time to stay ahead of consumer sites like this.

Spread the word! eBay gets a HairFacts WARNING!