Skin Type

Posted by: hairy Harry

Skin Type - 08/16/17 09:04 PM

How do you determine what skin type you have? Is it to do with the country you're from?.. I'm white, Irish and have no idea what category I'd give me skin.
Posted by: Iluv2zap

Re: Skin Type - 08/17/17 08:56 AM

I'm not 100% what you are asking, there are fitzpatrick skin types which go by the color or pigment in the skin, they there are skin types as in oily, or sensative skin. Fitzpatrick skin types are used more in laser.
Posted by: dimi

Re: Skin Type - 08/17/17 09:30 AM

How Seana wrote, You can check your skin type by colour, using The Fitzpatrick scale:
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Skin Type - 08/17/17 10:36 AM

I wonder when "Fitzpatrick skin types" is going to become politically incorrect?
Posted by: Iluv2zap

Re: Skin Type - 08/17/17 10:51 AM

about the same time that everyone including the taxman, even when looking at all of my information or holding an ID, stop calling me sir. When that happens, we can talk about "politically correct".