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Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/01/07 11:06 PM

If you have a question, please ask it under the appropriate forum. This is for emotional support only. Questions will be moved to other forums.

A reader suggested I move this category higher, and I agree it is important. Please feel free to share how you feel, whether it's anxious, proud, sad, delighted. Others will certainly feel the same way.

Again if you have a question, please ask it under the appropriate forum. Thanks!
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/07/08 02:23 AM

Hair is great if it is in the places you think it should grow! As a female I should not have facial hair of a man. To me this is not natural. Overall I try to take my facial hair with a smile on my face, but inside I am embarassed and insecure. I can't even let anyone get to close to me for fear that they might see. I am not saying that I don't love my hair I do, but I don't love having to feel unattractive over such consuming thing as trying to control my facial hair. As seen on the site I am not alone in this situation and that in some strange way makes things easier that I am not as "freakish" as I feel. This site is a wonderful hope for all of us who are trying to find answers.
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/07/08 03:42 AM

If you literally have male pattern growth on your face, you should see an endocronologist and get tested for hormonal imbalance disorders.
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/08/08 04:27 AM

Exactly "hair" can change from culture to culture, or even within cultures. For example, a woman with chin-length hair may be said to have short hair, while a man with the same length of hair could be said to have long hair.
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/09/08 01:57 AM

lagirl and micheele thank you for your kind advice..once I learn a little more about this site I would like to discuss with you about the best way to go about finding out about possible hormonal imbalances. please let me know if there is any other advice you can offer and how the best way to communicate with you is. thank you in advance!
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/09/08 03:23 AM

Find a reputable endicronolist in your area and get tested for potential hormonal imbalance disorders. You can have cysts or something else causing this which can be treated with medication.
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/17/08 04:52 PM

I hate how my parents ridicule my insecurity....they don't support me one bit and that just makes the problem worse for me. I'm going to have to get through this by myself =\
Posted by: Bridget.K

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/10/09 02:01 AM

Basically, it makes me selfconcious(I have a small amount of upper lip facial hair) and I will stand further away from people to try and make it so it is not seen. I'm most likely beginning electrolysis soon so hopefully it will be all good after that!
Posted by: LAgirl

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/10/09 04:25 AM

Most women have some sort of upper lip hair. It's completely normal. Most either wax, bleach, shave, etc.
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/10/09 01:17 PM

Just remember that shaving and clipping are the only things that don't cause potential increased growth and thickness.
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/28/09 01:30 PM

I am near the finish line of electrolysis for facial hair and I can honestly say it is the BEST thing I have ever done for myself! I am very, very pleased with the results! Just make sure that your electrologist is qualified and use proper aftercare (witch hazel, pure clear aloe & tea tree oil) and you will be so happy with your decision to remove that unwanted facial hair!
Posted by: KrisV

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/17/09 06:32 PM

My facial hair makes me feel extremely self conscious and "ugly".

I finally started going for professional laser hair removal treatments at the urging of my husband (he said if it really bothered me that much, I should do something) but I am now beyond 7 treatments on my chin and I only notice a very slight reduction in hair growth. I signed up on this forum to learn more about hair removal and about other options for my problem.
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Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/20/09 10:00 PM

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, but like most on this forum I'm not new to the hair problems.

I have very thick very dark hair, and olive-toned skin. I shave everything. I also shave my face everyday. It's very embarrassing, but I feel better once I do get rid of it.

I have been in a relationship for over three years, and he has no idea. He thinks I just wax. Shaving sounds so much worse to me, even though I know it's better than waxing. I'm currently a student, so I can't afford electrolysis yet, but it's something I will definitely get done by a professional once I graduate and earn enough money.

Anyways, just wanted to say hello to everyone. I'm glad I'm not alone.
Posted by: vibe1luv~

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/22/09 06:40 AM

YOU are not alone! And if your honey loves you you don't need to hide it. I think being honest now is better for when you do get the money for electrolysis because he will be there to support you through it. He will better understand how you feel.

I hid from everyone and its very hard now having to tell ppl when they can see the obvious at times, that I am VERY hairy and I am having electrolysis. NO ONE has judged me because of it however and my friends are my friends still and i think ppl have a better understanding of who I am and why I am the way I am. But let me tell you not hiding is the best part so far with electrolysis. Im still new to it, and way less hairy then i was 5 months ago, i can go to breakfast in my sweats and tshirt without shaving my face, and if someone i think is looking at me , if im broken out, or if the course black hairs are obvious I DO NOT CARE coz its my issue and I AM FIXING IT! And to be honest, most ppl do not even notice. And if they do, its rare to have someone ask you about it. If I had come to terms with my hair years ago I think I would have gotten the electrolysis sooner. I was to ashamed that I had to shave my chin and neck and tummy and between my breasts daily. I didnt want ANYONE not even an electrologist to see me at what I thought was my worse! Turns out a lot of woman are hairy, and it does not make you less of a woman or even strange or weird. It is part of who you are, but not WHO you are, and their is help. ELECTROLYSIS is making me free.

Best of luck to you hon!
Posted by: thenali

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/23/09 12:17 AM

Thank you so much, these forums are making me feel better already! smile
Posted by: PennyLane

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/09 09:50 PM

I have to use cream bleach on my upper lip and chin the hair is soft but its there.If it was natuarally blonde i wouldn't mind so much but its very dark,I have two small children and i know one day they will be kissing me when one of them will say,"mummy why have you got a tash like Daddy"?Happy days!!
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/09 10:04 PM

they won't say that, they will just giggle because you are tickling their noses. wink
Posted by: LinXianEr

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/12/10 04:50 AM

I thought that I was alone in having hair problems. I actually don't have that much hair but it still bothers me a lot and makes me feel less confident.I wonder how it will be when I have a boyfriend one day. I don't want to scare him. I have been cheated a lot from all of these false claims from so many scam artists that I am sick of it. I can't wait until one day when there is a good and affective solution for permanent hair removal for us all...
Posted by: LAgirl

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/12/10 05:40 AM

Professional laser and electrolysis treatments do work and remove hair permanently. We're all proof here. You can read our stories. I've done both successfully.

What areas bother you most? How much hair do you have there? Is it coarse, dark, fine, sparse?
Posted by: sunshine44

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/12/10 07:55 AM

I really like this forum because it shows me that there are others that feel just like me and appreciate everyone expressing their feelings. I also have body and facial hair which is thin but still dark and noticeable. I'm very self conscious about my facial hair especially which makes it hard for me. I always wondering if the person I'm talking to sees the hair and what they must think of me. I haven't every been in a serious relationship with a guys and it all comes from the fact that I'm too scared to be in one because the guy will see my facial hair and be disgusted and that thought really hurts me. I've been told by my family and friends and even customers at my job that I'm beautiful but yet I still fail to see it because of my hair problem. I just wish that everyone accepted that some girls as just hairier than others and that we are still beautiful even with it. But unfortunately society has made it seem as though women are not suppose to have any hair at all and therefore the ones who do can be treated as outcasts at times, which I myself have experienced. Well I just wanted to express how of felt and how many others might feel as well, so thank you for reading this. :)) Also, I would like to state that even when you feel like you're not worth it because you don't live up to the image that society has created of women which is to be hairless don't let that bring you down because you are all still beautiful with or without excess hair.
Posted by: LinXianEr

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/12/10 07:36 PM

I know that both laser and electrolysis work but I can't afford them yet since I am still unemployed right now. Plus, I heard they both hurt so I am really scared to do them. I just have to use the typical hair removing lotions right now since that is all that I can afford. The areas that bother me the most are my breast hairs(although I don't have much, just some), some light hairs on my stomach and my armpit hairs(which are not too bad either but really brings my confidence down and I get sick of having to scrub them off). I have some on my legs that bother me too, but once again not much. I also heard that not everyone has breast and stomach hairs and some other women have said it is gross to have hair in those areas. I was mad!! Gosh, it's not like I want to have hairs there. My mom doesn't have any at all so I still question why I do....My mom has smooth legs and hardly any armpit hair and she NEVER shaved or used anything in her life. THe hairs on my armpits are not that dark and they are pretty short. They are not really fine either. My leg hairs are really sparse and I don't have much but some of them are long and dark. There are only some on my breasts and some are really dark while some are really fine... Gosh, I can't wait until I can afford electrolysis and laser to get rid of them all for good one day...

I also have some on my face on my upper lip, but then again who doesn't?? Mine are not the dark but I have light skin so it is more visible.... That actually bothers me the most since EVERYONE can see it...I just have to use skin removing lotion to remove it for now...
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/15/10 03:51 PM

Yes, you can't do electrolysis or laser if you have no money. With the hair structures you describe, when you can pay for treatments,you should consider electrolysis only. A skilled electrologist can work on several areas at once. You can a least start asking around for recommendations in your area so when the day comes, you will be ready to go full speed ahead.

Hair removal creams can stimulate hair growth on the face when used over time, so be careful with that approach.
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/15/10 07:24 PM

I think most of those breast hairs would be removed during the sample treatment phase, as could some of the largest, thickest belly hairs.
Posted by: LAgirl

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/15/10 07:33 PM

What you describe is not only normal, but pretty common on almost every woman. In fact, most women have a lot more than you. A few hairs on your underarms? Many women can't even simply shave there to due tons of stubble left because the hair is so dark and dense. I don't know one single woman who has no hair on their underarms. You're not abnormal in any way. In fact, you have less hair than the average woman.

Electrolysis for so little hair is very cheap. Many electrologists take credit cards too. Electrolysis removes 5-10 hairs per minute when using fastest thermolysis method. And it costs around $60-70 per hour. You'd probably only need 15 min treatments at most for all your hair.

Laser is only for coarse dense dark hair. Doesn't sound like it's the right solution for you anyway.

Yes, electrolysis hurts a bit, but it's not that big of a deal at all. If you really want that hair gone permanently, it's really nothing much to handle. Your fear is definitely exaggerated. Get a test treatment and see how it goes.

Shaving is the best temporary method for you. Other methods can stimulate more growth.

How old are you btw?
Posted by: mochamasterpiece

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/15/10 07:56 PM

What an awesome discussion board...if only we could all meet! Here is my story. I started electrolysis in June. I had been tweezing for a very long time (since I was like 19, I am 26 now) and I hadn't realized that this was making the hair coarser. Soon enough of course, I found myself carrying tweezers with me, tweezing multiple times a day. At that point I knew something had to be done. Had my hormones checked...they were fine. Because I knew laser would be inadequate since not all my hairs were coarse, I proceeded to book an electrolysis appointment. And then the worse thing that could happen did, I got burned. I became soooo self-conscious. I let this incident take the best of me, up to the point where I stopped going out, experienced daily anxiety attacks. I couldn't keep my hands off my face and was literally giving myself breakouts. It took me a while to get myself back together. I opened up to friends and family about my hair problem and my anxiety problem...and most importantly, I WAS HONEST WITH MYSELF. I had to take a step back and answer the question: Who am I doing this for? For me. Only then, had I the courage to resume electrolysis in NYC. See, when one does things to be happy with oneself, the pressure is off. So what if you have facial hair? At least you are doing something about it. But do it for you, not to satisfy ANYONE ELSE. Relax, think about how in a year or two you can be laughing this whole matter off. I visited various electrologist. After my incident, I decided I would ONLY do blend on my face. I have learned that while many modern equipments can make the process faster and more comfortable, in the END, IT ALL COMES DOWN TO THE TECHNIQUE OF THE ELECTROLOGIST. My electrologist now is wonderful and caring. She uses an older equipment but I have seen results. I don't experience plucking and only slight inflammation that subsides within 36 hours or less (after 2 hour treatments). I don't get ANY scabbing. Occasionally, like I have posted in this forum I get a few inflamed follicles. To keep me from touching my face I visit an esthetician regularly. She drains everything and unclogs my pores to help with the electrolysis treatment. The pigmentation from my initial burns faded roughly 75% after 6 months or so. it It is now so superficial that after one microdermabrasion treatment it was 90% gone. There was some tiny pitting, but I plan on getting a few deep peels after my electrolysis treatments have spaced out to 1X/month. status? Well, after 3.5 months of electrolysis I HAVE SEEN RESULTS. I can't really say how clear I am, but I'd guess 25-30% reduction. I go in for 2 hour appointments once a week and 15 minute touch ups in between if I need them. I still get coarse hairs but I went from having a full face of coarse hairs to having way less in between treatments. The only down side is my face gets slightly dry and flaky every now and then, but oh well, I usually visualize a clean hairless complexion and this soothes any worries. If you need info/referrals, feel free to send me a message. I'd love to help anyone as much as I can, as I have received a lot of support and answers from this forum.

best of luck to all in 2010,
Posted by: candela

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/15/10 11:46 PM

I have some pitted scars too. Where have you heard that peels will help with those?
Posted by: candela

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 12:09 AM

What bothers me most is not having enough money right now to get rid of all the hair. I wish I had started when I was a teenager and then I could have been done by now probably. If I ever have a daughter I hope to have enough money to start her treatments early or at least I would encourage her to start working as soon as possible to get this done.

And it sucks to have new hairs pop out just a few days after my last treatment. I really have made a lot of progress in keeping my face clear, but my chin never lets up. However, it was around this time last year that I started to think to myself that I couldn't keep going through life plucking 30 minutes every morning, and 3 months later I read this forum and stopped plucking completely. So I told myself this morning that I may have a bunch of hair until this March, but after that I will see the results of treatment and hopefully they'll be good. It sucks though to have so much growth so near the end.
Posted by: LinXianEr

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 02:42 AM

Thanks so much for your advice!! Yea, one day when I do have money I will definately try electrolysis. I think I will come here and ask you all for some advice when I am ready to do it.But for now, I don't have any money yet.

I think I will try to pluck my hairs on my upperlip, but gosh does it hurt.... Luckily it isn't that dark or dense.
Posted by: LinXianEr

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 02:51 AM

Really? That's good to hear but I guess my confidence is so low that those hairs really bother me. The fact that I don't have much hair may partially be genetics since my parents both did not have much. I don't know anyone who has no hair on their armpits either. My brother's wife and her sister thought it was gross and called me hairy just because I had some breast hairs and some stomach hairs. I was sooo mad. They claim that they don't have any... I wonder if they are even telling the truth??

I am glad to hear that electrolysis will not be that bad for me. But I am really broke right now that even if I don't have much hair, I still cannot afford it. I will definately do it when I work and have money since I want those hairs gone forever.

Yea, laser does not seem like something that would work for me because my hair is not thick or dense. Have you done electrolysis?? Did you use anything for the pain??? The pain really isn't that bad?? How much does it hurt on a scale of 1-10?? I will definately test it first to see how it goes when I have money. By the way, are the doctor male or female?? I would feel strange to have a male doctor see my breasts...

I am 30, but I look a lot younger than my age(I wonder if it is an Asian thing??).
Posted by: LinXianEr

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 03:00 AM

Really?? I think those hairs would be good to remove during the testing session.... I can't wait until I have money to do it.
Posted by: mochamasterpiece

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 03:07 PM


PCA peels are wonderful. They come in all grades, are good for all skin types and can only be administered by medical estheticians. My esthetician showed me before and after pics, wonderful.

Posted by: mochamasterpiece

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 03:12 PM

I am not a big fan of having the hair in between treatments either, but whatever. I stopped caring what others may think. All I care about is what I think. And I have faith than in a year I will be close to done if I don't pluck and stick it out. Patience is very important. You can't let those little hairs bother you, just don't stare in the mirror or keep your mind busy with something else.
Posted by: mochamasterpiece

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 03:14 PM

I am not a big fan of having the hair in between treatments either, but whatever. I stopped caring what others may think. All I care about is what I think. And I have faith than in a year I will be close to done if I don't pluck and stick it out. Patience is very important. You can't let those little hairs bother you, just don't stare in the mirror or keep your mind busy with something else. Before my first treatment I let my hair grow out for almost 2 months. I had thick and coarse dense hair on my cheeks and chin. I wasn't comfortable going outside but I knew it'd be perfect to go out for a full cleaning like this.
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/16/10 04:18 PM

Please don't pluck those hairs!

We have a saying, pluck only the hairs you want to keep!

You see, plucking them makes them unavailable for treatment, and furthermore, can lead to them getting deeper, darker, thicker, and could even stimulate more hairs to grow in that area. All these are things you don't want to happen.

Take a deep breath, and decide on shaving or clipping them. This is the best temporary thing to do until you get some permanent hair removal going.
Posted by: hopefulbutdepres

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/31/10 08:16 AM

Hello wonderful ladies and gents,

I need a place to share my feelings. Luckily, I have a partner who is understanding but you can only share so much with someone who cannot begin to understand how you feel. For me, it makes me feel insecure, weak, a complainer, freakish, unattractive...
I could go on but I won't. Don't get me wrong. I have my good days but lately those days have become numbered. The thing that irritates me the most is the insecurity. For instance, there are things I don't do because I am so worried about the looks I will get. The problem has gotten worst over the years as I knew they would. It is frustrating when you see something coming and feel helpless. Oh..and I've tried everything under the sun but all of those things cost $$. I'm one of those gals who hasn't been technically diagnoised but has ALL of the signs. I'm sure some of you can relate. I really need a place to vent. It is all a vicious cycle that I desperately want to break. Right now, there is a job that I want to apply to and probably would have a good chance of getting but I'm too insecure. I have already played out in my head what will happen. This problem has done a number on my self esteem. So much so, that I don't recognize myself.
I just want to be normal or perhaps find a way to deal and accept myself the way that I am.~thanks for reading
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/31/10 10:22 PM

It may help you to read The Diet Cure by Julia Ross, and possibly her follow up, The Mood Cure. They have extensive information on hormonal interactions that cause excessive hair growth, PMS, and unstable brain chemistry. The book, dispite its title is not about how to lose weight, although one may do that as well as a result of following the fixes for the problems explored in the text.

Good Luck
Posted by: C O'Connell

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/05/10 10:33 PM

I am also a big fan of this book. I often recomend it too. It has great information that could have relivance for many of our clients.
Posted by: OOOptions

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 03/30/10 06:57 PM

I am SOOO frustrated. This problem has plagued me for many years and seems to be getting worse as times goes on. I have a ton of dark facial hair and it makes me sooo depressed. I hide it (or try to) from everyone. I can't even stay overnight anywhere but home because I can't let anyone find out. I have gone to the doctor numerous times and all my blood work is normal...I don't know what to do anymore. I have tried laser hair removal and it did nothing. I stayed on the recommended schedule and the reduction I initially had all came back. Then I tried electrolysis and I had scabs all over my face. It was horrifying to have people ask me what was wrong with my face. This wasn't a good option for me because I can't even let anyone know about my problem because I am soooo ashamed and embarrassed. I then tried IPL for a year which did temporarily rid me of my problem, but once again IT ALL came back. I am so consumed with this all of the time. I want my life back and my freedom! HELP!
Posted by: SadK

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/20/10 05:34 PM

Hi there!

Really need to share with you...

I have always been a bit hairy and it was never a problem to me. E.g. hairy arms, hair on lower back, lower stomach and upper lip. It didn't bother me at all.

Now, hair is everywhere... Somewhere in January I started noticing hair all over my body including back and whole breasts. My facial hair has gotten worse, too. At first, I tried not to panic and get used to it, like the other hair. But it is impossible. There is a huge amount, and at first they were light... Now, I don't know if it is because I panic or really, they are turning black.

I have a wonderful family and boyfriend, and many friends. Moreover,I have a great body and find myself pretty. I go to University and have great marks. I had a perfect life till recently.

I can't get used to that I have to cover my body and not being able to wear clothes I want. This change came so suddenly, I keep on thinking back on past summer when everything was so perfect. I can't even imagine this summer and all the stress waiting for me. I can't sleep well, I can't study, which reflects on my marks and I've drastically changed. Everyone noticed I am not casual, smiling and happy as I used to be. I am rational, so tried everything to convince myself to keep on living my life as nothing has changed. I really can't.

What hurts most is that I will have to live with this forever, and can't even imagine what will happen to hair in the future... They will get worse, for sure. I know I mustn't let this ruin my life, but my self-confidence is down, I am thinking about crazy things such as splitting up with my boyfriend, so he can find a pretty girl, which is nonsense because our relationship is wonderful. Sometimes I think about wedding dress and how gross will I look, or feeding a baby with a hairy breast.... Really can't deal with this.

Sometimes, I think it is not so bad and I will not let it get me down, but in a few hours I am depressed again. Electrolysis is not an option, I will never be able to find a good person and never be able to afford treating the whole body, and it will look funny if there is no hair just in one place, and others are bush...

Sorry for writing too much, but I really needed to tell this to someone.
Posted by: LAgirl

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/20/10 09:01 PM

How old are you? Have you seen an endocrinologist to determine the reason for the growth?

Have you had changes in hormones lately such as pregnancy? Changes in eating habits?

There are usually reasons for the growth.

Why is electrolysis not an option?

Some hair on all those areas are pretty normal for women to have, it's just not something that's talked about or featured on magazines. Some women's hair is just darker and more noticeable than others'.
Posted by: templje

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/21/10 02:18 AM

I guess my biggest gripe is that over the years, I've gone through a lot of money that could have already rid myself of hair. I just didn't know about the treatments then.
Of course once I found out about them, I had already blown more than 20,000 dollars on just random junk. Sigh..hindsight is 20/20
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/21/10 02:06 PM

I have always said that people actually spend more on temporary hair removal, than they would for a permanent solution. More people see that now that a package of razor blade cartridges can sell for $30 whistle
Posted by: SadK

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/21/10 04:33 PM

I am nineteen... I have seen a gyn, and everything is fine, no PCOS or any irregularity, and she told me she doubts there is some hormonal inbalance as my periods are fine.

I started University in October and then I moved to other city where are live with my roommates, so I could say that there are changes in eating habits, as I don't eat food I am used to at home. E.g. I don't have a lunch everyday, so I eat in bakery. As a result of this and stress, I've lost about 6 kg, so I am around 50 kg now.

I know it is normal to have hair on these places, but my is about 1 cm long, some even more. There are hairs on my shoulders, also.

I am visiting an endocrinologist soon, I made an appointment. People here advised me to read "The Diet Cure", and I will as soon as I get it.

And, unfortunately, so far I've found only one place where they do electrolysis, and it is 200 km far from my town. There must be more places, but I found nothing on the internet. I live in a small country. Also, as I don't work, I really can't ask my parents to give me so much money. I don't think they could afford it. And I really don't know which area would I start treating first, as hair is all over.

Thanks for replying LAgirl, means a lot.
Posted by: MagicalPrincessKitty

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/21/10 09:01 PM

SadK: Are you very tall? You don't weigh much, and being too underweight can cause hair growth. Even if you're not anorexic or even underweight, your body can just produce hair in response to rapid weight loss. It sounds like you lost the weight quickly and I noticed I got fuzzier when I lost some weight too fast (I weigh about what you weigh, but I am quite short).

I think being a bit more careful with your diet, and eating healthy fats (like avocado) might not be a bad idea, if the fuzziness is getting that bothersome.
Posted by: SadK

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/22/10 01:13 AM

I am not sure, but I think I am about 165 cm tall.
Same happened to you? Did the situation get better when you gained some weight?

I was told that, if there are not any hormonal imbalances, and the growth is caused by this, it can fall off naturally, providing I have a diet.
Posted by: MagicalPrincessKitty

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/22/10 03:43 AM

Yes, if I gain weight and maintain it, I tend to feel less fuzzy. Maybe it's my imagination, though.

You are about 5'4" it sounds like, if I did my math right. That's not too tall, so you are at the low end of normal weight. So it is probably the speed of the loss (more than the weight itself) that caused your body to panic a little bit. It might go away on it's own if you gain a little back or at the very least don't keep losing more so your body can stabilize a bit.
Posted by: SadK

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/22/10 09:24 AM

Thank you for advice smile
Posted by: naivealex

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/16/10 05:41 PM

not only do i have body hairs everywhere, i also have unwanted facial hair! i feel like a hirsute! but they say that it's just normal and i should be proud of it because i inherited it. (kiss my @$%!) what sucks is, with the current norms in our society about being hairy, it makes me feel so insecure. and i dont get the support i need from my family and friends. i feel so tired shaving and waxing almost half of my life because i cant afford the expensive hair removal treatments nowadays. *big sad face*
Posted by: Twilightsjm

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/11/10 12:45 PM

I have just joined this forum, didnt think about looking for a site like this.

I am 23 and i have hair everywhere all over my body and it makes me feel really insecure i hate feeling like im a freak for having so much hair but i guess its good to know that im not alone. I especially hate having hairy arms especially when it comes to summer i wish i could wear short sleeved tops whenever i wish. I do shave my arms but it only lasts for a day then they turn stubbly it does my head in.

The hair on my stomach is pretty fair but still visible and the bottom of my back is worser the hairs a longer and darker. I just hate having such an hairy body i don't feel like i'm normal.

I can't afford laser treatment although i wish i could it would make me feel sooooo much better.
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/11/10 12:56 PM

Laser MAY not make you feel better for all the areas that bother you. It is not always appropriate to use laser and on some areas it may actually induce more hair to grow. If your hair is dark, why don't you try clipping and bleaching it to make it less noticeable?
It is cheaper than laser or electrolysis. Society judges men less hard than women in regard to hair distribution, but I know you feel pretty uncomfortable regardless.
Posted by: Twilightsjm

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/11/10 01:35 PM

Ok i should of stated that i am female but i'l take on what you said so thanks for the advice, why would isnt always appropriate to use laser on some parts of the body.
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/11/10 05:59 PM

If you have dark, dense, coarse hair with light skin, then that is a good start for laser. If you have any hair that is light colored, red or clear or is medium or fine in structure, basically, don't get your hopes up too high for a laser remedy. It won't work for those kinds of hair. Being that I know you are a female now, I don't like LASER for a woman's face as we have had too many people reporting that more hair was stimulated to grow in addition to the hair they sought treatment for. Treating just a sparse few hairs with LASER can stimulate hair growth as well. If you want to gamble with your facial hair, then be ready to switch over to electrolysis if you are one of the unlucky ones who experiences laser hair stimulation. Even if you have a happy outcome with LASER, you will still need electrolysis to get the hairs that are left behind that are too light in color. Trust me, there is a mixture of hair colors on a woman's face and laser can't complete the job.

For the body, same conditions have to be met for laser to affect hair. It is great for the underarms, bikini area and lower legs especially. I even like it for the forearms if the hair is thick enough. You may end up patchy after you run the advised course, but more sessions could remedy that?? or you can just finish with electrolysis for assured destruction of the hair follicle.

Learn all you can now if you decide to start a hair removal plan in the future. If you can combine laser and electrolysis then all the better. If not, just know that electrolysis can "see" every hair structure, every color of hair on any color of skin. No limitations. It works wonderfully well. Laser does too, but you do have restrictions and limitations.

Posted by: Twilightsjm

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/12/10 11:33 AM

Thanx for info its very much appreciated, i dnt have facial hair which im very glad about. It's more my arms that i would like to get done and then maybe my back.

I would feel quite embarrassed going into a place even though thats what they are there for.

I will defo learn more about different hair removal procedures.

Thanks again =)
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/12/10 11:40 AM

You are very welcome. I wish you all the best. Many people are embarrassed when they begin, but many times you get a very caring and friendly laser tech or electrologist that makes you feel like there is nothing to be embarrassed over - it's all just a routine's day of work.

Take care.
Posted by: BridgetBee

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/30/10 09:14 PM

Hi all
I have been getting hair removed from the sides of my face and my jawline using Appilsonix Selectiv Pro- these are very fine dark hairs. The beautician treats a few hairs then removes them by plucking and moves on to the next area. I am really worried about how this will all grow back. What if hairs that were fine blonde and not properly treated start to grow back dark? I'm a complete stressball about the whole thing.

This all started about 4 months ago. I was using Nair to remove upper lip hair and just saw one or two dark hairs on the side of my face. I very stupidly applied the cream to the sides of my face. It took the hair clean off my face. I looked like such a weirdo for a few weeks as it grew back and it was accompanied by 100's of fine dark hairs. I had a few sessions of electrolysis and it removed the more obvious hairs but electrolysists said they couldn't see anything else - but there were 100's of the very fine ones which were giving me shadowing around my jawline. I have been so upset by the whole thing and I'm so embarrased as I'm sure people at work are wondering what the hell I did to myself. I'm supposed to be an intelligent person and I can't forgive myself for what I've done. I've lost weight, not sleeping well, not able to concentrate at work and I've avoided lots of social situations to avoid the staring. I know I might sound all paranoid but people at work have seen the different stages of my situation and I've lost all confidence. I don't like the person I've become. It so not like me. I hope I'm not coming across as being self-absorbed. I'm so insecure at the moment. I worry about the growth and the re-growth all of the time. I can't remember a day that I haven't examined myself in front of the mirror.
I know that some people might think - serves her right for being stupid. My sister and close friend have said they don't want to hear my going on about it. So I haven't spoken to them about it in weeks. I've become upset by the fact that they haven't realised that I'm so upset about the whole thing. I know they have their own issues and insecurities. They are not used to me being like this. I try to avoid their company for now as it just upsets me.
Posted by: LAgirl

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/30/10 09:31 PM

Nair didn't do anything. This is an illusion. Nair or shaving isn't any different than getting a hair cut. It doesn't impact the root and structure of the hair. It can't change the color or thickness of the hair or anything else. What you saw was simply the result of cutting the hair off at the thicker part of the stem. So if you waited longer, the hair would have cycled and you would have been back to whatever you had originally.

Either way, it sounds like you're getting the hair removed permanently, which is fine. You need to make sure the person knows what they're doing. The hair shouldn't feel plucked. After it's zapped, it should slide out of the follicle without resistance if it was treated properly. You should really test out 3-4 electrologists to compare their skill levels.
Posted by: BridgetBee

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/30/10 10:31 PM

Thanks for your comment but the reaction my skin had to using the Nair probably caused an increase of circulation in the area and this more than likely stimulated the growth of the hairs. I have done my research and I've seen on other sites that people have experienced the same thing - dark hairs growing. The hair that was removed with Nair did grow back normal eventually but there was stimulation of new growth and it definitely was not an illusion. I had about 7 sessions of electrolysis and was getting good results but then moved onto Appilsonix - which is the new ultrasound hair removal system. I moved to this as I was getting frustrated because I'd seen 3 diff electrolysists and they said that the very fine dark hairs were too difficult to treat.I have posted my experinces/concerns on another site.
Posted by: dee.oz (ireland)

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 01:47 AM

bridgetbee - i so relate to the way you are feeling.. please kee me up to date with your treatemtns of selectif pro.. it seems we are at very similar stages.. i have had 5 treatemnts to date but all with about 6/7 weeks.. i kind of think having so many close together is pointless and money wasting but i just want them gone expecially for summer here.. could you please give me an exact rundowno f the way your beautician does it? currently i am not getting plucked/waxed - think i may have had about 10 hairs plucked alltogether and have now stopped doing that.. i am so afraid of the plucking/waxing will make it worse.. please give me an update on how you going when u can.. thanks
Posted by: Aliciadarling

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 10:57 AM

Hi Bridget:

If the treatments you are receiving don't prove satisfactory then you should probably find an electrologist who will treat the finer but dark hairs. If they are visible and bother you then they should be able to remove them. I've had lots of those types of hairs removed. the only ones we don't bother with are the fine vellus that are incredibly fine, clear and can't readily be seen.

What do you professional electrologist out there think about treating those types of hairs?

Posted by: C O'Connell

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 01:10 PM

I love this type of work and enjoy getting a really clear result,as long as it is what my client wants. This dense downiness is typically seen in many Celtic women. Desiring total clearance is often an indication of perfectionistism that I have noticed to be commom amongst designers and artists, but not so much in media types used to airbrushing. Have other electrologists noticed this?
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 02:44 PM

I specialize in treating fine, blond hair and I do think there are obsessive-compulsive tendencies with these women. We are all a bit obsessive-compulsive though, aren't we, in one way or another. I do what they ask as I offer a service and they are paying me to treat the hair that bothers them. It doesn't harm them, so I will treat the small hairs. I can definitely see the hair just fine and thus, I will treat the hair, but many times I have said to the client that they don't need electrolysis anymore, they LOOK FINE! This is after >30 hours of electrolysis care! They will lay on the table for 1-5 hours at a time. Most insist that they don't look good enough yet and continue to come. I have even shown some pictures of models in magazines who have peach fuzz and that matters none to them. The best thing a woman can do after a lot of thinning has been done, is to throw away the 12X magnification mirror after they break it into a million pieces. Celtic woman are very fury, but oh so lovable. Can't talk about the designer and artists angle though. None of my furry downy hairy women fit that catagory. I lean more toward the obsessive - compulsive bend of things.
Posted by: LAgirl

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 06:57 PM

Nair doesn't stimulate growth. Once again, it just cuts the hair off. It doesn't remove it with the root. Waxing can stimulate growth for that reason, but not Nair.

Your age is also probably a factor as you're likely developing new hair as you write this.
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 07:55 PM

I am one of the electrologists who treat fine blond hair. I agree with Christine, but also with Dee, is very typical of women perfectionists. They are women who expect a lot from themselves in appearance, at school, at work. They require a lot of others because they expect a lot from themselves. They have an intellectual coefficient above average and a great capacity for suffering and sacrifice. Circumstances make them vulnerable in this society. Many of them end up suffering from an eating disorder like anorexia.

Fortunately, most just want to avoid the appearance of a Persian kitten.

This afternoon:

20 minutes later...

Posted by: C O'Connell

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/01/10 08:44 PM

About these strong magnifiers Dee, I am always telling people to ditch them too. They are the cause of much misery.
Posted by: Ennovi

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/07/10 09:01 PM

I have tons of hair everywhere. I've learned to deal with it- shaving, bleaching, plucking, epilating, lasering, etc. But it just keeps growing and growing. I can't have a hairless area for more than a day. (except in my lower legs since I got laser there)

Luckily, I have family members that understand me and a husband that doesn't complain.

BUT I'm usually 100% covered from head to toe in even the hottest weather. There is not a single day where I am not wearing a sweater-- my arms are hairier than anyone I know. frown IT SUCKS. And taking it off hurts. Shaving is not an option, as there would he hair growing within the hour. I hope to find a good clinic to get laser done there. I'm tired of living like this!!!!!!

Posted by: ZAGG

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/14/10 09:37 PM

I hope I never have lip hair
Posted by: jlh

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/17/11 04:18 AM

how long did you go for?
Posted by: isshevital

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/17/11 05:41 AM

Originally Posted By: dfahey
The best thing a woman can do after a lot of thinning has been done, is to throw away the 12X magnification mirror after they break it into a million pieces.

Oh god. Isn't it just the worst when you're out and about, shopping at some store, and they've got all those lighted magnification mirrors? Or even if they've just got unflattering lights and lots of mirrors around, like at a makeup store or something. Always find myself examining my upper lip/chin and then feeling embarrassed when someone walks by and catches me doing it!
Posted by: majenta

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 03/28/11 06:33 PM

It's been a few days since I've plucked and it's driving me crazy... I keep shaving but it really doesn't do much all those black dots are still there. Yesterday I went to the beach it has been forever and I was so self conscious I was having panic attacks. I wore board shorts to hide the top part because I think other people will find it gross. The bottom of my legs between the knee and ankle look so bad. Red and scabbed I hate it. My son is 6 and loves the beach and fishing so I need to be able to go out and wear some kind of bathing suit, I truly bites. I keep reading the posts on this forum and it helps me not grab the tweezers so thank you all for posting!!!!!
Posted by: Dixie90

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 04/10/11 12:01 PM

My facial hair makes me feel self-concious and ugly. I can't relax in social situations for fear that someone will point it out in front of others and I am constantly paranoid about being ridiculed, even by my friends. I can't be in a relationship because I am terrified of a man touching my face and I always have to slap their hands away if they try to, making them think that I am odd or rude. It is so depressing how much it takes over my life.
Posted by: gamer_chic

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/06/11 01:53 AM

I am so sick of this hair!! Nothing is getting rid of it. My skin looks so horrible from shaving. It looks like I have acne everywhere but its razor bumps. I'm tired of spending money trying to find technicians who actually know what they're doing. Thousands of dollars down the drain so far and who knows how many thousands more to go. None that I have at the moment anyways. I'm tired of having a schedule. Shave these body parts this day, shave those body parts that day. Then do it all over again. Hide my face this day cause I can't shave yet cause its not long enough. Or, I can't wear this today because I have to let the hair grow enough to shave otherwise I'll be all stubbly. I'm tired of shaving and never having completely smooth skin no matter what. I'm tired of this being on my mind 24/7 because I have to plan my whole life around it. I'm going to try and find a doctor who can do proper testing for hormone problems. I already know how that's going to go though. They're gonna say oh you don't have a problem you're normal. Been there done that once already. In a few months I will be able to get enough money to get a laser treatment done with an alexandrite laser. Idk what to do until then. I've used this laser on my upper lip and it does last for a few weeks which for me is a miracle. I'm finishing a package deal that I had for my upper lip and I have one treatment left. I don't wanna get treatment on the rest of my body at this place because they will only allow me to come in every 10 weeks which is not soon enough for me. I have hair popping through long before then. But at least I see results at this place. If I go somewhere else I may not see results. Idk what to do. I feel better getting this off my chest. I'm just lost and am so tired of dealing with this.
Posted by: sha3ry

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/29/11 03:53 PM

Hey everyone,

I stumbled over this forum a couple of days ago while I was researching epilators.

I'm a 19-year-old (very hairy) female. Most of the blame lies on my genetics, but I have never had bloodwork done so I don't know whether hormones are the reason too.

I have dark hair covering most of my body. Thin hair on my knuckles, hands, forearms (I have a lot here), arms, armpits...
Torso as well, it gets thicker as it gets closer to my belly and pubic bone. Breasts, thighs, butt, legs, toes. Everything. It's overwhelming when I think about it all.
I have hair on my face too, of course, but I deal with it easily. It's not as concerning as the hair on my legs and thighs, because for some reason the hair there grows haphazardly, with ingrowns everywhere and uneven patches. It doesn't help that my skin hyperpigments easily so anything I touch turns into a scar.

I feel so alone in it all. It's gotten to the point where if someone is wearing shorts, I'll look at their legs to see if they've got the same dark spots/problems. I just don't understand how people can have such evenly toned, shiny, hairless legs (or bodies in general).

Laser hair removal and electrolysis aren't really options for me. I'm a student and I can't afford them (among other reasons). Pain is not an issue for me. To me, being hairless makes me feel confident and beautiful, and I will undergo what I have to to achieve it.

It just seems like a neverending cycle, it's always going to grow back for me. That's what makes things upsetting.
Posted by: lunatica10

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/13/11 07:44 AM

I have unwanted hair on my face, legs (the whole leg), belly, and buttocks. I'm extremely embarrassed and self conscious. I get depressed about it a lot. Worse still, I'm a Latino woman living in Oz. Women here don't normally have much hair on their bodies. At the gym, I've heard women apologize for their "month-long unshaven legs" that make my one-day-long waxed legs look like a welcome mat.
Children sometimes point at my face and tell me I have a "mou". It's horrible. I've been plucking the hairs from my face which has caused scarring and now I'm more conscious as I have to worry about both the hirsutism and the scarring. I cant' stand looking at myself in the mirror and I hate going out.
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/13/11 12:05 PM

An experienced and passionate electrologist can handle any hair problem, including yours. Seek, sample and compare. All electrologists are different in their approach and equipment choices, but we can all get you permanent hair removal.
Posted by: NW Nerd

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/21/11 08:48 PM

I'm 40 years old and I've had excessive facial and body hair since I was a teen, but then it got even worse in my mid-20's. I had PCOS but I had a total hysterectomy.

I have to shave my face daily with a man's razor. It's on my cheeks, chin, under my neck, above my lip...anywhere that a man grows hair. In fact, I have a darker and more dense beard than most men I've seen.

I feel so ugly. I'm married and my husband is supportive, but it's a topic I don't want to discuss frequently because, c'mon, how sexy is that?

I rarely leave the house. I don't have a job and I haven't graduated from college (many attempts, though). My grades were awesome, but the stress of being around people all the time is too much to bear at times.

I usually put off going to the doctor for routine stuff just to save myself some embarrassment. I wear long sleeves in the summer (look forward to winter all the time lol) and I never wear shorts. I wear my hair long so that it covers the sides of my face (hopefully). I look down all the time and I find it very taxing to have a conversation with someone because I can see their eyes looking at my neck.

I had about six multi-hour sessions with an electrologist in WA state. She never did a full clearing and after the time and money I had invested, I can only point to one spot (about the size of a dime) where there isn't hair. Gee, thanks. Also, about two months after my final treatment, I began to notice a slight discoloration on my upper lip. Now, 2.5 years later, it has darkened and even when I shave, it looks like I have a mustache (not just the fine hairs, but the coarse black ones, too.

One week ago, I had my first laser treatment. It was done here:

I do not know the settings used, but the machine is the Lightsheer duet. The person who did my treatment is a family nurse practitioner, is quite reputable and the treatments are done at Oregon Health & Sciences University. One treatment of my entire face cost $200.00. I was thinking that if this works, I'd like to have the other body hair removed via laser, too. I was surprised at how expensive an arm costs: $400 to $600 dollars per treatment.

My life goals include going back to college, hopefully get a job, be able to look at people/leave the house, not want to consider killing myself so often and to have my husband kiss my neck for the very first time. Right now, these goals seem impossible, but I'm going to try to focus on the actual treatments first.

If the hair were just confined to my body, I doubt I would be so depressed/anxious because at least it can be covered up with clothes. I can't even cover it up with make-up (convincingly). I just shave and toss on some make-up to make the stubble less visible. I hate not being able to kiss my husband without feeling so self-conscious.
Posted by: Wildebeest

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/23/11 09:37 PM

NW Nerd- you remind me so much of myself...the depression and anxiety and how it totally runs your response to you saying youd be better off if the hair was just confined to my body: Im in my mid 20's and up until recently i only had excessive body hair- no facial hair. I would cry everyday about it and still do...people would say at least its not on your face (like it is on my sisters) and I woudl say yes thank God but its still awful. I don't feel like a woman. I feel like I'm hiding this hideous secret under my clothes. I dress like a bum and people will buy me nice clothes that even I admit I love but I refuse to wear it because I feel my hidden ugliness my secret will ruin the nice clothes...a nice dress and getting made up makes no difference...all I can think of is if only people knew what lurked beneath. I stopped getting my hair done, going to the gym, everything. What's the point- I can never be intimate or have a real relationship with anyone.

anyway, starting only a few months ago i suddenly (and rapidly) started growing facial hair...some are dark and course and some are on their way to being that. the light downy hair is getting light brown and thickening and getting longer. So now im even more screwed.

this has badly affected my education (whenever I went to class I got A's...but since this has worsened I hardly leave my room to go to class)...I have no friends because the few I had gave up on trying to cheer me up or get me out...of course they are not freaks like me so they dont understand...although if they get one stray hair they go insane...and while I do have a bf our relationship is EXTREMELY strained because of this.

ok wait ive been ranting for too long. But I jsut wanted you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE because reading your post helped me know that im not.
Posted by: Cha4ya

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 01/09/12 07:22 PM

Hello Everyone,

I am new to the board and I thought I would start by sharing my feelings on the topic of unwanted hair growth. Hi everyone I am new to this forum. I wanted to start off by sharing my feelings on unwanted hair growth. This has been an issue for me due to genetics. My grandmother, aunt, and mother and now me…
My mother has it more on her upper lip, but like my grandmother I have it on my chin (luckily on the bottom area where it is harder to notice unless I smile or really strain my face). I am so angry and frustrated at this point because I have to struggle with this. I know it can be a lot worst (from what I have seen on other women) but I am pretty down from this. I have dealt with this in the past by waxing and tweezing - which made it more bearable to handle because the growth isn't that much but those methods are not good on the skin and can actually cause more hair growth. I now have some of the ill effects of tweezing on my chin it’s; not that bad but I do not want it to get worst. Due to this I have decided to get electrolysis treatments to remove the hair for good. I have a great supportive fiancée but I still feel bad about myself because of the hair. I constantly have to look at my face doing the day because I want to make sure that what I have shaved isn’t noticeable (I work in a very professional environment). I decided to start shaving because I was told to stop tweezing because it can make the hairs worst. I am doing electro logy to remove the hair that is on my chin (and a small amount on my neck) I haven't been waxing/tweezing in about two months now and to me I look horrid (I only shave). My first appointment will be in late Feb. (due to scheduling). I am going to Teresa Adams for my treatments of Sandra's Electrolysis in Dallas, Texas. I have researched this quite a bit and I am looking forward to starting my treatments. I want you all to know especially the women you are not alone. I have found out that our situation is quite common, either due to heredity or a medical condition. I can go on and on on my troubles due to these chin hairs but they do not define me! I am relying on my faith and family while I go through this process. I am nervous, excited and to be honest a little frighten. I worry that it won’t work for me but after reading other post I feel quite better. To those who created this site, I want to send blessings to you because I guess you all understand the emotional affect this can have on an individual’s life. Take care
Posted by: JoHose

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/07/12 07:05 PM

My personal feelings are one of not wanting any body hair at all! I detest any hairs that do grow on my body and for the last 30 years have used every method available to man and woman, I am lucky to have a partner who loves my smooth all over desire and helps me whenever she can to eliminate those pesky hairs. I guess I am very fortunate to be a guy with such an understanding partner. I would love to win the lottery and be able to use electrolysis for permanent results, but for now my new Braun Silk-épil 7 does a great job!
Posted by: EvaPro

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 11/05/12 05:04 PM

Hair is natural to humans. Wherever hair grows, it is a normal occurrence since we have hair follicles all over our bodies. That being said, culture dictates what is "normal." In some cultures, hair under the arms of women is normal and sexy; in others, it is unsightly and unsanitary. Shame about hair comes from cultural stereotyping.
Posted by: JoHose

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 11/07/12 08:44 PM

It is just the feeling of smoothness that counts!
Posted by: Live & Let Live

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/15/13 05:02 AM

I've had this male pattern facial hair problem since puberty. I have hair on face, arms, fingers, toes, legs -- everywhere! Well, almost everywhere...I also have male pattern baldness. How IS it that I can grow hair every where on my body but where I WANT it?!?

Fortunately, most of this excessive hair is very light or transparent. My sideburns and upper lip are mostly very light hairs with the occasional thick, wild, red hair thrown in for variety.

My chin is a different story. I've been shaving it since I was 13. That's the area I'm having treated with Electrolysis right now. So I have to grow it out before my sessions. That can only be described as stubble. It's mostly thick, medium to dark red hair. I can't wait til it's cleared!

Unless I have a session coming up, I shave every day. THIS makes me feel like a freak. Not the fun kind, either. The scary kind. Words can't express the intensity of my hatred for this. I've been trying to figure out what was wrong with me for YEARS.

About 15 years ago, a doctor I consulted thought I might have PCOS. Test results came back normal. Next stop was an endocrinologist. They took about 18 vials of blood and ran every imaginable test. The results? Once again, normal! I looked at the Dr., pointing to my thinning hair line and face stubble asking: "Does THIS look NORMAL to you???" This ISN'T normal!

>>FF>> September 2013 - I consulted with a Naturopath. She believes I'm a classic case for PCOS. After googling it, I would have to agree with that assessment. There could be a picture of me in the medical manual under PCOS. But I've been here before and...well...they told me everything was "normal".

Anyway, she ordered blood tests, saliva tests, I gave a urine sample, she ordered a pelvic ultrasound... I have a follow up appointment next week and she will be going over the test results. It seems wrong, but I'm hoping none of the results were "normal". I want to know what's causing this and I want to start treating it.

I have to say, I'm thrilled with my electrolysis progress, so far. I wish I had started this process YEARS ago. Better late than never, right?
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/15/13 11:51 AM

If you start reading food labels and avoiding Mono-Sodium Glutamate and artificial sweeteners, you may halt your problem. It won't remove the hairs you already have, but would go a long way towards keeping you from recruiting new hairs.

You don't know how many clients I have had over the years who have had only one problem that lead to their hair issues - MSG, and artificial sweeteners.

The artificial sweeteners are the worst, as they reason these women sought them out to ingest in the first place, was a desire to be slimmer, and the real result of artificial sweeteners is you gain 20 pounds, go into prediabetes, get set up for heart and blood pressure problems, and have headaches and hormonal problems.
Posted by: SeanaTG

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/15/13 01:28 PM

basic chemistry. Why do they still sell this stuff?
Posted by: Brenton

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/15/13 02:10 PM

Some of the chemistry in the article above is pretty farfetched actually. I'm not defending Splenda at all, but I feel the need to point out some of the chemistry above:

"covalently bound chlorine atoms are a big no-no for the human body."

This is not true. Some organochlorines are dangerous, but it's a BIG lie that all of them are. You ingest organochlorides when eating peas, when taking the drug Claritin... there are tons! It would be like me saying that because organochlorines are found in chemical warfare (Phosgene), that basic plastic is dangerous because it contains carbon-chlorine bonds (polyvinylchloride).

"A poison that is fat soluble is akin to a bomb exploding internally. It invades every nook and cranny of the body. Cell walls and DNA – the genetic map of human life – become nothing more than potential casualties of war when exposed. Sucralose is only 25% water soluble. Which means a vast majority of it may explode internally."

I don't even understand how the second sentence relates to the first. Vitamins aren't water soluble either, and those are not "exploding." Our cells also do not have cell walls. DNA is a casuality of war when exposed to what? DNA is VERY strongly self-regulated system, so I'd like to know how our DNA is changing because of this.

Again, not defending Splenda at all, but very much taking issues to his point of view
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/15/13 02:44 PM

I don’t use artificial sweeteners … just a general principle. However, there is a ton of hysteria out there about “unnatural vs. natural” products. So-called “natural” can have risks too. For example “Stevia” (I use it) causes “male problems” as far as fertility. But then, that doesn't worry me.

I think ALL products should be looked at with pure scientific objectivity. Medicines and “natural cures” should all be held to the same standard and looked at without “hocus-pocus” or “industry cover-up.”

Just because it’s “natural” does not necessarily make it safe and good for you.

Just because it’s “approved” by “big industry” also is no guarantee of safety or efficacy.
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/16/13 01:16 PM

Did anyone advocate eating basic plastic?
Posted by: Brenton

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/16/13 03:01 PM

Originally Posted By: James W. Walker VII
Did anyone advocate eating basic plastic?

Remember all the parents going crazy over the BPA in plastic baby bottles? Chemicals from plastics can mix in with food/drinks.
Posted by: James W. Walker VII

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/16/13 04:43 PM

Is that anything like lead in pottery, or crystal?
Posted by: Brenton

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/16/13 06:11 PM

Oh yes, it's pretty similar to that, especially if say you were to serve drinks in some sort of ceramic dish, or inhaling lead-based paint
Posted by: Lyndsey

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/13 06:12 PM

I have been dealing with facial hair since I was 10 years old. I would get teased at school and I really had a hard year while I was in the 5th grade. Not only that but I would wear my coat in the summer time because I didn't want everyone to see my hairy arms. I was basically the freak of the school. I ended up getting Nair and nairing off the upper lip hair that had plagued me but it was still very embarassing as everyone knew that I had had hair on my upper lip and then all of a sudden it was gone. All was fine until a year ago (now 33) when I ran out of facial hair removal and bought the same kind that I have always but apparently the product had changed leaving me with a shadow after I had removed the hair. So now I didn't have hair but a shadow that looked just as bad or maybe worse. I tried every bleaching agent known to man to try and get rid of this shadow and nothing seemed to work. So I decided to go ahead and try electrolysis as the facial hair remover was just making my upper lip darker and darker. Electrolysis wasn't bad at all and barely hurt. I was really looking forward to going back to my next appointment...however, two weeks after I had got electrolysis I am now looking more like a bearded lady...there is hair everywhere where there wasn't before...I only had electrolysis done on my upper lip...after two weeks I noticed hairs sprouting on my chin..just a few at first and now there are black one but the rest are light vellus hairs that seem to have become accelerated vellus. This looks horrible as these hairs stick out from the side of my face and makes me look bearded. I am afraid to go back and I am thinking that the situation could get worse than it already is. I have not changed any kind of regimine as far as my face goes so I know that nothing else could have made this happen and electrolysis is the only thing that I have done differently. I am having my hormones checked to see if that plays a part in this but I am feeling so down about all of this...I wish I would have never had electrolysis now and just dealt with the dark upper lip...because now I have a much worse problem than ever. I can't no longer look at a person and have to wear my hair down all the time and even when I do wear my hair down I feel as though when I look at a person they are looking at the side of my face where the hair sticks out....I would rather die than to go on without being able to talk to a person face to face and not being able to go out in public. I have children that want to do activities and go places and I feel as though because of this situation that I am keeping these children from doing these fun things that they want to do all because of this facial hair that no other woman my age seems to be dealing with around my home town. I feel so depressed and alone and want to just crawl under a sheet and never come out! Sometimes I just wish that the good dreams I dream were real and that I would never wake up. I hate life right now and envy any person that has no facial hair!
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/13 07:18 PM

Electrolysis is NOT the cause of accelerated hair. I think Michael Bono was very clear here:

Electrolysis on the lip causing more hair on the chin, and side burns?

NOT possible. I mean zero possibility of this happening.

I think this may be a matter of your focus. You had been focusing on your lip ... got that cleared and then coincidentally started noticing other areas. It happens all the time. One client named it the “Sequoia effect.”
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/13 07:23 PM

Let me get this right.

You had one electrolysis appointment on your upper lip. After two weeks you noticed hairs growing (accelerating) on your chin and cheeks. Your conclusion is that the one electrolysis treatment caused this hair growth?

(Hi Jossie ... yeah "Sequoia effect!")
Posted by: Lyndsey

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/13 08:27 PM

Yes, this was on another one of my posts. I am just explaining my feelings on here..I have no clue of why these other hairs have became worse. I know that they were always there but never this pronounced. They are very accelerated and they seem to get worse weekly. And yes they are all over my face. Like I said this could have something to do with my hormones and electrolysis together but I should be getting the results of my hormone test tomm. I am just really depressed about this and have no one to talk to about this so I thought I would just share my feelings of how I am feeling at the moment.
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/13 09:28 PM

As they say it’s not what happens, it’s how you deal with it.

About 7 weeks ago, I had cancer symptoms. I had a ton of tests and, meanwhile, the symptoms went away. As the specialist explained, “These ‘things’ can happen randomly … sort of like a ‘bloody nose’ that spontaneously happens.”

Funny thing, I didn’t get depressed about it. (I did update my Will, however.) I could have gotten emotional, but here’s the thing … stuff happens and you deal with it. A very good friend that actually died from cancer at 48-years-old once told me, “The psychological suffering is optional.”

Think about the reality of life in general and your statement, “I feel so depressed and alone and want to just crawl under a sheet and never come out! Sometimes I just wish that the good dreams I dream were real and that I would never wake up. I hate life right now … “

It’s hair damn it!

I had two old friends that survived the Nazi death camps (Polish ghetto and then Auschwitz) … they were joyous, inventive and full of life. HAIR? It’s something you CAN do something about. Do something nice for yourself today … maybe only an ice cream cone … ENJOY life, it’s very short.

I just saw a patient a few minutes ago, after almost a year. She had almost no hair and it took me 15-minutes to remove the “longer blond hairs.” Originally she had PCOS and a “near beard” … yeah, like about 15 hours for the first clearance. During the “beard-time,” as she calls it, she continued to work with the public (cutting hair). Embarrassed? Sure, but she dealt with it and solved her problem. (She also lost a ton of weight and looks fantastic! Oh, and had a baby too!)

What more can I say?
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/13 09:43 PM

One more ...

By the way, the “Sequoia Effect” came from my client (Marine guy) from Georgia … we laughed about it a LOT. See, you remove the giant “trees” and then the next remaining “trees” start to look like “Sequoias” too.

Personal observation (“eye witnessing”) is one of the WORST sources of scientific fact … actually not to be relied on at all! It’s all about weighing and measuring and being able to repeat the “experiment” and get the same results.

Seeing IS believing … but “beliefs” are almost always erroneous!
Posted by: markdbruce

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 04/07/14 06:04 PM

Hi all,
I'm Mark, 33 year old male from the UK,
a few years ago after an extension break from the gym, a friend of
mine that i was working with told me about a new body building supplement called Tren Bomb from Pharma Labs.
I was intrigued with what he was telling me as he made it sound
like a miracle pill to help put the muscle i lost from not training.
I paid him Ł40 for these tablets from his gym and he told me i needed to take them with another tablet called milk thistle,
as the Tren Bomb affected the liver.
Stupidly i did not look in to these Tren Bomb as i believed my friend and trusted him.
Tren Bomb is a testosterone booster with side effects, naturally i am a hairy man, arms, legs and chest, the hair on my arms were blonde but the chest hair was darker, i liked that i had a hairy chest, felt manly.
I started a cycle on these tablets but decided to stop after a week or two.
Then about a month or so later i noticed my arm hair darkened, the strip of hair on my belly now became all over my belly,
then as the months went by gradually the hair on my body started to darken and grow in other places.
I now have patches of hair on the back of my shoulders and on my back which i never had before, my confidence has plummeted.
I tried waxing but had a very bad reaction to the wax, tried from two different places but same reaction.
I also found a lady that did sugaring and even though it was less painful and harsh on the skin, i still broke out in spots and rashes.
I eventually started laser hair removal but don't see much of a difference, if anything where Ive been shaved for the laser it's growing back darker and thicker.
I paid Ł40 of my own money to do this to myself and i am so so disappointed in myself that i didn't look up what these tablets were before i told them, i feel like I've ruined my life, can't go swimming, on holiday to a beach or even take off my T-shirt in the locker room of the gym.
I believe the tablets altered my testosterone levels causing excessive growth and fear it'll carry on.
I started using depilatory creams regularly to remove the hair but found that too much use resulted in spots and rashes.
Last year i met a beautiful young woman that became my girlfriend and i hid it from her for so long i don't know how i managed it, two months ago she took her own life through depression and it destroyed me as a person, because for the first
time in my life i found a woman that i truly loved and who loved me, now she is gone and i am at my lowest i have ever been.
I haven't removed the hair since i found out she had died and all i see is an ugly unsightly body that i paid to ruin, coupled
with losing my girlfriend i contemplate suicide for myself because i am ashamed of myself and fear that no woman will look/want me if that find out about my body hair.
I know that there are people out there with terrible problems, illnesses and i feel for other people i really do, but this is my life and i am totally ashamed of what i have done to myself.
Everyday thoughts of ending my life pass through my mind, i miss my girlfriend horrendously and feel that life isn't worth carrying on with, especially the fear of not finding someone else, i had so much love to give Rose and gave her a lot but she left me and her family because of depression and i feel that with what i have done to myself that it is the way out for me too.
I know she would of accepted my body given more time because she loved me but i hid the truth and removed the hair all the time in fear of losing her.
Why do people live in fear of how there bodies look, i do.
Out of all of the medical break through's out there, you would think that a cream or lotion or something for permanent hair removal was out now, but no it would put too many companies out of business and too many people out of a job, there has to be some method or way to rid hair if people desire.
I truly believe that there has been something developed but it'll never see the light of day.
I will continue to be embarrassed and ashamed of what i did to myself till something is invented/discovered.
All i do is think of my girlfriend and how i miss her so much, she was such a beautiful woman, inside and out and feel that was the only time i will love that way.
I do think about death and suicide a lot, even think about who would come to my funeral, it is morbid to think that way, maybe i am depressed without being diagnosed, i just don't see an end to this lonely empty feeling that sits in my heart and feel that i would be better off not here anymore, i think about whether i would be with Rose again if i left but i don't know.
If anyone reads this and is thinking of taking something in the gym, please look in to them first, it's a horrible feeling knowing that it is I that has done this to myself.
I don't know if this was the right section to of wrote all this, it did say, share your feelings, anyway who ever reads this thank you.
Posted by: Helen1983

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 04/07/14 06:20 PM

Your girlfriend must have been in a bad way to do what she did, and loving someone and losing them in what ever way is going to take a long time to get over. But taking your own life is not the answer, as for your hairs I was so frightened of my husband finding out about my issue its not big compared with a lot of others on her I go for electrolysis 10 minutes every 6 weeks on chin and around my nipples have about 5 hairs cleared each area which are now becoming paler, because the area they are in it makes you feel awful as a women and that your husband or any man wouldn't find you attractive. Once the hairs are gone I feel 100% better. I was in tears when I told my husband and I only told him because I wanted to start electrolysis and though I can no longer keep the plucking from him they will be on show, his answer was is that it, I thought you were seriously ill or going to leave me that way I was so couped up in myself and crying depressed, life has been 100% better since. It is not so bad to have a hairy man my hubby has a hairy chest and I adore snugging up to him with my head on his chest or playing my fingers threw it and his hairs are black like the hair on top of his head. I would hate for him to remove it, if you are self-conscious do remove it waxing as a temp measure or electrolysis for perm results. But honestly there are much worse things to have to live with, lease you can remove it if you wish. I am sorry for your lose now will not be the time to consider another relationship but trust me in the future there will be someone else out there to share your life with. There is only a tiny % of women in my eyes that would be put off most won't give a damn and some will love the hairs so please do not let them take over your life you are worth more.
Posted by: markdbruce

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 04/07/14 06:45 PM

Thank you so much for your reply,
i honestly didn't think anyone would.
Rose loved my hairy chest and stomach, she used to loved running her fingers through it also and smelling it as it gives off your natural smell.
It is only the shoulder and back hair i am deeply ashamed of, i wished to god i hadn't taken the tablets because i was comfortable with my body.
I was talking about another relationship, not because i am ready, far far from it, it is the last thing on my mind.
It is just the fear of being rejected when a new love finds out, i understand your words and am really pleased your husband accepted it and didn't bother him.
I have always been down and felt lonely but when i met Rose i felt good about myself, not my body hair but in general, we had such a great time together and everything I liked, she liked, had so much in common and was really looking forward to a great happy future, i knew i couldn't hide my embarrassment from her forever, but the longer we were together, the easier it'd of become to tell i think.
I am at my loneliest now and can't help but contemplate suicide.
The loss of Rose has shocked and hurt me so much it's like someone has given me something I've always wanted and then took it away for no reason.
All i have now is her grave to visit and it hurts me to even write this, i cry most days because i truly miss her with all my heart.
I am ashamed in what i did to myself with them tablets and with losing her i feel that i haven't got a future anymore, i wished i could rid my back and shoulders of this hair but can't, an electrolysis wouldn't touch me as they only treat small areas like upper lips and chins and such.
I am a half decent looking guy, Rose used to say handsome man and it kills me inside that she is gone, my confidence would rise if there was a way to remove this hair for good and maybe i could feel that life is worth going on with.
At the moment i don't see anyway forward, i lay in bed feeling my heart beating thinking of Rose and wish it would stop beating so i could be with her, i don't want to die, i didn't want her to die either, i wished to god she would of told me how she truly felt but she didn't and then i had the call from her brother to come to the house to hear the sad news.
I feel so bitter against life and think that maybe it'd be okay to just go, my family and friends try to understand how i feel but they can't know truly.
I know what your saying that some women would accept me as i am but the truth is i don't accept me, i made a huge mistake when i was younger and now i am paying the price for it.
I know there are worse things to live with and millions of people do i just feel ashamed of my mistakes and wished there was a way to rectify them.
Posted by: LULUBIZ123

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/04/14 02:27 PM

I have recently come across the forums on hairtell. I had emailed Josepha telling my experience and she told me to share it on the forums, however, at that point in time I was at my lowest and did not feel confident in sharing my experience. I feel like I went through a small phase of depression due to my bad experiences. however, I am finally slowly coming out of my depression and thought I'd share my feelings.
I am a female and live in the UK. I am 20 years old, turning 21 soon (next week). I have been battling with a hairy face as long as I can remember. When I was 16 I started threading, however, my skin is really sensitive so it used to stay red for quite a while. I then stopped threading and started bleaching my hair, however, as everyone knows you can still see the hair and therefore I used to try my best to cover my face. Just last year, I looked around for alternative options, something that was permanent. So last year in April, I decided to take the plunge and go to a clinic. I went for my consultation and the clinicians sold me over Ł100 pounds worth of products. I quickly realised that these were a money making clinic and could not afford to lose money that I had spent years saving.

I then spent 3 months looking for clinics in my area and found one I thought I could trust. As a result, last September I started my laser treatments with the clinic. My clinician told me that I was an ideal candidate as I had fair skin and dark hair.I would go every 4 weeks; lasering my chin, upperlip, forehead, checks, nose (basically my whole face). After my third session I became sceptical as I did not see any change, my hair was not falling out at all so I informed my clinician about it and she said you need to wait for your fourth or fifth session. So I went on and the fourth and fifth session went by and I told her there has been no change. I had not seen a single 'bold' area on my face. I read on the internet that with each session at least 20% reduction should occur. I also read that by the 5th session at least 60-80% should be gone, this was not the case with me. I told my clinician this and said we will do a review after the 6th one. How could 80% of my hair fall within one session-my sixth session? So I went on. and the 6th session went and my hair was still there. She booked a seventh session or me, however, I have not yet been as their machine had broken down. Many weeks have gone by and I have been so upset to the point I have cried most days. I have been upset due to the fact that my Ł900 went and my hair is still there. I also feel like it has come back worse, thicker and more (I do not know if this happens)? but from reading the forums on hair tell it can happen.

My next solution: I phoned an electrologist explaining what had happened. She immediately assumed I was Asian. I said yes why do you ask that? She said because Laser tends not to work on Asians and explained that it because of the multiple hair roots etc. ( i don't know if this is true for everyone, but it might have been for my case). She said what was your hair like? I said it was quite fine, she had said that your clinician should have warned you that laser will not work on fine hair. I have been utterly disappointed. These people don't care about the money I spent years saving (bearing in mind I am a student and work) nor do they care about people's confidence as long as their pockets are full.

I then went to a local electrologist a few Saturday's ago (two weeks ago) and had my fist session. I feel like because I was her last client of the day and she wanted to go home, she rushed my treatment and I could feel my hairs being plucked out not gently sliding out (as the elctrologist n this forum had said). I felt very concerned in the way she had treated me, I have not plucked my hair on my face in more than a year and I hope that due to her maltreatment my hair roots do not become detangled etc. She told me that it takes about 2 and a half years for hair to completely disappear which seems about right however, I was not sure whether to go ahead with her. I thought that maybe because it's my first treatment and the hairs haven't been touched in over a year they are difficult to pull out? but then my second treatment which was last Saturday, I felt the same pulling effect. I told her I could feel my hairs pulling. She said that is normal as it's something to do with the water in the follicles or something. From this forum I had read that I should not feel any pulling. I don't know if her explanation was correct but I told Josepha that I felt pulling. luckily I listened to her advice and have stopped treatment with her.

From now, I will continue to have a hairy face, although I have started threading again as I could not help my self. I saw a lot of white roots on most of my hairs. But yes, just thought I 'd share my experience. I am glad I have stopped treatment with that electrologist. I will continue to search for an electrologist but I can only have a good electrolgist when I start to learn how to drive as I would need to travel a distance to get there. I would love to go see Josepha one day as I feel her work is amazing! Maybe next year sometime when I am working full time. For now, I feel disappointed that laser did not work, angry at my electrologst who had been pulling my hair and I'm back to square one: unconfident and self-conscious that I still have a hairy face. I wish I had come across this forum a year or 2 ago, it would have saved me from pain of losing money from laser. It would have helped me find a decent electrologist to sort my problem out. But hey! I am glad I have found this forum and I am glad that people can relate to being hairy and in a way I am glad that there's people that feel the same as the way I feel.
Thank you for reading my experience.
On a side note: this is not to say that laser will not work for everyone, it might do. It jut didn't work on me. (p.s. I do not wish to hurt anyone/put them of laser etc through this). This is just my bad experience and my feelings which I feel I need to share. Thank you.
Posted by: hairyeuropeanguy

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 05/20/14 09:18 AM

For the ones thinking there is no more solution for their hairs on the back, chest etc, or removing hairs in general, dont fall in depresion and read this :
Posted by: SMSammy

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 06/17/14 09:54 AM

So I'm really glad I found this site, because I can vent...

So, I am 21 years old, turning 22 soon...and I've been dealing with unwanted hair since I was 14.

The worst part?

This is something I NEVER would have had to deal with if I wasn't SO STUPID.

I never really had excessive hair growing up, but I THOUGHT I did. I thought I developed my father's hairy gene. But the truth was, I didn't. The hair on my body was JUST FINE...but I didn't know any better, and just started shaving and waxing areas that didn't need to be shaved or waxed in the first place.

It all started with my thighs, one day, when shaving my legs, I decided to shave my thighs too. The hair came back darker, not coarse, but darker. It took me YEARS to finally accept that it was okay, and that other girls shaved their thighs too.

Then I WAXED my stomach. I honestly have no idea why I waxed it. I had really light, fine, belly hair. Nothing was wrong with it. But then I waxed it...the hairs grew back darker, and MORE hairs grew. And I have a couple THICK COARSE ONES....I have stopped messing with it since then.

Then one day, when looking at my naked self in the mirror after a shower, I saw that inbetween my legs, in the back, there were blonde, light, curly hairs. I examined things closer with a pocket mirror and threw one leg up, and saw it was bottom(butt) hair. Being the dumb kid that I was, I shaved it. And it grew back darker, fine, but darker...

It took me a LONG time to accept the bottom half of my body. But I finally did.

But then recently this year...I saw that my armpit hair was growing UP my arms, and on the sides of my breasts. And I know the reason why. Because this one day, I decided to shave without looking because I was in a rush, and I didn't pay attention to where the hairs were, I just winged it.

When I noticed what happened as they grew back, they weren't even THAT bad. They were alright. But then I MADE THE STUPID DECISION TO PLUCK THE HAIRS THAT GREW UP MY ARM, AND THE ONE GROWING DOWN THE SIDES OF MY BREAST. AND THEY GOT WORSE (black and coarse) AND GREW IN NUMBERS. So I immediately stopped.

And then my nose hair, ugh the one thing that upsets me most of all. Because I made the stupid decision to trim my nose hairs, WHEN THEY NEVER EVEN NEEDED TRIMMING, I guess I accidently had the trimmer touch the bottom of my nostrils, and now I have black hairs growing from there. And they do stick out a little. And its hard to trim the bottom of the nostrils.

I'm just so angry with myself because I LITERALLY had no reason to shave or wax or trim these areas. I wasn't hairy. But now I am. And I hate it. I wish I could go back in time and change everything.

My mother never taught me about shaving or waxing or anything like that, it was all stuff I learned on my own, why? Because I never asked her for help. I thought I was old enough to know how to do these kinda things. And now I wish I asked her for help.

You know, even though I made all these shaving/waxing/plucking mistakes, I was OKAY as long as they were on my body.

But now I have this stupid nose hair problem and it's just really giving me bad self esteem.

And I just.

As stupid as it sounds, I wanna die. And I'm completely disappointed in myself for wanting to die over something like this. But that's how I feel.
Posted by: Catsup

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 06/20/14 05:31 AM

Hi SMSammy,

I just wanted to let you know that shaving/trimming has no effect on inducing or making hair coarser, or darker.

You may wish to look at this site here (sister site to HairTell)

From what you have written, I understand you had tried to get rid of your hair from age 14...which is when you were likely to have been going through puberty. The hairs you noticed post-shaving/trimming would have come through anyway due to your hormones and whatever other physiological changes going on at the time (and you are still young even now).

Additionally, if you have only once waxed your stomach area and not continued to, it is possible that the area was more affected by the natural progression of going through puberty than by the waxing itself - in my opinion anyway.

I hope you find comfort in knowing that your actions probably didn't cause more hair growth, though I realise you are likely to still feel insecure about the hair itself.

You are most definitely in the right place for support/info smile
Posted by: longbeach

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 06/24/14 12:49 PM

Finding this website has been encouraging and insightful! So glad I have stumbled upon it.
I have been dealing with female facial hair since I was about 12 years old. What started out as some hairs on my upper lip became more prominent into my early teens. I began to get hair on my chin. I tried waxing and various other hair removal methods. Tweezing is the only one that has truly worked for me. After this I began laser treatments, which only made things worse. After a few laser treatments, the hair began to spread to the sides of my jaw and neck and now has been there for years. I tweeze ~20 minutes a day every day in these areas to get rid of the hair. The source of my hair growth is unknown, no PCOS, my hormones are all normal level etc. I am strongly considering electrolysis in the upcoming months, but since I do not know the cause of my excessive hair growth, I am worried that it will just end up coming back or becoming worse, like the laser caused it to.
I am 23 now and it has just become such a nuisance. My facial hair prevents me from feeling totally self confident and has prevented me from doing things that I have wanted to do in my life. No one has every mentioned anything about it, I feel that I do a good job of tweezing and hiding it with makeup. I am happy to have found this website to know that there are others out there with this same problem and that I can relate!
Posted by: SeanaTG

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 06/24/14 01:44 PM

Yesterday I spent about 5 hours working in blend ( the only modality I will work in on the upper lip) on a transgirl tho comes here about every 3 weeks. For the most part working on her hasnt been difficult. She has had some previous electrolysis (by someone I know here and have been treated by myself) and has also....plucked. On her upper lip.

So very early on in her treatment yesterday . I pull a nice J shaped hair. And another. And another.All told I would say at least half the hairs on her upper lip were growing in this fashion, at least partially if not fully J shaped.

This particular girl, really dislikes blend. She would prefer thermolysis. And 5 hours, is a REALLY long time to spend on such a small area, though I did quite a thorough job of it. I had to tell her though, that I was really happy to be using blend and not thermolysis on this area, because had I used thermolysis my kill rate, would likely have been only about 5%. This is because of the J shape of the hair growth. Growing in that manner I can insert the probe to the bottom of the follicle, and still be no where near the hair root.Thus the hair would regrow if I was using thermolysis.

See here's what happens. When you pluck, the root of the hair becomes damaged but not destroyed. It grows back at a slight angle and over time this becomes more and more and it gets in that "J" shape. At that point, unless I am performing blend or galvanic ( both of which are slow, for me at least) there isnt any lye in the follicle. The lye gets everywhere in the follicle, as opposed to thermolysis energy which gets put where I aim it, whether or not that is the hair root.

All this is to say, that plucking can and will damage the hair. Not every time, but quite often. And when that happens, you are making the hair not only stronger, but more difficult to remove.

Posted by: awarren28

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 11:45 AM

I am a 20 year old male in college and I have so much dark thick hair on every part of my body and it is starting to come in on my back fairly noticeably. Out of nowhere about 2 or 3 months ago I have began to become seriously depressed by the fact that I'm so hairy. I have seen a few people with similar leg hair to mine, but nobody with both legs and arms as bad as mine. I have talked to my mom about it and it makes her upset and cry because she doesn't want me feeling this way, and I try to not think about it, but it plagues my mind 24 hours a day. As a college student it is basically impossible for me to afford. I don't know what to do about it and I'm tired of being depressed and bringing everyone around me down with me. I currently trim my arms leg and chest hair, and shave my upper arms and shoulders every couple of days. If anybody can think of a solution for me I would appreciate it so much. This has affected my life way more than I would like it to and it is slowly bringing me down more and more everyday.
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 12:06 PM

If I can remember back that far, I was in "the same boat" at your age (probably younger).

As Seana points out, it is best to "trim down" the body hair at this point. Best is not to shave right down to the skin and PLEASE no waxing!

If I can get the patient's permission, I'm going to post some photos of the worst case of shaving I've ever seen. This is on a 15-year-old girl's "bikini" area. Each side has 50 to 100 severe ingrown hairs (at least two will now require surgery).

As I will show (I hope) a deeply ingrown hair sometimes "coils" and goes through its entire growth cycle ... starts a new hair ... and on and on.

From one of these horrible "lesions" ... I have already removed three hairs and can see at least another two coiled-up below the skin. I told the girl and her mom that she will have scars from this mess and her electrolysis journey is going to be a long one.

One suggestion for awarren28 (I know it sounds impossible) ... but, confide in a girl. Somehow doing this always stops the depression immediately.
Posted by: awarren28

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 12:18 PM

Thanks Michael I actually do have a girlfriend at the moment, and I've brought up the issue with her, but I'm afraid that over time as the hair gets worse it might end our relationship. I've brought it up to her before and she says she doesn't care but I don't think she really understands how bad it will be in the coming years. We go to different colleges so that also poses a problem that I am not with her very often, but she is visiting this weekend and I'm sure I'll feel much better while she's here, but as soon as she leaves I will be right back down again. I'm afraid that my depression might ruin our relationship before the hair does, but I try to sound as positive and confident as I can when I talk to her but it's hard knowing that that isn't how I truly feel
Posted by: awarren28

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 02:18 PM

Could you tell me what you did about it, and if I'm going to have to live with it or is there something I can do about it?
Posted by: LDLD

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 04:53 PM

Originally Posted By: Michael Bono
If I can remember back that far, I was in "the same boat" at your age (probably younger).

As Seana points out, it is best to "trim down" the body hair at this point. Best is not to shave right down to the skin and PLEASE no waxing!

If I can get the patient's permission, I'm going to post some photos of the worst case of shaving I've ever seen. This is on a 15-year-old girl's "bikini" area. Each side has 50 to 100 severe ingrown hairs (at least two will now require surgery).

As I will show (I hope) a deeply ingrown hair sometimes "coils" and goes through its entire growth cycle ... starts a new hair ... and on and on.

From one of these horrible "lesions" ... I have already removed three hairs and can see at least another two coiled-up below the skin. I told the girl and her mom that she will have scars from this mess and her electrolysis journey is going to be a long one.

One suggestion for awarren28 (I know it sounds impossible) ... but, confide in a girl. Somehow doing this always stops the depression immediately.

Damn that's depressing.

I never realized that simply shaving could cause so much problems.
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 06:27 PM

Shaving alone is not really a problem; it's where the shaving is being done, how it's done, and the skin type.

Hairs that grow at an oblique angle to the skin are the "baddies." As with the bikini area, once shaven they have a virtual steletto point and, as the epidermis rapidly grows over the "shaved-too-close" area, the sharp tip easily plunges downward. The way the sword tip is formed, it's almost a certainty it's "going down." Some women have no problems; others create a total disaster zone.

This beautiful young girl has a disaster.
Posted by: LDLD

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/26/14 06:46 PM

Michael, I just had an electrolysis session to treat the ingrowns.

I think it went well, but now that I'm back home and putting a fresh batch of aloe vera on the treated areas, I'm noticing that all the treating sites are hard bumps.

Is that normal?
Posted by: Emma Strzelecki

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/13/15 10:08 AM

Originally Posted By: Michael Bono
If I can remember back that far, I was in "the same boat" at your age (probably younger).

As Seana points out, it is best to "trim down" the body hair at this point. Best is not to shave right down to the skin and PLEASE no waxing!

If I can get the patient's permission, I'm going to post some photos of the worst case of shaving I've ever seen. This is on a 15-year-old girl's "bikini" area. Each side has 50 to 100 severe ingrown hairs (at least two will now require surgery).

As I will show (I hope) a deeply ingrown hair sometimes "coils" and goes through its entire growth cycle ... starts a new hair ... and on and on.

From one of these horrible "lesions" ... I have already removed three hairs and can see at least another two coiled-up below the skin. I told the girl and her mom that she will have scars from this mess and her electrolysis journey is going to be a long one.

One suggestion for awarren28 (I know it sounds impossible) ... but, confide in a girl. Somehow doing this always stops the depression immediately.

That poor girl - I can't even begin to imagine the discomfort of having that many ingrowns.
Posted by: Emma Strzelecki

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/13/15 10:10 AM

Originally Posted By: LDLD
Michael, I just had an electrolysis session to treat the ingrowns.

I think it went well, but now that I'm back home and putting a fresh batch of aloe vera on the treated areas, I'm noticing that all the treating sites are hard bumps.

Is that normal?

Are you keeping the Aloe in the fridge? The cold makes it even more soothing when it goes on.
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 02/13/15 11:34 AM

Welcome Emma.

It is okay for you to introduce your new blog site on hair removal here by making an announcement that it exists and explaining who you are - a hair removal specialist? A consumer ? A person that represents a certain company? You can still introduce yourself here if you want.

Please take the following as feedback for your blog and not as an attack.

I read over the section on the NO! NO!. It was glowing and positive. Many would disagree with the information. Do you know that hair does not conduct energy and there are several law firms representing consumers and stock holders in class action law suits against this company?

Several studies about NO! NO!'s effectiveness were flawed and it has been concluded that NO! NO! is no more effective than shaving.

I felt the NO! NO! section of your blog was just another infomercial
for a product that has a shady consumer history. It is listed as PHMD on the Nasdaq and the chart shows a very bumpy ride with this product. They have been close to bankruptcy and spend a lot on advertising compared the revenue the product actually brings in, according to an article I just read.

Another matter - your review of home electrolysis kits was pretty accurate. Nobody in their right mind would remove hair this way, unless it was for a few hairs on their forearm or legs. Neophyte hair consumers just can't do this well. Going to a professional electrologist is safer and much faster. I hope people reading your remarks can make the distinction between electrolysis being a slow and tedious proceedure when performed by an untrained person in their bathroom, using a flimsy home kit and a professional, well-trained electrologist using surgical magnification and expensive equipment , designed for removing large quantities of hair, in an ergonomic office setting. It's NOT ELECTROLYSIS that is responsible for this fact, it is THE UNTRAINED HUMAN BEING thinking that they know how to perform electrolysis in their home that brings about such conclusions.

There is no easy way down for permanent hair removal because of hair growth cycles and the complexity of inserting a metal probe correctly into a tiny hair follicle. It is isn't quick or instantaneous. No method can boast about easy, permanent hair removal. Those seeking hair removal should be told the realities of this straight up and honestly, something that many of us try to do here on Hairtell. If you want your blog to be the Go-To site for honesty about hair removal, then keep it honest and well-researched, complete with sources.

I notice one common denominator in blogs about electrolysis - the blogger never consults with electrologists. To make sure your comments are accurate or if more information is needed, wouldn't you get several electrologists to review the information before you release information?

Common words seen, in regard to electrolysis, are ancient, old, antiquated, tedious, scarring, slow, painful, expensive. Talk to professional electrologists about the misery of home products and doing it yourself. We know many clients that have scarred themselves or have just given up because it is not easy for an untrained person to remove a hair properly. Talk to them them about modern electrolysis care and then your blog will be complete.
Posted by: MayBelle

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/08/15 12:07 PM

I have thin and thick hair everywhere and I feel like it's a curse that I can't get rid off. I wish I had a friend with the same hair growth as me that I can see. At least we could help each other remove the hair . I'm hoping for a cure and a brighter future .
Posted by: Bella04

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/15/15 03:26 AM

Hi how do i add photos
Posted by: Bella04

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/15/15 03:45 AM

[img:center]http://gallery [/img] can someone tell me i have been depressed for 2 years i had some peach fuzz after i had my daughter which now I think was nothing i removed it once threading which i regret now i think i made it worse it shines in sun like the photo and stresses me
Posted by: Bella04

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/15/15 03:50 AM

Originally Posted By Bella04
[img:center]http://gallery [/img] can someone tell me i have been depressed for 2 years i had some peach fuzz after i had my daughter which now I think was nothing i removed it once threading which i regret now i think i made it worse it shines in sun like the photo and stresses me
Posted by: hairy Harry

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/07/15 04:53 PM

Love this site! Been reading a lot, very informative and helpful. I have seen photos on here of ladies who have posted their facial hair growth (very brave of them! ) I have /had very bad chin hair, really conscious of it, I'd find meself putting me hand up to me lips to cover me chin when talking to people. I also find meself looking at other ladies chins to see if they had hair there.
Posted by: adrien_sanchiz

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/08/15 03:30 AM

Yes indeed, this forum is a goldmine about hair removal and electrolysis
Posted by: FlowersandCake

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/12/15 09:23 PM

I know how you feel; my mother never understood my insecurity about my body hair and because of it I have taken matters in my own hand a bit late since I was always told that it wasn't a big deal or something not worth worrying about.I suffered alone for many years, well I have finally had it...
Posted by: FlowersandCake

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/12/15 09:28 PM

Welcome! You're not alone, I too am in a relationship and even though I try to hide my hairy problem I know my boyfriend knows and even though he doesn't mention it I know it bothers him because why wouldn't it when his lower back is smooth and mine isn't? I too tell him I wax even though I can't anymore since I'm starting electrolysis. I will tell you to save a bit of money now, whatever you can, if you can save $5 do it. Good luck!
Posted by: FlowersandCake

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/12/15 09:31 PM

My body hair has decreased my self-esteem drastically; I believe that I won’t be able to fully enjoy my life until I’m hair free. I don’t think anyone would want to walk down the aisle with someone who isn't confident in their own skin like I am. Overall, my body and facial hair has imprisoned me in my own body.
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/12/15 09:34 PM

Just a couple of comments/observations and “words from an old-timer.”

If you are desperate about this, you might easily fall victim to either worthless “miracle products” or practitioners that are all to eager to separate you from your money … by promising more than they know they can deliver. Desperation leads to lack of careful planning and believing the impossible.

Furthermore, in my decades of doing hair removal, I have only had a couple men worry about “walking down the aisle.” Sure they hate being “hair balls” and it interferes with their life. But in almost every case, a man does not base his “self-worth” on the opinion of women. Sorry, but we just don’t (mostly)!

Women still have a lot to learn … from men! Research this hair removal subject with no emotion, and be careful and demand real answers. If a man won’t “go down the aisle” with you … that’s no man you should consider.

Just make arrangements to "get out of prison" ... we have all done it; I DID and so did many others. Get to work on it!
Posted by: FlowersandCake

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/20/15 07:37 PM

Well I said I wasn't comfortable enough with myself which could keep me from being happy with someone else, that's what I tried to say when I meant someone wouldn't want to walk down the aisle with me. You can't expect someone to love you when you can't even love yourself.

It's not easy to "get out of prison" when you're a 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 year old with low self-esteem; it takes time, lots of time, experience in life, and wisdom to overcome something that is keeping you down; try to tell that to a teenager living in today's world. It's easy to tell someone to do something once you have walked down that road, the difficulty is to find the answers yourself and find what works for you.

I am no longer a teenager, I have overcome a lot of this; have I imprisoned myself? Yes I have. Have I conquered my fears? No I have not but I do value myself a whole lot more because I know that a couple of hundreds of hair doesn't define whom I am.
Posted by: Iluv2zap

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 11/02/15 07:03 PM

Talk about feelings. Um . Ok. It's not going to be pretty.Bad language warning ahead.


That's all I'm allowed to say.

Posted by: hairy Harry

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 11/14/15 09:11 PM

I got myself a 10x magnifying mirror recently, Omg, I'm seeing so many more unwanted hairs that I didn't know I had! ......... Another thing I worry about is being in prison (not that I'd ever be) or paralysed in hospital and people coming to visit me and seen me beard growing, God, I can hear them now, 'pull the plug, put her down'.. Ha!
Posted by: somerandom

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 06/09/16 04:50 AM

yes, my problem exactly. My parents don't understand how insecure i feel about facial hair and just accuse me of simply looking for more problem, saying that I have nothing better to do with my life-worrying over the hair on my face.
Posted by: FlashinBob

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/15/16 09:13 AM

Very itchy my hair has always felt, minus the hair on my head. I often wonder if there are other men out there with this same issue. I also hate the looks of it. There is no uniform color to matching the same color on my head. Simple bug bites had me itching for days which led to sores and scars, so you bet I hate it!

My chin was constantly itchy, I could feel every last hair on my face and in recent years, started feeling like sandpaper. Putting on a pair of jeans would pull hairs out, sometimes same with underwear. What a terrible feeling, I wish on no one out there!
Posted by: Lynn1127

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 08/31/16 02:51 AM

my upperlip is a priority to remove.
i was teased a lot when i was little.
i started waxing a few years ago, totally oblivious that it would imprison me into waxing every other two-three weeks, to every other week, to once a few days . till i have to worry about it constantly. i started plucking my eyebrows as well. it seemed harmless at the time but after a few years , they grew noticeably thicker. same story with my parts of my legs, calves. luckily i found out about vaniqa . the situation with my upperlip has been better but i feel like its holding me back from really enjoying my life.
i remember when i never had to worry about my facial hair. i feel like that was the last time i was really happy but now i feel like time is passing & its further in the past .

im consulting an electrologist so that's something to look forward to.(:
i hope one day ill feel as free as i did 3 years ago. (:
Posted by: Hairy_Man888

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/02/16 05:07 AM

I hate myself.
I have all the reason to hate body hair more than anyone else in the world. More than the females/transgendered people. I have read a lot of stories here on these forums and seen pictures, none of them come close to what I had to live with for a good portion of my life.
I was the first person among my peers at school who developed body hair YEARS before anyone else did. And I kid you not it was no different than the hair on your head. All my hair follicles got activated and turned me into a hairy beast. And living in a third world country was the icing on it all, got pushed around and mocked by the others on a daily basis. As a male. I was the first to develop a beard and it was up to my cheeks. My forehead was hairy too, however.. There were a lot of tiny strands of.. I don't know how to define it.. fur? hiding alongside it as well. the hair in question was so thin that even I wasn't able to locate them and they were white and longer than the hair on my scalp. And I had around 5 of them on my forehead.
Once I had to work at a place with very strict rules and since I was growing my beard faster than anyone else in the world, I got fired. I was berated on how elite the place I was working at was and I should act within the rules by shaving every day. the problem was I had a shave on that day but before the end of the day I had a little more than your regular old 5 o'clock shadow.
Fast forward to now, and I am almost hairless on my upper body. My beard line has been reduced by a great margin, but still needs work. The amount of hair I have on my legs are miniscule thanks to the laser treatments I had received, but since each individual hair is around 4 cms in length, it makes my legs look hairier than they actually are, but I can live with that... I have to. Why?
Because every single spot I received electrolysis gave me permanent skin damage. I had to deal with the hairiness, now the focus will shift onto the scarring.
But first I have to wait for my next appointment to get the remaining hair on my torso eliminated. Been waiting for a long time.
That is all. I practically have no life left at this point. All my youth is gone dealing with the excessive hair.
Posted by: Michael Bono

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 09/03/16 12:34 AM

Damn ... that's a sad story Hairy Man ...
Posted by: FlashinBob

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 10/27/16 08:59 AM

I really hope your skin will clear and you win the battle with hair removal even more than myself. My problem seems minuscule compared to yours, hairy man. I keep hoping technology will improve so what has happened to you never happens to anyone else. Is awesome you have shared this all with us. People need to be more aware of these situations so whatever bigotry is left will disappear forever!

I firmly believe no one has the right to tell anyone how they should feel within their body. Also no right to make fun of how they want to appear. Only the owner of that body deserves those choices. Even though my spouse is pretty hairy, I respect her wishes to be that way. In the past I gave her an epilator since she wondered what I used for hair removal at that time. She tried it, then was upset with it and put it away in a drawer somewhere since she said it hurt to much. I told her it takes time to get used to it, but she said no more and I respected that.

Well, that same respect came back to me when I started using this Flash N Go. So as they say about getting back what you put out is very true. She respects my wishes to be finally done with facial and body hair for good. So I am positive should I get the money to finish off with Electrolysis she will also accept that. Still, the main point is you have to be comfortable in your own body and whatever it takes to get to that point is well worth it!
Posted by: UseaRayGunonMe

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 07/03/17 01:08 PM

Hmm aaa wish I was like my father or brother or close relatives. I've become Wolverine in recent years. Not too much hair but it still bothers the hell out of me. I went to clinic for 5th laser session today. I'm trying to get rid off hairs on my upper cheek and belly
Posted by: LisaRay

Re: Share feelings here (not questions) - 12/13/17 01:45 AM

I'm new to this forum but after found this forum I'm feeling good. It is a very helpful forum for me and those who struggle with hair problems.