Great Elec. in Florida

Posted by: astro

Great Elec. in Florida - 06/18/17 09:59 PM

Hi, anyone know someone good near West palm beach FL?

I've been told microflash/ Picoflash should be something I look for, I have a very low pain tolerance.
Thanks so much!
Posted by: TheFlyingProbe

Re: Great Elec. in Florida - 06/19/17 07:47 PM

Microflash and picoflash are proprietary settings on one brand of electrolysis epilator and have no bearing on successful treatment. It is the skill of the electrologist that makes the difference.
Posted by: Deedra

Re: Great Elec. in Florida - 06/19/17 11:30 PM

That is surely correct, FP . Skill, skill, skill is the most sought after ticket. However, most consumers find that microflash and picoflash modalities are more tolerable than other flash methods. Note: I am not saying painless, I'm saying tolerable. The only way you will know if that is true is to compare for yourself.
Posted by: astro

Re: Great Elec. in Florida - 06/23/17 09:35 AM

Ok well if anyone knows someone in this area, I'll just check back later smile
Posted by: ozzy

Re: Great Elec. in Florida - 06/23/17 09:42 AM

there must be a bunch down in west palm beach. use google or the yellow pages. I know two great techs in port st.lucie. but that's an hour away