South East Coast, England, UK

Posted by: Toni

South East Coast, England, UK - 01/17/05 02:26 PM

Linda Whitehead at Electrolysis Studio, Chichester, is excellent.

She specialises in electrolysis, and performs no other beauty treatments herself. (Other than maybe waxing?)
She is happy to take gender clients, and has several on her books.

She uses an Apilus SX-500, using Blend, Diathermy and Galvanic. I'm extremely impressed by this machine.

Phone: 01243 539700
Posted by: Toni

Re: South East Coast, England, UK - 02/16/05 01:05 PM

An alternative to Linda is Belinda O'Brien.

She's also excellent, though she only does Diathermy. She's worked miracles on me!

Phone: 01243 781179
Posted by: tommychen

Re: South East Coast, England, UK - 05/08/05 09:10 PM

EAST coast is too far way for me!

Do you know any good electroylsist who works near London area?

i am living in ESSEX!
Posted by: Georgina1234

Re: South East Coast, England, UK - 12/28/17 07:25 AM

Hi Toni,

I know this post is over a decade old, but if you get the chance to read this I have a few questions.

Have you had any regrowth after these treatments?
Which electrologist was quicker? Which had more regrowth after treatments?
How many hours did you have with each of them?
Which of the two did you prefer? And why?
Which areas did you have treated with them?

I realise you may not remember the answers for some of these questions but any help or feedback would be much appreciated! smile

Thank you laugh
Posted by: Iluv2zap

Re: South East Coast, England, UK - 12/28/17 03:08 PM

They wouldnt be able to tell you much at all especially since the questions arent very specific. Electrolysis is a progressive process and the results from a treatment arent known for months later, and if this person has changed practitioners in the meantime it would be very difficult to distinguish one's results from anothers.Do you know if these practitiners are even still working 10 years later? I would say your best bet, for a uk based electrologist would be the BIAE site here:

Posted by: Georgina1234

Re: South East Coast, England, UK - 12/28/17 06:55 PM

Hi, thanks for your reply :-) I'm asking because I live close to both of these practitioners (about half an hour away) and one is on the member-directory and the other has an up to date website so I assume they are still working, I just couldn't find much information on either like customer reviews or anything. I might try and make a consultation appointment with both.