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Hi everyone,

this is my first time posting,( hope I get some help and hope) I am 21 years old and have suffered from hirsutism since the ages of 15 (PCOS) [img][/img] and it's getting worse year by year. What really aggravated it more was my weight gain and biotin. I have now managed to lose 3 stones and another 2.5 to go.

I tried laser when I was 17 and even the laser technician agreed that it stimulated more hair growth. I was too naive and just walked out and lived with it for another 3 years. It's now got to the point where it's giving me suicidal thoughts. I have to shave my face everyday i have no confidence and no hope. the hair is not only on my face but on my chest, stomach, back legs hands toes and it's thick and coarse everywhere. I have had people tell me how well i can hide so many problems cause i have had a lot on my plate.

I have just come out of depression (2nd time) and i have my first electrolysis appointment for 1 hour on friday. Now my question to you is do I have HOPE? My dream is [img:left][/img] to go without shaving for 2-3 days so i can stay over at my friends out of the blue without having to worry about my facial hair in the morning.

I dont really let the hair grow fully on my face and my electrologist said that if i dont shave one morning that i will be good to go. but i can show some pictures of how my hair would look like if i wold grow it fully. but i dont know how to upload these lol

Hope someone out there can give me some hope especially if you have PCOS
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My daughter has PCOS and had the same problem with facial hair. Laser did not work for her but electrolysis did. Within two years of treatment she is totally hair free now. Electrolysis does work so I willadvise you to not loose hope.
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Omg thank you so so so so much! literally i hope it works i am ready to give it my best shot. I am indian so i'm tanned too I have a full beard. Was her hair thick and coarse?

Many thanks Zarin
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My daughter has PCOS and had the same problem with facial hair. Laser did not work for her but electrolysis did. Within two years of treatment she is totally hair free now. Electrolysis does work so I willadvise you to not loose hope.
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You're not alone. Don't feel like that please. I have exact same problem. I am so tired of shaving every single day. And I cannot stay over because I'm embarrassed that I would have to carry a razor for the next day. I've tried waxing... bad idea for the face and I've stopped it about 5 years ago. I tried Laser for 1.5 years and it increased the hair growth and made it even worse. I have just started electrolysis. I had one 1 hr appointment. I don't know how it is going to go. I am on a tight budget so may be I will not be able to get all of it done right now. But I am going to do as much as I can for now. Don't feel discouraged. I am overweight with PCOS and hirsutism as well. Let's fight this!
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Are you taking medication for your PCOS ? There are medications that will help balance out your hormones that a endocrinologist can prescribe. Spironolactone can also inhibit some of the androgens in your imbalance and block them from stimulating the other hairs that are yet to go from vellus to course. Once the hair goes terminal (course) you can only permanently remove with electrolysis.

I really hope everyone with PCOS is on medication..

This study is very important for those with Pcos who are not on medication http://coe.ucsf.edu/coe/patient/pcos_cedars.html
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Most of what SFelectrolysis says is totally right, but I just want to share my own experience with Spiro: I have indeed have some terminal hairs (where I've NEVER touched the hair with laser/electrolysis) revert to peach fuzz on Spiro... It's not a miracle pill (you will still have some hair), and everyone's results are different, but I really recommend it.

Good luck!
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Antiandrogens (actually everything reducing the free androgens) indeed have the potential to reduce hair growth to some extent (and on the other hand to partly restimulate androgenic hair reduction) . Not always, not to the same degree, more often relatively poorly. In most instances course terminal hairs will become just a bit finer.

So, if it works for You, enjoy it.
It it does not work as hoped - be not too much disappointed.

You should be aware that any effect caused by antiandrogens are not permanent (except androgenic hair loss for a sufficiently long time), they will reverse fairly rapidly as soon as the levels of Testosterone and DHT are rising again. So taking antiandrogens or Estradiol substitutes (with all their side effects which might be more severe than hair growth) will need to be taken a life long.

BTW: as long as the heir growth is only reduced, Electrolysis can of course still be performed successfully.
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Hi, a.s.93! Just read Your post now. I'm PCOS as well with long-long history of hair growth all over the place. I've done depilation for many years for most part of my body and shaved face. Now the hair on face has gotten so out of control and finally I have found an electrologist in my area,s o I have started electrolysis! I know it will take about 2 years for full clear, but it will definitely be worth it. I have also found that acupuncture and chinese herb tea's helped to reduce my free androgens somewhat and slow the hair regrowth a bit. For the rest of the body where I have it waxed.. The hair has gone from black dark stubborn coarse to thin, light fuzz and I only need to return every 4 weeks. That did take persistant going, though. I've been going some 8 years, of which last 4 very regularly (monthly).